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Your article on OBE tempted me to write my humble experience...

Having discovered a health challenge early 2010, I was well determined to do everything out of the usual medicine I could to avoid another surgery – I had already had 10 in my life, that was enough!

I am aware that during a full narcosis surgery, I do astral travel in a different way than I normally do during the night when I am in my peaceful sleep. When ‘put to sleep’ with narcotics I am certainly am less in control (if any at all), my brain having to deal with this chemical substance, my body having to deal with the cut of the scalpel.

I bravely decided to see healers and what they had to offer, I went to a lady offering a technique called Access Consciousness. What did I have to lose? Nothing really!

She interviewed me on my past health issues and when I started describing my numerous surgeries, I smiled. Patiently writing every one of them, she then looked up and wondered if she could ask me a ‘weird’ question. What could be a ‘weird’ question? I agreed. She went ahead and asked me “Are you the first occupant of this body?” Immediately, my left brain replied: “I don’t know” - while my right brain kicked in and said “No, I am not”. Then she was about to ask me a second question when I gave her the answer ‘22’... “How did you know I was going to ask you a number?” The question was “How many entities are in your body?”  Looked like I had 22 in there! A quick realisation... I moved homes 22 times in my life – coincidence?

“How many are there to help?” she questioned – “4 or 5” was my answer.

“Do you want to get rid of the other ones?” was the next one to answer – “Yes, all right” was my immediate reaction. I then laid on her table and she started her job. During that period of time, I got visions of a hairy muscly man (Roman times), of a few dark masks (if I can describe them like that –they must be consciousness now that I think about it) and... I saw a little green man lying in a sort of coffin comfortably surrounded by a yellow gold silk. Was he dead or just resting?

It triggered my curiosity – how could this be possible? I do protect myself when I do some energy work... NO, they (these entities, the other ones) come ‘in’ when we are ‘open’ when our aura is weakened either by a surgery, a heavy drinking party, on any drugs – medication or dope, an emotional shock etc. How many of these possibilities did I encounter in my life... quite a few indeed!

My health did not improve due to this BUT my awareness did. Life brought me back to my specialist while I was in Europe who had the solution for me, I great results in a few weeks, thanks god.

Who are we? Are we an antenna or a ‘motel’ for spirits, ghosts, entities, ETs or other beings and creatures?

Are our bodies just a channel to allow others to experience a physical experience?

Why would we only have ‘one soul’ in our body?

Why would our soul only be in one body?

Food for thought... My soul enjoys travelling in different bodies, how about yours?

Roseline Deleu



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