THEME 13. The world of Fairies

Rose Deva

A beautiful aspect of the nature spirit kingdom is the fairies and their work. The confusions people have about fairies at once need clearing up. Fairies are small energy beings in the etheric worlds; akin to the insect kingdom. The more primitive fairies take on the ebb and flow of life as they play among subtle streams of creative life forces. These are like blueprints in the etheric realms. They are crucial in changing the planet, and without them nothing would grow.

Electric fields sparkle in any growing object: crystal, plant, or beast. Fairies play in the lines of bright �force that drives the green fuse through the flower�, to quote the poet Dylan Thomas out of context. The work I ascribe to fairies involves the sculpting of matter. In the Botanic Gardens this is manifest in the trees, flowers and lawns. The clouds and weather owe their nature to spirit builders; teams of elfin, frail creatures forever on the go. The tiny fairies have no idea of the bigger scheme of their work. This is the task of the greater Angels who actively focus in meditation on the divine plans. Their thoughts control the sparkling webs that guide the fairies� play.

In all gardens transient fairies fly down at times to weave threads of life patterns into flowers and grasses. On some days they group into pillars of coloured light, as is common above the Rockery at B Gate, where a bright column rises to the clouds. These fairies travel in flocks from tree to tree and favour the flowering shrubs. Their birthplace is the clouds in skies that teem with pink clusters of lights; on closer analysis fairies. Some are delicate like butterflies; short-lived tiny beings of flawless beauty. Most sky fairies are girlish in appearance and of only one colour, for example a pinkish mauve. The bigger, more evolved fairies dress in the typical fairy style. Some are female braided forms; curvy featured with gossamer wings really auric extensions. There are even fairy queens who brandish a wand of power!

Magnolia tree fairies near Southern Lawn

In the late 1980s there were about a dozen magnolia trees in the triangle shaped garden between Southern Lawn and the Herb Garden. As winter comes, the limbs of the trees drop all their leaves. With these trees the buds of the flowers appear even before the leaves sprout. Hence there are for a time, trees with flowers but no leaves. At this time I stood with a group of us trained in attunement. We watched in awe as the delicate fairy forms flitted and flew their wispy way from bud to bud.

The small thumb length fairies seem female, but their bodies are asexual. They wear dresses of magnolia petal shape and colour. Their wings are like the air sylph wings, triangles with web-like extensions. They wield small twig-like wands that they point through the bare stems to help grow the new sprigs of magnolia. The constant flutters of their wings are hard to focus upon.

A curious thing about these fairies is that there are at any time about twenty to fifty around a plant. They all adopt the attire of the petal colour of the tree they work upon. As they drift from one tree to the next they change the shape and colour of their petal dress. The wand becomes charged with the etheric currents sent out by the tree. Each wand amplifies the tone of energy and results in a glowing light within the bud of the new magnolia. The fairies thread the new growth into the branch, then go back into the skies or fade into nothing until next year to be reborn.

The oversoul of this group of fairies is a lustrous pink deva who hovers high above the group. She appears on the etheric for a few seconds, then fades back into the inner realms. Each fairy links to her by a sutratma or silver thread. The fairy queen is a female form with the traditional gossamer wings. I don't like this cliche term, but in her case it is an accurate way to picture them. She extends the train of her robe as it spreads into the threads that make up the links to her small fairy subjects. They pursue their task of pushing light into the tree buds unaware of the constant nurture and help given from the queen. There are two or three queen fairy creatures here in the magnolias. They share colours and swap their work styles from tree to tree in line with the ethers sent out by each tree-spirit.


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