This site is for – let’s call it – “Inspirations”

For us here, “Inspirations” are ideas that come from the cosmos, most likely from other conscious intelligences on exo-planets in ‘intergalactic space’.  Sure, some inspirations may sneak in for other living beings who share the earth with us; but these are not the ones we are aiming to present in this site.

So if you have an idea that may be new, totally so, in the area of maths, physics, chemistry or anything. Please do share it with us. We hope that this area of our site will be “mined’ by people for PhD thesis ideas or just for ideas. We see this section as providing a service, a link, between the inspirers and the doers.

The two occasionally come together – as with Einstein and his famous E=MC2 concept. The very idea that matter contains huge amounts of energy waiting to be released flies in the face of our earthly common sense. Sure, wood burns and releases energy but the huge amount of energy that holds even tiny amounts of all matter together … well, who on earth could have guessed that from just from our human experiences on our planet.

So it seems possible, even likely, that Albert got his inspiration from elsewhere.

Let me tell you a story …

About ten years ago I went to a lecture series at the Mt Stromlo observatory, the Australian National University’s Astronomy facility on a hill just outside Canberra (incidentally, I live on a 500 acre farm on the same hill). About a hundred people work at the site, building astronomical equipment, running programs, observing the stars and, in one way or another, thinking about the implications of space and astronomy.

One of the lectures in the series was about Einstein’s famous formula. As the lecture progressed I felt drawn to ask about the “Cosmological Constant”. I’d never heard of it, but I felt I had to ask. I didn’t but three other people in the room did, “the idea is wrong, the idea is faulty” was the question, exactly what had been passing through my mind. There was an eerie feeling of a presence in the room, a sort of hovering angel shape – or was it a ball of light? Or something without real shape?

Mt Stromlo is a place where 100 people think “Intergalactic” every day. Just like at a railway station where people think “trains” and destinations. There are ‘arrivals’ at railways stations and (between you and me) there also are ‘arrivals’ at Mt Stromlo.

So much for the story.

Sorry for the digression!

Below is a piece David has written that contains slices of the future. A “preview” of the future. David is good at this. The terms he uses are not current hard science, instead algorithms of the possible. He often incorporates these into his machines with results that work. (I’m thinking of a high end music amplifier series that outmatched everything, the GSR measuring equipment that you can read about at, and…).

So please mine away. And feel free to drop off new stuff that you have been holding back about … ideas that have been edging into your mind from who knows where.

Steven Guth

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