THEME 5. The Angel of Southern Lawn

Angel of Southern Lawn

This Angel lives in the sky above the main grassed area of the Southern Lawn. The Nymphaea Lily Lake is only metres away. Of similar height to the big cypress tree, it is a slim Angel perhaps 30 metres tall, mainly scarlet with two vast horizontal spears of red with orange flames inside. These flash out at times hundreds of metres, other times only several metres, from a 4 metre ball of fire or chakra housed in its chest.

Male in looks with a sharp chinned triangular face, the Angel always gazes into the Heaven worlds but also faces the main Angel of the gardens. It seems bound to the main Angel in a psychic sense, by lines of force that bring the minds of the two Angels to merge. Ribbon twists of fiery light sparkle up and down the deva�s body and into the earth some kilometres, as if linked to the vital forces of the planet as a whole.

The aura reads that the Angel has been here thousands of years, and the histories of sparse trees, swamp, a creek, then change since the birth of the gardens as we know them. The deva�s face is totally in rapture as it deeply meditates; eyes torchlights, body almost faded away, lost in the bright spun whorls of force it has evolved into. These whorls (chakras) are as follows:-

a) A 4 metre ball that throws triangular flames of etheric fire at least 30 metres each side in the north-south direction. One of these flames at times flashes to touch the Angel of Eastern Lawn. Inside this fiery ball are plant images, the first of these a giant waterlily lotus of pink and white. Also there are shapes of varied flowers embossed with leaf patterns, tree branches, zoned to season and all neatly packed in optimal space. The chakra spins on itself in a 4-D sense and the flower or leaf patterns all turn on as the season arises just by directed will from the deva.

b) The head of the Angel seems lost in a blaze of light the result of centuries of meditation. A whitish yellow light twists down the force ribbons into the fiery balls in the chest.

c) There are at least four chakras below the main fiery one. These seem to have atrophied due to over use of the higher chakras in daily work of held focus and wielding of life force.

Fires of the deva�s astral aura embrace all of Southern Lawn and affect some tree spirits on Eastern Lawn and the Glasshouse area. The astral light paints all scarlet red including the earth beneath the lawn. The Angel steadily rays upon the Nymphaea Lily Lake; its destiny guided as if in the palm of the Angel�s hand. One can gauge any change to a tree or shrub by the relative status of its thought form image within the fiery ball chakra. Lines of life-giving force go to devas such as those of the Glasshouse, Canna-lily, Cypress tree, and bird.

The Deva has a deep fixation on the Heaven worlds, yet this in the end works out as a loving guidance sent to the outside world. The majesty of such tuning in to the Cosmic Plan is clearer as it grades down its missives to thousands of lesser Angels. They in turn direct the tiny elves and pixies who build the grasses and flowers.

I drifted out of the body into the powerful chakra; into an endless sea of fiery leaf swirls and branches of gold, silver, pastel and metallic colours. Already they were alive, yet not physical as we know it. My body far below was a drab brown blotch by contrast. Theme 9 accounts for this type of event.


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