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Steven Guth 2011

Where does free energy come from?

Let us look inside the earth.

The moon is not made of Swiss cheese.

The earth is not made from metallic meteors drawn together by magnetic or gravitational attraction. The accumulated rocks from space theory grew from the observation that meteors that arrive from space are mainly iron and are easily magnetised so explaining the apparent magnetic North South arrangement of the earth magnetic poles.

If the earth is like all the other objects that modern astronomy can see in the cosmic universe it is virtually certain that earth is essentially made up of the hydrogen that makes up 98% of matter the cosmos. Hubble and radio astronomy show us a stunning array of swirling gas and particle [1] masses in various stages of accumulation. The force that makes for accumulation is not understood. It may be the gravity contained each atom or some other variable may be involved.

The process of accumulation drags in the matter available in a location and compresses it into a swirling ball. The heavier elements are flung to the outside of the ball by centrifugal action; while the inside becomes more and more compressed as more elemental matter is sucked into the spinning mass. Some balls are large, some small. The earth is medium sized and large enough for there to be considerable pressure at its centre. Enough pressure to have turned the hydrogen into a solid, magnetic metal substance.

As hydrogen compresses it phase changes. It alters its nature and properties. Water is a loosely combined hydrogen compound which exhibits profound phase changes. Water moves from diffuse water vapour to liquid to ice as it is compressed. At the critical phase change points of gas to liquid and liquid to ice an energy exchange is involved we call the energy exchanged temperature changes and can measure and quantify them with a thermometer.

Pure hydrogen also phase changes three times by the time it reaches the earth centre.

But there is another aspect of hydrogen to consider. Infusion. Hydrogen atoms get inside other atoms and compounds. For example hydrogen hides inside the tungsten turbine blades that are used in jet engines. When the blades are stressed the hydrogen leeches out forming crystals that cause fraction lines which result in the blades snapping off and damaging the aircraft. Designers allow for this by placing a strong retaining rings around the turbine section of jet engines.

The processes of hydrogen infusion also plagues the oil industry during drilling operations. What really happens is not well explained by modern chemistry or physics theory so the issue tends to be ignored.

We know from diamond anvils (machines for creating high pressure compression) that hydrogen undergoes phase changes as the pressures that exist in the centre of the earth are approached. Three phase changes are involved. At each point something happens and as in the case with vapour water - ice undoubtedly some energy exchange occurs.

The nature of the energy exchanges is the question. Are particles or waves released or both? [2] From our point of view the interesting thing is that we have clear indications that this is energy exists, consider the following...

1. The mechanism tall trees used to collect and move water.

Barometric air pressure will pushes water 8 meters up a capillary tube. Trees are seen as using this aspect of nature to lift water to their top branches. If this were the only mechanism involved than there would be no tall trees reaching up to 100 meters off the earth. The energy that is used by trees is free energy trees with their roots, layers of isolative and conductive bark and the slight vacuum created by the movement of leaves are accumulators of free energy.

2. The existence of primary water and water on other planets and moons in the solar system.

According to the current water cycle theory the earthy contains a limited amount of water that is constantly recycled, collects in aquifer underground, freezes and unfreezes and fills the oceans like water in a tub. This simple theory is inadequate. Water appears in moon rocks, appears in occasional floods on Mars and vents in a constant stream from Enceladus one of Saturn moons. It appears that this water is created by an alchemistic process linking the hydrogen core of Enceladus to other elements in such a way as to create water. The process is fuelled by free energy. (see appendix)

3. Dew ponds, water towers and similar constructs.

Historical research shows that centuries ago people had a way of turning free energy into water by a constructing special collection structures. Dew ponds were common in England and I ve had reports of them in Europe. There are descriptions of the way they were made. Less is know of water collection towers and the technology and arts involved seem to have been lost. (see appendix)

4. Wilhelm Reich Orgone experiments.

Reich and Orgone are key words in the free energy world. It is certain that Reich was onto something and the continuing successes reported from the use of his Orgone Box show that he was on the right track. The interesting thing about his boxes is the insulative and conductive layers within

5. Chi and human accumulation techniques for Free Energy

Because free energy is available on the earth all planetary life uses it. It is collected by cells, plants, animals and humans. Called Chi in Chinese literature it there are exercises to encourage its collection and distribution through the body. The yoga exercise is informative and I can vouch for its effectiveness. It involves breathing out (so creating a slight vacuum in the body) and letting the energy that is in a location flow thought the lymph system into the large intestine area inside the pelvis. It appears that the collected free energy is stored in the kidney area and subsequently distributed according to need.


The energy that comes from inside the earth may in fact consist of many forms. Perhaps all or many related to hydrogen phase shift processes.

The accumulation of this energy in nature seems to entail a slight vacuum, an envelope skin that is insulative and conductive in layers, a spiritual/emotional desire to accumulate energy. Also appears desirable that the testing location has a good flow free energy coming from the earth.

What we are faced with is the need to convert this free bioenergy into electrometrical energy which is the energy form our machines use. This may not be an easy or a fruitful task. It may be better to rethink and develop ways to use the earth radiating free bioenergy in simple direct applications. Indeed it is a major challenge for us to change our thinking from the ways our culture and education taught us to think.


Information re Point 2 above


Have you heard of the moon where water spews out into space?


From page 51, National Geographic, December 2006

On July 14, 2005 the spacecraft [Cassini] descended to a hundred miles above Enceladus south polar region. Working in concert its many insturments probed the enigmatic moon, monitoring surface heat, chemical traces and magnetic fields. The data indicated that plumes of material were erupting near the south pole. Four months later, as the distant sun silhouetted Enceladus, Cassini made images showed geyserlike eruptions of water vapor and ice particles shooting far into space.


A greater question: Could this modest moon harbor life? Life as we know it requires liquid water, energy and organic molecules says Bob Brown of the University of Arizona. Evidence of all three are here, we have the cocktail The same cocktail, Brown says, may exist on Jupiter moon Europa.


Caption to photo of Enceladus on page 51.

Water vapor and ice particles erupt hundreds of miles from Enceladus. Falling to the surface, the ice smooths the moon southern hemisphere (image on the right). The jets emerge from fractures fed by subsurface reservoirs.


No water cycle on Enceladus. No chance.

It seems very likely that the process that is generating water on the little moon near Saturn is the same as occurs on earth.

Nowhere on the web have I seen an explanation of how the water got on the moon Enceladus and other moons in our universe in the first place. Although there is an explanation on the web that Enceladus water comes from an underground lake that boils over and vents out ...but err, how did the water get there in the first place? It is clear that this little moon cannot have a "water cycle" . So I think that here, on Enceladus we are seeing the process of water creation as it occurs on earth



Information Re Point 3 above


Which brings up another oddity dew ponds amazing things, hundreds of them in the old world. Built on the top of hills they fill up during the night with dew while ponds down the side of hill stay dry.








In his book, The Naturalist on the Thames, published circa 1900, C. J. Cornish gave a description of British dew ponds, excerpted here: The dew ponds, so called because they are believed to be fed by dew and vapors, and not by rain, have kept their water, while the deeper ponds in the valleys have often failed. The shepherds on the downs are careful observers of these ponds, because if they run dry they have to take their sheep to a distance or draw water for them from very deep wells. They maintain that there are on the downs some dew ponds which have never been known to run dry. Others which do run dry do so because the bottom is injured by driving sheep into them and so perforating the bed when the water is shallow, and not from the failure of the invisible means of supply. There seem to be two sources whence these ponds draw water, the dew and the fogs..



 Below are three illustrations of water collection towers. The towers seem in many ways similar to dew ponds. They need to be sited in places of concentrated rising free energy . Their construction is not understood and the whole issue is in need of further research.


Information Re point 4 above


Here is an a plan of the insulative and conductive walls of the Reich Orgone box.

Below is a picture of Reich using his Cloud Buster . The machine uses flexible metal pipes to connect the shooting tubes to flowing primary ground water. This enabled Reich to transfer free energy to specific areas of the sky so as to bust clouds. Attached are the rules he formulated for the use of his cloud busters . The rules make fascinating reading.

More can be obtained from


by Wilhelm Reich

published by Orgone Institute in "CORE" July 1954 Vol. VI Nos. 1-4; appendix A"




[1] The particles are the end products from super nova explosions and appear to contain all the known elements in the cosmos. Hydrogen seems to be 98% of the observed cosmic substance. Helium is the next most important element. [go back]
[2] This Question, the question of wave or particle again illustrates the inadequacy of modern physics to have a suitable theory to fit the facts . The modern word quantum is often used as a catch all phrase to describe the interchange between the real material world the piritual world from which particles manifest. This interchange point can also be called the matrix between the 3rd and the 4th dimension or perhaps (tongue in cheek the) the point at which the unknown intrudes into the known.  [go back]

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