THEME 9. An Out of Body Experience in the Gardens

Angels working in the sky. (Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Australia)
We fly! Suddenly there's a buzzing and we draw upward, out and up! Below I see my physical body, clad in a dull glow of greys and violet hues, with greens and reds. All around are trees, golden and pulsating with spasms of light. Upon closer inspection these spasms are tiny creatures; winged or simply wisps of grey, gold and violet. They hover around the trees and within the trees glow intensely as part of the trees. They are mostly tiny, several millimetres, but also as large as a cat. There is a Presence looking out of each tree and bush; merged with the tree. The flowers are each glowing different shades of violet, pinks, whites, and yellows. They are bright beacons for the other fliers around me who attract to the healthiest ones, and the budding ones which shoot small flames out into the grey and lavender browns of the air. The grasses are afire with greens and yellows. The hairs and tufts also have myriads of small creatures buzzing around. Each gust of wind colours with violet and orange. Yet this is a dance, a mystery play, a signal of things immersed in the essence itself.�

These were my first thoughts as I flew out of the body in the Royal Melbourne Botanic Gardens. Nobody needed to know. In fact, it was surprising to me that people couldn't discern my situation. For I could clearly see them, and see into them as never before. I was not alone here in my flight. As I acclimatised to my new body of shimmering stars I realised just how alone I was. My God! There were so many millions of beings, large and small. How could I ever come to know this? It was obvious I had much to learn. I found myself able to fly at will wherever I wished; the dream of all pilots and of fairytales. Yet this was real! The colours were such a wealth! A colour never seemed this important to me before. One glance and I could tell what experiences lie behind crimson, or the sky-blue atmosphere. I knew the significance rain, as I saw it showering the distant city, and the colours of �cleansing light�, �active fire�, �power fire�, and so on. Colours had characters, and blended as if they were cohabiting in objects and beings.

The children played around the hedges of lillypilly, unaware of the riches that surrounded them. Radiant beings watched in joy, and sent a stream of gold-rose colours over them. The colours spoke depths of caring and love in such a manner as I had never imagined. It was not human love; not love that asks anything; just an acceptance of the priceless value of another living aspect of the One. Whatever that meant! I wasn't at this stage asking questions. I was still at the stunned stage; the moment of opening to a world that was always there, but to which I was blind until now.

Elementals like those near Plant Craft Cottage. (Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Australia) As I flew higher I could see the main Angels of the gardens; the tireless sentinels of power, wisdom, and light of purpose for the gardens. There is an all-ensouling grace in the largest of these. She is like a spiritual queen of the whole area. She presides; a constant source of joy and love to all the smaller Angels and nature spirits in her realm. �Sweet is the rain, and sweet it sings!� This was a keynote of one day. Then �There is love in every grain of being, and being pervades,� was another keynote. There were also key songs, and key colours, often combined to give a flavour. �O taste and see!� wrote the poet Denise Levertov, and she must have known something. There was overwhelming taste; like allowing the perfume itself of flowers to take form. This was much greater; for trees, shrubs, soil, running waters, everything had a taste and a colour sung through some invisible choir of Angels. They were everywhere in the sky, afloat and lordly, or swishing across the clouds, or sedately hovering in trees or above buildings. They were in the buds of flowers and tiny clover blossoms, or playing unrestrained in the treetops or around the wooded glens. For such beings, nature was their whole devotion. For them, any item or person in the gardens was part of the One organism. The growth of green auric fires from the sprouting trees was no more nor less than ants, birds, people, or their leashed dogs.


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