THEME 10. Angels of the Skies

Angels/devas of wind and sky


Air Angels are always close by, and most attract to humans with ease. Some even fall in love with people. They dance in the skies high above the horizon one moment then can hover in front of you the next. Travel is no limitation. Often as groups working in the clouds, they swiftly visit ground level for specific reasons. For example, a flock attracts to an orchestral concert or a powerful church service. The work they do there is of interest to the occultist, as it shows how the life forces apply in healing energies. To grasp this we must know the clairvoyant effect of music and thought as created by people on the inner planes.

Devas of this sort are often sylphs, but there are many kinds of air Angels. Above the Gardens are the usual transient sylphs who visit and do some radiant work among the trees and flowers. Some of these are already guardian Angels around the major Angels of the city. For example, if I chose to fly out of the body consciously to the Main Angel of Melbourne's CBD there would be an almost solid wall of Angels hovering in a circle near the great being. Then, at other times, entry permits allow people to visit the Angel in their sleep or in the astral body. This no doubt seems strange to the uninitiated; that humans visit an Angel above town, and that it is an ever available energy source. The state of a person's aura is the key to their entry into the �ring-pass-not�, or edge, of the city's Angel. The guardian angels assess each person in a moment. Folk thrust back show impure motive in the aura, or that they have not earned the right to go on. Mostly, the right to pass involves the self-estimate of the person. If they feel guilt, or lack of faith, they miss out on the full range of help. A pure and caring heart will always open doors to the love of Angels.

Each main cathedral in the city area has its own troupes of Angels. These engage in healing work on the faithful masses. Such people with open hearts are the bringers of love and light to the humans in the city at large. In the gardens each deva is of a related but quite distinct species from the church Angels. The guardians of the skies are lively and of wondrous beauty. They confer thoughts in controlled colour changes of the aura, and are able to perform miracles of healing if people open their hearts to God.

There are devas a few kilometres across which appear linked to the weather, and these may even hold a storm in their confines. There are vast Cloud Kings whose castles are vaporous towers in the sky. These Kings are usually several kilometres across their auras also. Then there are sylphs ranging from those of about 100 metres across, that seem always high in the clouds, down in size to those of about a third of a metre. The latter work tirelessly with the birds and fly in wind gusts. Then of course we have the fairies that group into colour types: blue, violet, green, pink, and red. Each of these hold a crucial place in the planetary evolution.


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