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The many earthly paths leading to the One Path

1. Bailey, Alice A.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire
A Treatise on White Magic
Initiation, Human and Solar
Letters on Occult Meditation

2. Blavatsky, H.P.

Isis Unveiled
The Secret Doctrine

3. Heline, Corinne

Mystery of the Christos
Star Gates

4. Heline, Theodore

The Archetype Unveiled

5. Hodson, Geoffrey

Clairvoyant Observations
Fairies at Work and at Play
The Brotherhood of Angels and Men
The Kingdom of the Gods
The Miracle of Birth
Occult Powers in Nature and in Man

6. Leadbeater, C.W.

The Devachanic Plane
Man Visible and Invisible
The Masters and the Path

7. Steiner, Rudolf

Cosmic Memory


The following are some useful websites that are recommended by me:-

Quest Books This is an essential place to visit for anyone with a New Age or spiritual interest in contemporary and classical books; particularly those into Theosophical works. Many of the books cited above as essential reading are available from Quest Books.

Lightworks Mikkel Kaastrup's site is valuable as it has examples of the work by Peter Christiansen and Eskild Tjalve; two Danish artists who have done fine quality illustrations of the devas and angels based on (seemingly to me) genuine clairvoyant observations.

The Faerie Realm Lady Lumila's site contains some classical faery Poetry, Tales & Lore from various countries, links and references to Faery Art, a wealth of Faery Music links, an impressive range of Faery Book covers from, and Faery Movies. Obviously a lot of work in this site, and well worth a look.

Hodsonia This is the site that explains about the theosophist Geoffrey Hodson. In my view Hodson was one of the genuine clairvoyants who experienced lucid vision of the nature spirits. This site was compiled by a respected student of Hodson as a tribute.

Artworks by Peter F Christiansen Pictures of Angels. This is the site of the Danish artist Peter Fich Christiansen, who has enhanced many of my sketches of Angels of the Botanic Gardens. Peter lived for 13 years in Melbourne, but returned to Copenhagen, Denmark around 1995. Dr Geo designed this site at for him.

MysticWeb This excellent site has free online Esoteric and Mystical classes. These include techniques for: Astral Travel, obe's (Out of Body Experiences), Self-Knowledge, Alchemy, Tantrism, Enlightenment, Self Awareness, Initiation, Consciousness, Awakening, Liberation, Astral Projection, Meditation, Intuition and info on: Gnosis and Gnostic Studies, the Occult, Spirituality and more. The site also includes forums and chat. The contact there is Steeve Oberzusser at


1. What are Angels, Fairies and Gnomes? | 2. The Angel Hierarchy in the Botanic Gardens | 3. The Main Angel of the Gardens | 4. The Angel of Princes Lawn | 5. The Angel of Southern Lawn | 6. The Angel of Eastern Lawn | 7. The Angel of Ornamental Lake | 8. The Angel of Central Lawn | 9. An Out of Body Experience in the Gardens | 10. Angels of the Skies | 11. A collection of Sylphs | 12. Messengers and Handmaidens | 13. The world of Fairies | 14. Lights in the foliage | Images of Botanic Gardens Angels | Angels slideshow with pix by Peter F Christiansen

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