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Here's a preview of future communications. Let's reduce the superstition that success, for research, should be based on past failures. Let's instead encourage research based on inspiration, needs and reality. The Elephant In The Room is never really invisible; just not supposed to be seen, especially if there's no money to be made by killing elephants.

Previews of future situations are like remembering. Future communications systems are distance irrelevant, instantaneous and blocked by nothing. The methods are as natural as rocks, concrete and concepts making viaducts for channeling water to cities.

A universal communications system theory introduces induction between all matter/energy that happen to be confined to any one three-dimensional system. Surrounding multidimensional exclusion forces, in an infinite number of continuous dimensions, form a gravity-effect exclusion to every set of events happening in all 3D systems.

In universes like ours, the building blocks of all matter and energy are units of variations in a pervading exclusion-force field that is infinite in space. The largest variations are a numbered percentage of infinity, but nominally finite. The smallest variation are also each a numbered percentage of infinity, asymptotic to zero.

Pairs of force-field variations have a main property: to exclude other force fields of a similar type, from the same place in 3D space, at the same time as any other similar levels and peaks of exclusion-force variations.

A simple diagram, with notes, about a pair of concentric exclusion forces, is at .

Variations, of exclusion-force stresses in space, inductively co-operate in groups to share their 3D space. By synchronising their individual presences and absences from the common 3D space, they produce stable patterns. Such patterns represent the summary of their exclusion from external multi-dimensional surroundings, and their inability to mutually occupy 3D space in the same positions at the same times.

Movement happens when exclusion forces, in a cluster of individual concentric pairs, position themselves more in one direction and less in another direction, in 3D space. External exclusion then insists on movement in 3D space, which can only be resolved by resolving the imbalance. There are these main ways to move:
(a) Movement happens when additional exclusion-force units (pairs of oscillation in a stable arrangement) are introduced into a body, more to one part of the pattern than evenly distributed within the members of that body. The cluster then is pushed, by multi-dimensional surroundings, so it has to move away in 3D space, in the direction of the least exclusion from elsewhere.
(b) Ordinary stable components, of the cluster pattern, may be rearranged so some occupy one position in the pattern more than the other. The pattern then has movement tendencies, in 3D space, additional to any movement it has with similar patterns nearby in 3D space.
(c) Movement happens when a body has been destabilized, relative to its closer similar bodies, by some of its components have been removed. If any pair of stable oscillations is removed from a pattern it has joined; and the pattern was previously stable, relative to other similar patterns in the same space nearby; then the position formerly occupied (by the absent pair or more of concentric oscillations) has less exclusion from multi-dimensional surroundings, so the whole body is pushed by exclusion towards the position that has the least exclusion from the surroundings.

The movement in (a) and (c) above relates to steam energy, gravity, magnetism and static stresses.

The movement in (b) above relates to Chi (qi, ki…) movement that does not require additional or depletion of the components in otherwise non-moving systems.

Only the absolute centre of Creation has no movement. Everywhere else, all movement is relative to references. Any patterns, if able to form stable relationships in 3D space, are potentially compatible with patterns that have formed similar stable relationships with other patterns. By coordinating their peaks and dips in exclusion force, pairs of oscillations can team up with others, within any one 3D space. Any two pairs, if forced to be close to each other, inductively mutually exclude each other from the same 3D space until the times they are actually present, in 3D space, are such that they may almost share the exact positions but without being in a place both at the same time. All concentric oscillations have the whole of infinite creation to be, so when the multidimensional surrounding patterns permit, groups of concentric oscillations tend to cluster together, in patterns.

The above theory allows that the smallest particles may be virtually any size from infinitely small, but real, to infinitely large, but not everything that is.

Multi-dimensional exclusion stresses may be described as many perimeters of sinusoidal oscillation patterns, each by a Fourier series. Each oscillation pattern based on a circle of a known diameter and harmonics representing other shapes within that particular circle. Any shape, in any number of dimensions, may be described as a multi-dimensional Fourier series. is a one-page biography including “….he developed Fourier’s Theorem: any periodic oscillation can be broken up into a series of regular wave motions, where each term of the series is made up of trigonometric functions. Using this and other works, Fourier published, in 1822, his book, Analytic Theory of Heat. Fourier’s work can be used in any area that has a wave phenomena…”

As simple Illustration of a Fourier Series shows zero-crossing synchrony:
Another illustration demonstrates Peak Synchrony:

An individual’s components synchronise their various frequencies perfectly enough for the cells to discriminate in favour of instructions from the defining intent of the body they comprise. When the larger individual leaves, the components cease to cooperate for forming the body of that individual.

Steven mentioned that with String Theory, two particles that “work together” can be observed to coincide.

Allowing an analogy for part of Creation to be a multi-dimensional hologram, and knowing that communications are instantaneous between any parts of an infinite Creation; then movement, travel and anything individual within that hologram may be instantaneous.

All analogies wear thin, but are useful. Another analogy describes an individual as shining the light of individuality on part of a hologram. Creation’s hologram is multi-dimensional. All of it and any part of any size can reproduce the whole. An individual has only limited multidimensional complexity with more-than-zero influence. Each only has light according to personal uniqueness, that is not the whole of Creation, so only the individuality is reproduced within the hologram. When individuals are in harmony with the whole of Creation, Creation results.

David Beale


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