LightningStorm Changed PerceptionsDream or Reality?


Story by Jean-Paul Hasselle, today living in Congo (Africa)

More than half a century ago… and for many nights in a row, I was ‘dreaming’ of strange people, who did not really speak, but communicated to me in some other way I could easily understand although their “language” was totally unknown to me.

My recollection is not very clear anymore with all the details, but I remember that I left my bed and flew around the bedroom, like if there was no gravity. Then after meeting some “friendly entity” we moved together to something I will try to describe… It did not seem to be ‘human’ built (at least this was my impression), it was a kind of a huge ‘train’, very wide, something with multiple sections, all moving in various directions, but still accessible without difficulty, and, strangely enough, the transit between the various moving elements could not even be physically felt. The impression I had about me moving around there, was like being "transferred" between two sections of this "train", moving in opposite directions, at very high speed, but without feeling any change in my movement.

There I went sleeping again, and I had (later, but how much later?) the weird feeling to wake up while being transported very fast, very far in distance and into another future. There was nothing I could recognize, nor the people, neither any construction. Everything was peaceful, so very quiet, and although the situation was so much “unusual”, I never felt nervous or scared.

I remember I was told this was my own future. Who said this? I don’t know. Maybe it was just my imagination. Who knows? After spending a long time there, the feeling of “long” not being clear at all, I was brought back to my bedroom, on earth. Flying close to the ceiling, I was then looking at my own body in my own bed.

After assessing the experience aboard and abroad, I decided to re-integrate my body, but only after I was told that I would “travel” again.

And, as I said before, I travelled many times, to various directions, I believe, to various periods of time too, and always I had the same feeling of being “real” in such an “unreal” world.

Was this other world “unreal”? Was it my dream? Was my dream a reality? I don’t know, but I am just sure that I would do it again and again, should there be another “call” from the future.


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