THEME 4. The Angel of Princes Lawn

Angel presiding over Princes Lawn

This Angel is a favourite of the seers. I first saw it as I tried to view the deva of Sayce Island. I sat halfway up the grassed hill that traverses Princes Lawn. Suddenly, a large white and gold deva swiftly arrived, halted at its lookout post, surveyed its grounds, then departed with equal gusto. Later it reappeared several times, always in the abrupt manner and at the same place in the sky.

On other days the deva was stationary at this spot above the lawn and then I could more easily describe its aura and work.

This Angel appears to be a messenger from the main Angel of the gardens. It is always aware of that Angel, and on its active days is a sort of lieutenant, constantly visiting it and returning to its spot above Princes Lawn.

Swiftly it journeys to the other lawns with energies and instructions for various parts of the gardens. A royal deva in its own right, it holds a sceptre of power used to direct sylphs and sends out strands of light for specific purposes. It works so closely with the main Angel of the gardens, that its own colours are very similar; mainly gold and white. It amuses itself on quiet weekdays by creating geometric or flower shapes in its aura.

The method of tending Princes Lawn is by magnetising the foliage. When stationed over the lawn, the Angel radiates fiercely into all surrounds. After a short time, it flies away at the queen's behest, and the shrubs continue to radiate with absorbed light for several minutes.

The Princes Lawn Angel has a perfect human-like body of neutral sex. It shows masculine strength in face and torso, but feminine care in its gentle guiding of small devas. Far from being a wimp, it holds firm in crises such as thunder storms when demon sylphs can strike terror into the smaller nature spirits.

One day whilst sitting under this Angel I sensed it fade until almost gone. I felt tired and jittery, so I went to the Kiosk for tea and scones. Still I felt strongly the link with the deva, so after my rest I resolved to leave for home through Princes Lawn. As I entered the lawn, I saw the Angel ablaze with gold and filling the entire skies above the lawn with its aura. It strongly radiated into the local plants and grasses, but as I approached it faded again almost to nothing. I then passed beneath. As I walked off, the Angel looked back at me, lowering its head beneath its right arm to see if I was safely away. Then it resumed its blaze of light.

Seeing this, and being partly aware of the subtle effects of energy, I realised the jitters I had earlier were signs of a scorched aura from sitting too long under the Angel. This will sound absurd to people who are new to such ideas. The deva had kindly dimmed its radiation to minimise ill effects on me. This event showed me my limitations, and taught me the rare sensitivity of this Angel. Most devas do not often link to human auras, and are not aware of the damage possible to people from devic radiations. Devic essence is as fire compared to human essence, yet the vital forces of kundalini aroused by meditation or sex are similar to this powerful force.


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