THEME 3. The Main Angel of the Gardens

Main Angel of the Gardens

flower deva of a garden plotThe main Angel of the gardens is like a Spiritual Queen of the entire area. She presides over her subjects night and day from a place in the skies above the Ornamental Lake. Her position is often between Ridoutt and Fountain Islands, and on a sunny day the best vantage point is from the small tongue of land jutting onto the lake to the north of William Tell Shelter. As you gaze into the afternoon sun from this point the Angel seems to be really on fire with golden and white rays of light. There is a total strength and beauty of shape and form; the Angel appearing as a female perhaps 2 metres tall in the body but having a superb fiery nimbus extending to cover the whole of the gardens. Within the body itself is several chakras, or wheels of light that radiate from points of white light in their centres. The Angels hair shimmers and stands up and out in locks of gold extending most gloriously from the crown chakra. The crown is an energy field of fiery beauty and it pervades the atmosphere 20 to 30 metres above. Among the points of white light the most radiant is the heart centre, which seems to ray out light constantly over the breadth of the gardens. There are transverse waves of gold and white shimmering in concentric spheres out of the heart; waves that seem to wash the whole gardens with their light.

The main Angel uses varied colours in different seasons. Once I recall sitting nearby in mid-winter, seeing already the colours of spring descend from the aura. Deep within the heart and mind of the Angel could be seen the thought-forms of flowers and green sprigs of shrubs shaping. It was as if the thoughts needed setting in motion before the actual trees and plants could start growing. At a subtle level, the leaves and flowers gently descend into the auras of the many thousands of plants below. This process is slow and controlled, taking perhaps one month for some groups of flowers, perhaps two months for some trees. These thought images infuse with love and perfection even when the end product in the trees may have distorted slightly.
This deva is not alone in the sky. It has frequent visits from sylphs and other Angels in the clouds. It tirelessly tracks the work of fellow Angels on each large section of the gardens, and rays of light link one to another in thought transfer before affecting changes to its grounds.

Sunlight enhances this Angels aura, and its intensity of gold picks up in summer to help its messenger devas fly faster. With such increased hype they get harder to view. In mid-winter, with the sun less intense, such visiting devas move sedately and with precision to not waste a drop of the life force they distribute.

I have not noticed any simple form of talk or interaction from this main Angel. Often it is the focal point of a kind of ceremony in the sky, with hundreds of brightly coloured sylphs performing controlled movements in an aerial display. The decor of auras with rapid-fire colour changes that occur always ends with a practical act of sending out daisy-chains of sylphs into the gardens to spread growth patterns of energy and light. Often I've attuned to this Angel, then become aware that a circle of about ten sylphs surrounds and blesses me with slow, wavering wings. So it seems this Angel �communicate-controls the other devas in groups and uses a thought language that far transcends words. Control, speech, and love are the same to this Deva.

This deva queen has evidently always been near this place in the sky, even before the gardens� design in the mid 19th century. In those days she would have presided over the Yarra River lagoon that is now the lake. The lagoon gave rich harvest of eels for the Aboriginals; eels that still populate the lake edges. Changes over the years all helped the Angel advance its evolution; to grasp and fashion the plan for the entire gardens.


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