THEME 7. The Angel of Ornamental Lake

The main deva of the gardens closely governs this Deva, whose psychic impression it instantly and gladly responds to. It hovers above the lake, usually in one place for several hours, and often near the central islands. Its shape is part human in its upper body but lower down it spreads and fades into the lake below. It has wavering concentric rings of force rippling emanations from its waist. If the body were a complete human shape it would be about 4 metres tall.

It is aqua-grey in upper body with three main chakras: heart, combined solar-plexus-and-sacral, and a very strong root chakra located in the relatively formless spreading part of the body. The Angel has feminine features and waist-long silvery pale yellow hair. Everything about it suggests grace and gentle refinement as it hovers upon the waters.

At first I confused this Angel for the main Angel of the gardens as it was high above the lake that day. Later I received intuitive messages from the deva as it elegantly sailed toward me. The conversation went something like this:-

How do you expect to see without faith? (that you can see) You have much to learn and much to work at before you can know our ways. she said.

I replied in thought, I ask not for anything but to learn. If I see its meant for me to. I know I nearly see much.

You see everything, you just don't know that you see. she replied, half suspecting I had not really heard her anyway. As she sailed away above the lake I heard her retort gently, Keep trying, keep trying...

Deva above Ornamental Lake. (Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Australia)

In her is a sense of float and merge with all life on and in the lake, plus an almost sexual linking with the devas of each island. Strands of her aura draw tenuously from her waistline to nourish smaller devas. Circles of light roll out in waves from the central chakra that is about half a metre wide and silvery purple.

As queen of the lake her energy switches on the aura of the other nature spirits of the waters. This includes the hundreds of small clones of herself that always rise out of then sink down into the waters. A pink nimbus shines about 10 metres around the top of the Angel.

Meditation focussed on the deva gives a sense of being the lake and all life in it. One sees as if through the eyes of the Angel, the lake as an organism in need of tender care; vulnerable, yet expressive of unique grace both alone and through its myriad sum of lives.



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