THEME 6. The Angel of Eastern Lawn

Angel of Eastern Lawn

High above Eastern Lawns hillside northwest of its shelter is an Angel whose aura blends with all growth on the entire lawn. Human in upper body, it faces always to Central Lawn.

Jutting often from the right of its head are pink and rose hues like horizontal candle flames of several metres. A crown of golden flame jags a few metres out of the head. I see this colour again about the eyebrows threaded finely down to the heart centre. The dominant chakras are the heart, a merged crown and third eye, and smaller throat. Twelve and sixteen spokes display from the heart and throat respectively.

The deva looks masculine and merges from the waist down into the surrounds, stretching parts of itself in embrace of all living beings on its lawn. It has clear features: head, arms and upper body that shimmers needles of silvery stuff like a human health aura. The astral body has many pastel hues: pink-rose near the head, pastel greens going from waist height and darker blues in its lower regions. Astral light magnetises all plants so they seem to glow with absorbed light and quicken in growth. The mental body has rough concentric hyperspheres whose centre is at the third eye. Near this centre is blinding white, then hyperspheres of dark blue, orange, plus the same gold crown as in the astral and etheric bodies. A bright asterisk shaped cluster of slender white spearheads thrill endlessly from the third eye to the periphery of the mental body.

Sitting with a group of people beneath the Angel many of us become aware of a pink and gold stream of light enfolding our auras. These beams sent from the Angels heart centre to our own hearts inflate our astral auras like balloons whilst our heart centres feel like exploding.

The Eastern Lawn Angel is powerfully fluorescent in radiation whereas the Southern Lawn Angel is like a fiery powerhouse. The Eastern Lawn Angel partakes more with the works of the nature spirits it directs, and seems more alert to them than is the Southern Lawn Angel.

The Angel has been above Eastern Lawn at least eighty years, since the building of the artificial hill below it. The Angel is a sculptor of change to its gardens and for the Cacti and Succulent part of Eastern Lawn. The inner view shows there was once a Glasshouse here in the late 19th century. The Lawn held many parties, both for early settlers and in the old times for Aborigines.

The speared flames from the Angels head go to main devas above the Cacti and Succulent area and to the treed section of the lawn. The dominant rose-pink flame prongs to its right to part of Tennyson Lawn. The exact and intense work of this Angel we outline in later snapshots of the smaller devas nearby.

Devas of Cacti/Succulents


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