THEME 8. The Angel of Central Lawn

Deva amid foliage. (Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Australia) The Angel of Central Lawn inhabits the sky a few metres above a garden plot. Gardeners planted and replanted bulbs here often over many years. As a result, the deva seems unsure of the body form it should present. Three years ago it was new in the gardens; youthful, even childlike in body, and had a curious feature that any side you approached from, it seemed always to face you. Whether this was, to me, a kind of paranoia or a bizarre quality of its astral space I still don't know. Today it has matured yet with mimicked colours from the Eastern Lawn and Main Angels of the gardens. It grew to look like them through a kind of hero worship.

Its skin shines white with subtlest hyacinth. Winglike strands of veil unfold in a drift through the grounds of Central Lawn. The old gnarled trees nearby glow green and yellow from the wafting strands of energy. It reminds me of ectoplasm at a spiritualist seance, though here it's hidden to normal human vision.  I meditate and see the veils as astral look-alikes of the soft paperbark peeling on the trunks of local eucalypts. I wonder if the deva just mimics the bark or uses the form as a key to some energy recipe for its plants.

Night Scene on Central Lawn. (Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Australia)
The deva is definitely a young version of a highly evolved type of Angel. It is like a child, albeit one with enormous potential. Parentally dependent upon the Main Angel and the Eastern Lawn Angel of the gardens, it looks to the devas nearby as if brothers and sisters. It seems to also mimic the main Angel of the Fern Gully nearby; an Angel that also emanates strands of ethers but with better-defined purpose.

The deva of Central Lawn does nevertheless have distinct colours; hyacinth and pale orange that it radiates as far as the pathway borders of Central Lawn. It experiments with modes of attachment to the grass pixies and tree spirits. It is greatly curious and benevolent of the slender and whimsical spirits of the bamboo who dance on the lawn when people are out of range, and of the gnarled gnomes who inhabit the old trees.


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