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A book about Angels and Nature Spirits

with clairvoyant accounts of them in Canberra




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The purpose of the book is to explain many features of the Angelic Kingdom and Nature Spirit realms. These are supplemented by practical clairvoyant observations in Canberra’s National Monuments and public buildings such as the Australian Parliament House in Canberra.






This book has evolved over several years. After writing observations of the Melbourne Angels and nature spirits and creating a website, I stayed for some four years in Canberra. During that time I was encouraged by several theosophists and anthroposophists to sketch and describe the main Angels of Canberra.

The sequence of observations on Canberra were motivated by my contact with a man there called Steven Guth. He was passionate about his desire to understand the Angels and nature spirit forces of Canberra, and he encouraged my efforts at rendering descriptions and sketches of them.

The “New Age” style of Angel depictions started in the early 20th century with texts by Steiner [43-44] and Hodson [20-25]. These give a wealth of very immediate detail in the form of clairvoyant observations.  The earlier books by Blavatsky [10-11] and then those of Bailey [3-9] give complete theories in higher level terms.  These last three authors have given rise to complete and durable schools of esoteric thought. The 21st century now is sufficiently distant in time from these authors for us to attempt a unified perspective as to the place of their overlapping literatures. However the purpose of the present book is rather more limited in its scope, but nonetheless interesting for its content.

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Preface. i

Table of CONTENTS. ii

Table of Illustrations. 4

1        How to see Angels and Nature Spirits. 5

1.1         Prayer and meditation to God or the God-Self 5

1.2         Love of Nature and the Plant Kingdom.. 6

1.3         The possibility of Blessing or Initiation. 7

1.4         Purifying our human bodies in various ways. 7

1.5         Use of Chakra unfoldment techniques. 9

1.6         Important things to remember as you develop. 9

2        Angels and Nature Spirits of the Four Elements. 11

2.1         Fire. 11

2.2         Water. 12

2.3         Air. 12

2.4         Earth. 13

3        Humans and Angels in the Etheric Physical World. 19

3.1         The Human Etheric Body. 19

3.2         The Deva Etheric Body. 21

3.3         The Angelic Regent of the Physical Plane. 21

3.4         Some points on the Etheric Body. 22

4        Humans and Angels in the Astral World. 24

4.1         The Human Astral Body. 25

4.2         Astral Bodies of Physical Etheric Devas. 28

4.3         Astral Bodies of Devas of the Astral Plane. 28

4.4         Group Soul devas of Insects. 29

4.5         Group Soul devas of Animals. 30

4.6         The Angel Regent of the Astral Plane. 30

4.7        Some points on the Astral Body. 31

5        Humans and Angels in the Lower Mental World. 32

5.1         Some points on the Lower Mental Body. 35

Angels in Canberra, Australia. 36

6        Angels and Devas of Parliament House. 40

6.1         Deva at the main entrance. 41

6.2         Devas inside the various halls and rooms. 42

6.3         The Cabinet Room Angel 42

6.4         The Prime Minister’s Office Guardian Angel 44

6.5         A typical Ministerial Office Guardian Angel 44

6.6         Visiting Angels and their place. 45

6.7         Devas in the House of Representatives and the Senate. 45

6.8         Presiding Angel in the New Parliament House. 46

6.9         The Angel High above the Parliament 48

6.10       The elemental  “red men” in the surrounding subterrains. 49

7        The High Court of Australia. 52

8        American Eagle Obelisk (Russell Defence Headquarters) 55

9        Angel of the National War Memorial 57

10     National Angel Lord of War. 61

11     Deva of Mt Ainslie. 63

12     Deva of Anzac Avenue. 65

13     Devas of Old Parliament House. 68

14     Deva of Nerang Pool, Commonwealth Park. 71

15     Devas of Black Mountain and Telstra Tower. 73

15.1       The main deva of Black Mountain. 73

15.2       The main Angel of the Telstra Tower. 74

15.2.1          The electrical devas. 75

15.2.2          The earth elementals beneath the hillside. 76

16     The Main Angel of the National Botanic Gardens. 78

17     Deva of Peace Hill 80

18     Deva of Red Hill 81

19     The Future Challenge. 84

20     References. 86



Table of Illustrations



Deva of Fire................................................................................................................................... 15

Devas of Water.............................................................................................................................. 16

Devas of Air................................................................................................................................... 17

Devas of Earth............................................................................................................................... 18

The Etheric Physical Earth............................................................................................................ 23

Map of Canberra and the Parliamentary Triangle........................................................................ 38

Angels and Devas of Parliament House........................................................................................ 39

Angel of the High Court of Australia............................................................................................. 51

American Eagle Obelisk at Defence Headquarters....................................................................... 54

Angel of the National War Memorial............................................................................................. 56

National Angel Lord of War.......................................................................................................... 60

Deva of Mt Ainslie......................................................................................................................... 62

Door Guardian – Old Parliament House...................................................................................... 66

Old Parliament House................................................................................................................... 67

Deva of Nerang Pool – Commonwealth Gardens......................................................................... 70

Telstra Tower – Black Mountain................................................................................................... 72

Deva of the National Botanic Gardens.......................................................................................... 77



1                    How to see Angels and Nature Spirits

In this book we refer to angels, devas and nature spirits.  Sometimes where a deva is obviously performing a sacred religious role in a church or protecting an energy focus of use to humanity we say it is an angel.  At other times there are Angels of a more traditional kind who come as Messengers of God or appear as visitors from the heavenly realms for some Divine purpose.

Where we use the word deva, it is clear that the being is at work with the nature kingdoms and that it is usually an intelligent and self-aware spirit found in natural places like forests, mountains, oceans, streams as well as fires.

However the methods of seeing these creatures are similar in each case after use of the following methods, which I don’t claim as exhaustive.

1.1   Prayer and meditation to God or the God-Self

I have found from my early days that after periods of several hours’ prayer in a church or cathedral my vision of the devas and Angels greatly improved.  After having experienced this several times I started to observe and try to understand what was going on.  I began to look at the devas in the church to see how they did their energy work.  What I found was that the method of blessing used by the devas and Angels in churches involved merging with and exchanging of pranic forces in the etheric bodies.  That is, the deva and the person “approach each other in vibration”.  The human raises their rate of energy refinement at the expense of the deva, who willingly gives of itself to that purpose, although knowing it can retrieve its own  vibration later.

In my situation, my own etheric body must have already been somewhat refined by my previous efforts in praying to God, or in meditating toward God. This meant that after several hours there was enough energy shifted within me to “see the devas”.

1.2   Love of Nature and the Plant Kingdom

When I was a teenager I became aware of the peacefulness of nature.  I especially loved to walk amid trees in the suburban streets or in the Australian bush forests.  My fascination stemmed from the fact that I could observe a single leaf or frond, marvel at its detail, then stand back and be filled with joy by the overwhelming beauty of the whole tree.  Also, I would concentrate (through my heart) upon a single flower, and again step back to take in the whole shrub or tree.  Such methods were actually expanding my consciousness but I never knew this at the time.

Soon, after several long walks through nature this way, I started seeing pulsating lights coming from the trees and branches.  I discovered there was great peace and love emanating from flowers or leaves moistened by rain or dew; that the trees and flowers were themselves living lights of extraordinary beauty that was beyond any words.

One day, whilst walking in the Australian rainforest among the ferns and eucalypts, I began to see the energy streaming out from trees.  I could, by an act of will, attract it to myself or send it onto other trees.  This was of course a major breakthrough for my practical understanding of the energy flows.  Then I was shocked when suddenly I saw “tall slim men” of differing heights (mostly about two metres high) all carefully watching me as I walked past.  When I turned and looked directly at them it was obvious I could see them so they scattered back into the tree trunks.  Seeing these tree spirits was the start of a great adventure in consciousness which has continued for over twenty years.

Unfortunately when I told select people of this experience, I also met with some derision.  This came sometimes from people who I thought I could trust, which in many cases saddened me.  But truth remains truth no matter what others may believe, and I know that as long as I remember this I should not worry too much about how I am received.

Some days the visions I had were clear; on other days vague.  Some days the visions were completely shut down.  Sometimes I could directly correlate this with being too immersed in crowds of human energy exchanges, like what happens in crowded city streets.  I always accepted my humanity though and the crowds of people are always welcome in my life.

1.3   The possibility of Blessing or Initiation

Some people always misunderstand the idea that we can achieve special blessing or initiation.  The way I explain it is that a person who is really “morally good” and “trying to be good” can achieve a sudden “gift of consciousness”.  This gift, whether the result of a blessing from the Christ, the Buddha, or some other Divine Spiritual Being, helps the person to suddenly “see”.  In my case I spent a few years constantly and frequently praying and meditating.  The thought of being with the Higher Beings was never far away from my mind’s habitual ways.  I would ask God to help me to help those around me.  I would ask God’s agents and unseen helpers that I could be of service to them.  I would try my best to, at all costs, be true to myself and to God in these ideals.  But above all I would seek to act upon these things.  I would constantly ask “who am I” and then many times over ask this in different situations and in relation to different people.  It was never easy to do this.  I gave up things, I admitted to myself and to God that I had done stupid things.  Then I set out to resolve differences I had with other people.

One day I became aware of heightened guidance and quickening of circumstances.  This included meeting with people from my past to whom I owed thanks for shared differences and experiences.  My quickening of experiences resulted one night in the so-called blessing or initiation which permitted me to see auras and into people. Unfortunately this peak experience “waned” after a few days, but in such a way that my emotions were challenged by a crisis in which I saw the world through new eyes.  I would never be my old self again.  The blessing or initiation was very frightening as I didn’t know whether its immense power would kill me or drive me insane.  It is only with years of hindsight that I gained a proper and balanced perspective of the experience.

Seeing the Angels and nature spirits was only a small part of what changed in me.  I acquired a new depth of understanding of and compassion for human life situations.  I understood in practical terms a lot which to many people was theory.  I saw into things, whether spirits, ideas, philosophies, religions or groups of people.  I also regained the courage to speak to groups of people in a calm manner.

1.4   Purifying our human bodies in various ways

There is no doubt that the devas and nature spirits respond to purity in body and in heart.  Another way to say this is they respond to good health and to pure expression of love.  So it is clear that frequent regular exercise, bodily cleansing and healing using various techniques are useful in the right preparation for seeing the deva kingdom.

Included in this is the right food intake, and I recommend a vegetarian diet as it brings the right vibrations into the body.  However, its worth telling that I was able to see nature spirits in gardens and Angels in churches years before I ever became vegetarian.  I did notice a difference in my perceptions over time after becoming vegetarian, but I can’t prove it was the deciding factor, as I did a lot of energy work myself then.[1]

Its also worth telling that I never did drugs, and people who use them in order to see often have many troubles to sort out aside from the obvious earthly ones.  Drugs often loosen the “knots” in the various chakras, or loosen the etheric body grip on the solid physical body.  To the seer aware of this, the legs or arms for example can seem paralysed and the etheric legs or arms can move detached from the solid physical.

I suspect that if a person does a lot of meditation and channelling of energy through the body, the vegetarian diet becomes harder to avoid.  Part of this is tough to explain, but it involves a perception of the so-called “meat elemental” in one’s self.  That is, there are creatures (elementals) who live off the energy of meat, and these are distasteful when you become aware of them.

The best foods are those high in pranic energy, those such as fruits ripened on trees, or juices, but generally fresh organic vegetables.  However, its often true that some people can see on the inner planes without maintaining a strict diet such as this.

Various kinds of exercise are useful as they help to regulate prana in the physical etheric body and contribute to health and well-being.  Running, swimming, walking, aerobics, breathe life into the etheric aura.  Once the life energy is present, its easier to focus some of it here and there to alleviate potential illnesses, but that’s another story.

Yogic practices and energy healing including balancing of chakras are important, but they turn into a science in themselves and get complex to explain.  I give some basic principles in later chapters as I see them relating to devas and humans alike.  On this note, I hold that anything that is not simple is probably only worth while as fine tuning after the big steps have been taken.  Love of nature, faith in God, acceptance of others and self redemption are simple matters.  They are just difficult to achieve.

1.5   Use of Chakra unfoldment techniques

The chakras or energy centres in the human body are a great mystery to many people, even though there are texts available nowadays giving the basic information about them.  The chakras basically look like coloured wheels inside the person’s body. These wheels spin at various times, and radiate energies of certain specific kinds regulating health and well-being in the person.  When a chakra is open it vitalises the body in that locality of the individual. When it is closed due to something blocking it (usually the energies of fear from some experience or other) this can cause lethargy or illness. Chakras, in addition to being open or closed, are at various stages in lifetimes of evolution of the person concerned.  We say that the chakra is “awakened” if it exhibits enhanced opened qualities and is enlarged and clear of blockages.  The exact nature of the enhanced qualities is part of the mystery, but awakened chakras lead to psychic powers, among those being the power to “see” the nature spirits and other kinds of psychic cognition.  Traditional and time-honoured yogic techniques are most commonly employed to the science of the chakras or centres.  However, New Age methods in use include the use of crystal healing and energy channelling.  With the latter, the person stands and radiates the light and love of a divine or higher being.  The method is simple. You stand, and visualise you are amid a column of light sent from the being, and affirm this by saying within yourself “I am One with Lord Christ”, for example. This method eventually enlightens the whole body including the person’s ability to see. Once this occurs the person can direct energy by simply willing it to go into the chakras in the desired way.

1.6   Important things to remember as you develop

To the person who sets about trying to see the deva kingdom, there are several points of advice that can be offered:-

  1. Learn to know yourself and the limits of your perceptions and be thoroughly in tune with your current state of being. Understand as best you can the health of your physical, emotional and mental states. Be aware if you deviate from what you sense is balanced and healthy.
  2. Work at your techniques slowly and with caution. Be vigilant of the increments of progress or if there seems to be no progress. Be watchful of yourself and of your interactions with others to take care that you will be firm in your approach to inner growth.
  3. Carefully try to understand and interpret effects. If you notice changes or see new things or even if you don’t see things as you expect, try to understand what is going on. Focus through mind and heart in understanding. Its only a balanced perspective that will be of use to you in the long term.
  4. Build your new perceptions slowly. There is no need to rush anything, and it will harm you to hurry into these techniques. Time is one thing that you as a human being have plenty of. If you think you have to develop powers instantly you will have big problems, and will be best advised to stop for awhile; a long while!
  5. Try to cultivate a habit of using the new practices. “Small steps, often” is the way forward. This will help you become familiar with the progress signs along the way and ensure you don’t barge into the wrong kinds of predicaments through your practice.
  6. As you develop and grow, take note that you are establishing enhanced spiritual effects in yourself and those around. The correct way to grow into new awareness is to enrich your service to humanity or the planet.  There should be no doubts about this by-product of your new understanding and perception.
  7. Even after much diligent work, know that psychic phenomena is not itself guarantee of any spiritual progress. Therefore, if you see angels and elementals, it doesn’t automatically mean you are enlightened or that you know spiritual truths better than anyone else. Such visions can help you, but they can also be a hindrance if they are misused or misunderstood.



2        Angels and Nature Spirits of the Four Elements

Most writers on this topic say Angels and nature spirits fall into the four types of fire, water, air and earth.  While this may sound at first a synthetic way to group the devas and elementals, it turns out to be very practical. If you call to the spirits of the four elements, this does seem to bring in all of the nature spirits. Some cases of this seem to overlap, such as say, devas of molten lava. So it is likely that the classing is symbolic and extends beyond the physical into the higher realms.

2.1   Fire

The devas and elementals of the fire element are often called salamanders.  On the physical plane they are the spirits who live in and animate fire-flames.  The single candle flame is in fact a living entity; a small salamander.  When the candle is used to light a second candle, the one gives rise to a second salamander.  When a match flame lights a fire in an open fireplace, the small salamander gives rise to a group of various sized elementals.  The devas dart in and out of objective incarnation.  During a forest fire, the size of the elementals increases until the entities are very large and many of these devas exhibit a wild kind of intelligence. 

Taking this to the extreme, one could imagine that on the sun, each solar flare is an almighty devic being thousands of kilometres high.  Each such being is an awesome expression of a kind of divine consciousness.  In Hodson’s “Kingdom of the Gods” [24] he relates an inner journey where he describes the awe he felt at visiting the so-called Solar Colossus fire devas of the Sun.

In “Treatise on Cosmic Fire” [3, pages 66-67] the above ideas about the consciousness of salamanders are stated.  Also, there is mention of other fire spirits who ensoul the warmth in the bodies of humans and animals.  Indeed there are many accounts in the literature of elementals seen by clairvoyants in the fiery smokes and mists.  The greater fire devas in volcanoes and large burnings are called agnichaitans.  These are grouped by colour as red, orange, yellow and violet; the latter being related to the fourth subplane of the physical plane. Agnichaitans dwell deep in the earth’s fiery core and are related to the Colossus Sun devas.  They have evolved a consciousness equivalent in many ways to the human, but quite different in character due to their method of expression.

Other types of fire elementals are associated with electricity and also with the kundalini[2] fires in people and other living entities.  The electrical devas have come into closer prominence to humanity during the 20th century than ever in the history of the earth.  They have always been present in the electrical fields of the planet and exhibited as lightning during storms.  However, there is an esoteric significance to their being brought into close cooperation with the human kingdom. This arose via the use of all kinds of electronic developments.

2.2   Water

The devas and elementals of the water element have a history in our mythologies.  The nature spirits in this class are the undines, nymphs, mermaids and so on.  They are found in rivers, creeks, oceans, reservoirs, waterfalls, tap-water. These spirits are the liquid forms of various chemicals including the compounds that make up our blood.

It is said that every drop of rain is a living elemental being which serves its own purpose as part of a larger living plan.  The person with inner vision due to an open third eye chakra can perceive the underlying purpose of such things.  However, the etheric vision used to see the water elementals is a product of the refined vision of the physical eyes.

The study of undines among the waves at a beach reveals quite different purposes than undines at work within a calm mountain lake.  The work of nymphs at an inland waterfall is quite different from those at a salt water lagoon.  Tropical sea-sprites differ from Antarctic ones. There are of course many devas associated with fish of various kinds, and with the plant life beneath the waters and oceans.  A minority of ocean devas actually rise above the water level.  Most live out their lifespans as part of and under the water.

2.3   Air

The devas of the air element are typically sylphs, whilst the elemental spirits are usually fairies or some variation on both of these types.  In this text the sylphs play a major role.  This is due to the fact that part of their evolution seems to involve becoming guardians of humans, animals, birds, groups of plants and trees, and eventually of landscapes.  They typically work in groups and communicate by thought colour images projected.  They don’t tend to use a language of words, but rather a projection of a thought-feeling whose meaning is profound yet obvious intuitively to the other devas.

The spirits of the sky embrace each other freely and fully.  They experience no prejudice, anger nor fear.  They live for the moment when joy can pervade the lives of all those around them.  They send light and love continuously to each other and into the forces of nature.  Themselves they represent agents of the wind, or of many aspects of the weather.  They embody clouds in the atmosphere and are hard at work in many atmospheric places where they seldom interact with humans at all.

However, in many cases they tire of endless swirling around in the sky, and choose to remain at a location amongst nature or in human environs.  When they reach this stage it is usually true that they have developed a long way in individuality.  This said, they joyfully and spontaneously follow orders from superior Angels and likewise direct smaller devas and groups of elementals.

Having existed among nature and seeing the work of elementals over thousands of years, they creatively and safely can direct the smaller nature spirits to work without endangering themselves nor the other entities nearby.  This is an important feature of air devas, as  they can manipulate forces humans would love to, but if persons tried to direct the elementals they would literally be playing with fire.  The Alice Bailey treatises on “Cosmic Fire” [3] and “White Magic” [4] state the “15 Rules of White Magic”.  These rules involve control and understanding of the elementals; a control which is natural to the higher devas but removed from the everyday reality experienced by humans.  In these texts the dangers involved are made abundantly clear.

The devas of air are very keen to cooperate with humanity as the spiritual goals for the deva and human evolutions run closely parallel in the later stages where spirituality holds sway.

2.4   Earth

The spirits of the earth element are known from mythology as the gnomes, the brownies, trolls, elves, satyrs, Pan-like creatures, leprechauns and goblins.  Aside from Pan, these nature spirits are generally assumed to be groups of elementals[3].  The classes of devas who work with the vegetable and mineral kingdoms are in this category.

It is fairly common among those developing deva clairvoyance to see myriads of partly formed gnome-type creatures trapped in the soil.  Such beings vitalise the earth in various ways. They are short-lived in the active part of their lifespan, but long-lived in the dormant phase where they are part-formed.

In the forests of our planet there are endless varieties of small nature spirits living in the roots and trunks of trees; in each grass blade or flower.

In the caverns beneath the earth are groups of trolls or goblins, but these vary from those related in mythologies to those as yet unheard of by people. For example, earth spirits may have a presiding greater earth spirit, whose domain varies between a few hundred metres up to several kilometres.  The auras of these spirits extend into the rocks and soil of whole hillsides.  The small nature spirits of the earth element are in fact outposts of consciousness of the larger being.

Such creatures are often quite intelligent and wily.  They have an innate sense of trickery, and an intelligence related to their operating “out of the darkness”.  Mostly they are not evil but they are certainly not purified as are the spirits of the air.  Spirits of the earth tap into the forces such as ley-lines and other vital forces of the earth’s etheric body fluctuations.

Deva of Fire


Devas of Water

Devas of Air

Devas of Earth





3       Humans and Angels in the Etheric Physical World

The etheric physical realm is just like a secret or subtle part of our physical world. Around any person is a halo called the “health aura”. The “etheric body”, “etheric double”, “pranic body” are each common as names for the “health aura”. The physical health of a person’s body is held in this aura. The vital energy that flows freely through the health aura is called “prana”; the main source of this the sun. Prana also flows in the etheric bodies of Angels, devas, and elementals.

All matter is under constant influence from pranic currents. These currents weave very fine grid-lines or threads to form the etheric bodies of all things. The etheric plane, or etheric world, as it is often called, has places in it that match up to all kinds of pure and impure energies affecting our health.

3.1   The Human Etheric Body

It is known that our solid body has an etheric double woven finely into it. In Angels and nature spirits, the etheric body is their only physical part. Our solid body is an exact copy of our health aura, but the prana radiates out of the pores as needles of light, or circulates through it as does blood through the veins.

Any health aura in top condition has a full radiance of shiny pranic needles. It has little rivulets of energy buzzing in the limbs and the organs.  These small energy flows are known as nadis. They are like the meridians used in acupuncture and Shiatsu.  When the etheric body is sick it has dark areas and “knotted” clog-ups in the nadis. These often make the auric needles seem dull. It is said that the health aura has over 72,000 nadis, but even for the trained seer this would be hard to verify[4].

The etheric body holds the chakras. These are energy centres that have reflex links to the solid physical organs. There are a lot of things in common between the human etheric body and the Earth’s etheric body. In fact, we can think of the etheric world as the etheric body of the solid physical planet. When we leave the body at death, the solid physical body and etheric body are still joined and will decay together[5].

At the point of death, the silver chord or sutratma linking the etheric body to the astral body is severed. The etheric double of the corpse then gradually devitalises and decays along with the physical body. In the case of Angels and nature spirits, whose sole physical body is etheric, death is the gradual fading and dissipating back into the ethers, and incarnation always starts from a divine spark of seed, which focalises the vibratory coded message causing the etheric body to form.

There don’t seem to be many people who have a high level of awareness of the physical etheric subplanes. This is very sad, as the realm of Angels and nature spirits there is often one of great joy. A lot of folks seem to have astral visions but very few have etheric. It does seem that there are more people in modern times who can see on the etheric subplanes.  In particular, children seem more likely to see than adults. There are many reasons why this is so. The required perception is in fact a kind of physical vision. Hence, etheric vision entails a special use of the chakras in the physical eyes. Some people, whilst not able to see health auras, may “taste” the quality of the prana exchanged between people or places. They have at best a very dim awareness on the etheric plane.

There are people who, when they die, leave the physical body and ascend to a part of the astral plane. From this place they can see the myriad lives incarnated on the physical plane. This includes the etheric church or hospital Angels and the little creatures in flowers and trees. Some of these people bring back from “near death experiences” the realisation that Angels exist. Clearly this has a big impact on the rest of their life, and they have convincing tales for their friends. The health aura has three uses:-

As a holder of prana. The etheric body is a tub holding the spark and flow of pranic vital forces. These forces, when spent, animate our limbs and permit athletic feats or our daily motion. When the human or devic body receives a lot of (or too much) prana it is held like a load and is a cause of fatigue. This only happens until it gets assimilated into their bodily system.

As an assimilator of prana. Three chakras form a triangle of energy flow in order to take in prana. For us, and for nature spirits, the best way to digest prana into the body is via sleep or proper rest. Even so, this process can be aided by use of the will to send the force through the triangle.

As a transmitter of prana. Any motion via exercise or speech sends out pranic vitality into the environs. In human or Angels, energy is sent out in thought, in acts of will, by sexual means, or just by motion.

3.2   The Deva Etheric Body

The devas on the physical plane of most interest to us are those with a body made only of etheric material. (ie of finer matter than solid, liquid and gas.) This body shimmers with a mass of spindly fanned needles of light.  In the case of most devas the texture of their etheric body is full of coloured striations and auric radiations.  These mainly come from the etheric centres, or chakras.

The chakras are featured in the devic etheric body and the prana that fans out of them is what gives the shape and illusion of wings.  A good analogy here is the fanned shape of sprinkler water coming out of a hose nozzle.  The “spray” is the pranic radiating essence and can be fanned any direction at will to make the shapes of the etheric bodily form.

The etheric devas whether great or small essentially go through the same cycle as humans, namely:- they receive prana, they assimilate prana; and they expend or transmit prana.

In the case of small nature spirits they “sleep” periodically by going into a rock, a tree, a body of water, a flame source, or into a “deva house” in the clouds or sky.

In the case of more advanced etheric devas, they know the secret of quick assimilation of prana, and they are able to thereby minimise rest periods and also eliminate almost all fatigue.

3.3   The Angelic Regent of the Physical Plane

According to Alice Bailey’s works and H P Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, the being that is the sumtotal of all physical plane matter is called Kshiti. The being is said to be self conscious and sentient and the myriad lives of the kingdoms of nature are as cells to the entity. The seven subplanes also are given devic names, and treated as if conscious and sentient creatures who are aspects of Kshiti. Although this concept will remain fanciful to the uninitiated, it is not so different to the New Age idea of the being known as Gaia. I understand that magicians capable of working with elemental forces to achieve their ends, whether good or bad, take these notions of livingness very seriously.

The devas on the physical plane of most interest to us are those with a body made only of etheric

3.4   Some points on the Etheric Body

It holds all of our health conditions in blueprint. People and devas have etheric bodies like shimmering violet, grey and brown needles of light around and throughout the physical body.

It is made up of the violet devas, called agnichaitans in esoteric schools. These are living entities whose purpose is to ensoul physical and etheric matter. It is known that in some primitive cultures certain rites enable the participants to sense the livingness of ordinary inanimate physical objects.

The types of matter in the etheric body are from any of the four subtlest etheric sub-planes.

The etheric body is made of living elemental essence. This essence is prana, and is in a constant state of ebb and flow.

The etheric body or health aura of the fourth etheric subplane is that which is pictured in Kirlian photography.[6]

The etheric body is three dimensional[7], as are solid physical objects to the normal human perception.

The synthesis of the etheric body tells us much of the past and future health and susceptibility to disease of the person whilst in physical life.

Animals, plants and minerals also have etheric physical counterparts to their solid physical form.

The nature spirits such as fairies, elves, gnomes, dryads, sylphs, undines, etc are all representatives of the actively moving etheric pranic realm. They act as living conduits and agents for the storage, assimilation and transmission of prana.

The etheric earth planet is an etheric body; to us the etheric plane.[8]  This relation is shown here.

The Etheric Physical Earth

4       Humans and Angels in the Astral World


The “astral plane”, also called the “astral world”, is the world of emotion. All things there respond to thought currents and emotional chaos. It is hence no surprise that the astral plane has scenes in it that match up to all manner of at times lovely, and at other times nasty, emotions. These span the full range of human expression.  Hatred and cruel evil are the coarsest of emotions. They draw people down to the earth’s core to the place which is the Hell realm.  Sly, selfish greed and avarice of the near evil kinds are the stuff of what is called Purgatory. Meanwhile, devious jealousy and less malicious greed are represented in the so-called “earth bound” spirits.  These beings are often drug or thing-addicted, but not evil enough to have fallen to the lowest subplanes. “Mostly good” people find they go to the mid-upper astral subplanes. Here they experience more or less pleasant emotions.  Also here is the “happy hunting ground” or Summerland of the American Indian.  In spite of all this, the astral plane is deemed by spiritual Teachers to be made up of illusions and false glamours.  It is a “stopover place” between human lifetimes. Once there, the next goal is to rise above the astral to the mental plane heavens.

So, the astral plane is itself split into seven subplanes. We know that to most people, the experiences on the astral subplanes are like being in different dreamworlds. The persons living in the astral worlds are in a constant state of flux of emotions. These feelings are the actual substance of the forms of everything seen or felt or touched there.









Table 1. The Astral Plane





Illusions of Heaven.

240,000 miles up


Unspiritual Religionists.




miles up.





related backgrounds.




Below surface down to several miles.



Core of earth


4.1   The Human Astral Body

The part of a person always present on the astral plane is called the astral body. There is sameness between a person’s astral body and our astral world. In fact, one may think of the astral world as the astral body of the planet. After we lose the solid body at death, most people go onto the astral plane, which in old oriental books is called Kama-Loka[9]. Kama means desire, and Loka, the sphere or plane. In the Secret Doctrine [11] and Treatise on Cosmic Fire [3] the stuff that makes up the astral plane is said to be alive and devic. These devas are called agnisuryans. However, to most folks there, matter is not perceived as being at all alive, nor as having any consciousness. There are many books describing the human lifespan on the various astral worlds. In The Inner Life [29] there is a lot of detail concerning:-

Human life after physical death

Human dream experiences

Animal life after physical death

The Angels, devas and elementals

Concerning the latter, there are stories about guardian Angels and Invisible Helpers. [see 28-29 and 33] In Leadbeater’s account of the Devachanic Plane [32] some similar kinds of Angels on the mental plane are described. These wonderful beings watch over humans and animals on the astral plane as well as guiding other devas and small elementals. Some of the tasks of guardian Angels on the astral and mental planes are very similar. In this chapter we talk of several features of Angels and elementals of the astral plane, such as:-

Astral counterparts (astral bodies) of physical etheric plane devas

Astral plane denizen devas

Group soul devas of the insect kingdom

Guardian devas of (i) the human kingdom, (ii) the animal kingdom, (iii) the bird kingdom, (iv) public places on the astral plane.

Varuna (the Being which is sum-total of the Astral Plane) and the regents of the subplanes

The levels of awareness on the astral plane are as varied as the consciousness of all types of people on earth. Some people have a very dim astral consciousness. There are people who are aware of where they are, and others who are fully asleep.  The Angels and elementals on the astral plane exist on all of the subplanes.  However the devas of more enlightened kind have astral bodies made of only the three highest subplanes’ substance.

Many folk here are very busy with their desires and fantasies. Some of them live a dream life with no initiative to try and get out of this trap of glamour.  Meanwhile, the devas here may get totally rapt up and caught in the glamours. They live ever in the emotive linking and caring for people and other life.  This means some Angels have a set of experiences biased towards expression of emotions. Whilst this may be a good thing, often misleading emotions can seem real to such beings.

Among humans it is the younger soul, or person with relatively few lifetimes behind them, who is asleep for awhile on this sphere. When some people die, they dwell on for awhile, but soon forget events from the newly ended physical life span. Some when just passing on have memory loss that lasts from a few hours to a few days. This is due to the massive amount of shock and trauma they associate with death and dying.

It is known that some folk float asleep for a long time in the astral. These people need help to accept their physical death. After awhile, higher disciples[10], departed friends or family help them to waken and know where they are.  There are devas of the physical  etheric levels who can work this way on the astral plane. They have grown a continuous unbroken awareness of the astral and physical life[11].  This makes them ideal helpers for people who’ve died under duress.

If we die easily and in peace, we meet a host of astral guides and relatives. It is then a joyful reunion for these folk as they walk the tunnel out of physical life.  Also, some astral groups of Angels who have chosen to incarnate as humans. On the astral, these share life, building ties of love and close harmony over millennia.  When these Angels dip into human life they tend to incarnate in the same family. This  then tests and distorts their deep astral bonds.

To sleep and float in memory-loss may sound all very gloomy at first. And yet, there are folk asleep at night or passed away (died), who enjoy being in the upper subplanes of the astral. They feel good about life, at home with people and their awareness.  For astral devas all is living and all life is beautiful and sacred.  They see the world through rose coloured glasses because they have learned the joy of flowing with the light of the higher Angels who are ever present.

Since the astral plane is made of finer stuff than the physical, there are endless ways for people to enjoy and to create things. For example it is easy, for one with astral vision and a well clear mind, to create a ten metre high astral rose. It would hold itself together as long as the creator wills it, and then dissipate back into mixed astral essence.  Devas tend to hold thought patterns by habit. At times they vitalise human thoughts of a more useful kind than an astral rose.  They help give astral life to thoughts coming out of the soul realms aimed to improve humanity and our world.

Hence, the astral plane is a set of worlds of emotions. Whoever can beat their need for glamour and their need for the “good feelings” may rise above the astral plane into the mental world. This set of planes which make up the heavenworlds are also known as the lower mental worlds. These planes are made of mental stuff, and the human vehicle there is the mental body.

4.2   Astral Bodies of Physical Etheric Devas

The etheric physical devas are in the fortunate position of seeing and therefore knowing the effects of the vital forces that animate us through the etheric pranic forces.  They understand the vitality of their own physical surrounds and the health of living things in nature on a first hand basis.  So it is interesting to ask what they do or know in the astral realms.

There are many types of consciousness on the astral plane for physical etheric devas.  Among the smaller elementals there is almost no astral awareness at all, the consciousness being on an emotional level similar to that of animals.

Among the smaller elementals there is almost no astral awareness at all, and the astral counterpart to the physical is only a very dim presence if any.  In the case of larger intelligent sylphs and fire devas there is an evolved astral double much in the same way a human has an astral double.

However, the human awareness is split between the waking and the dreaming consciousness.  Many such devas have what is known as “continuity of consciousness”, meaning they can perceive fully on the physical and the astral levels.  This is to say the “veil” between physical and astral is non-existent.  It is known that very advanced human seers have also developed continuity of consciousness, however in devas this level of enlightenment seems not necessary for the facility to have developed.  This is in part due to the balanced and pure nature of most devas of this kind, even if they are not deeply spiritually experienced in the manner that humans eventually attain.

4.3   Astral Bodies of Devas of the Astral Plane

Here again we can talk of the lesser devas or elementals compared with the greater devas whose lives exhibit an intelligence and thinking capability.  In the case of the lesser elementals we have some correspondences between them and the small “artificial” entities created by human thought.  They are malleable to thoughts, but not without desire responses.

Just as the physical etheric devas are nourished by prana, the astral devas (known as agnisuryans) are nourished by various astral essences.  This can be either an asset or a hazard for humans.  For example, certain classes of astral elementals feed off emotions of various kinds.  There are pleasant and unpleasant emotions, so are there pleasant and unpleasant elementals.  As for the greater, more intelligent astral devas, there are also pleasant and unpleasant ones.  We know there are demonic beings in the lower astral subplanes going down into the infernos of the earth and Angelic types of devas on the higher astral levels.  Like attracts like and dislike attracts dislike.

Therefore, the wide range of human emotions which comprise the substance of the human astral vehicle are responsive to the wide range of astral devas.

The person who has a lot of courser emotions such as fear, hatred and avarice literally courts disaster by attracting devas made from that same astral substance.  On the other hand, a person with a refined and pure emotional aura, say, comprised of matter from the three highest astral subplanes, attracts devas of a more refined and Angelic kind.

4.4   Group Soul devas of Insects

The insect kingdom is intriguing. Its life force shifts en masse between the etheric (and solid) physical and the middle astral levels. The seer must focus on the veil between the physical and astral. Then we can see how torrents of insects move as waves, in and out of incarnation. This is like watching heavy rainstorms fall and then be magically sucked back up.

The myriad lives teem in and out of objective realms. They have a still point of emanation in the sacral centre of an astral deva.

The colony of ants or the hive of bees are but a means of expression for an astral deva.  Such a deva has an instinct for the survival of its little group and of gathering rudimentary experiences through the activities of the insects it ensouls.  It accumulates emotional gain via this series of piecemeal exploits to the physical world.  If you attune to the consciousness of a single bee you find there is a physical body with astral presence there too.  If you look at other bees from the same hive they have almost the same characteristics and tiny features in their aura.  However, if you elevate a little to a higher perspective, you can see the deva of the bees.  This forms the group consciousness of the hive.  When the bees swarm they assume the role intended by the higher being, which itself may be an astral entity.

There is a similar scenario to bees for ants.  The queen ant represents the major chakra or energy centre in the swarm or colony of ants. (I’d say heart chakra, but its not the same in the insect realm.)  The Ant Deva is the higher self of the ant nest.  Similarly, the group of ant devas representing a species are outposts of the consciousness of a still Higher Self which is the Ant Species Deva.

As with sylphs and humans etc, the insect devas are themselves part of a group of beings who incarnate according to group impulses and seasonal influences.

4.5   Group Soul devas of Animals

The situation with all animals is similar so we can take an example. Suppose we study the aura of a small dog, say a Fox Terrier.  The colours of the aura and placement of chakras in the body are distinct. They are consistent with those of other Fox Terriers.  The higher self of the Fox Terrier is seen to be a Deva which has links to many Fox Terriers; say several hundred.  This Deva is called a Group Soul. It gains and advances in consciousness and learning through the experiences and events which shape the lives of each Fox Terrier incarnated from the group.  However, the consciousness of the Fox Terrier Deva is still on a steep learning curve, and has a long way to go to become like a human Soul.

The Group Soul devas of domestic animals are more evolved than those of wild animals.  The meat and the plant-eaters show clear contrast in their qualities also.  The Group Soul of a lion is very different to the Group Soul Deva of the rabbit.  The merits gained from incarnation show as definite features of the Group Souls on the astral levels. If you visit the Lion Group Souls they behave as a distinct class of spirit to the Group Soul of the rabbits.  The Predator Group Soul has a dependent (karmic) link with its Prey Animal Group Souls.

4.6   The Angel Regent of the Astral Plane

The Angel said to embody the Astral Plane in its entirety is said in Alice Bailey and H P Blavatsky’s books to be called Varuna. This being is described as one of the main controlling Angels of the planet, and the emotions of humanity, for example, are swept into play collectively in response to conscious patterns of impression from this Angel. There is also a resonance between Varuna and the physical subplane of liquids, which comprises the oceans, the lakes and rivers; indeed the blood of living physical bodies in the animal and vegetable kingdoms. The myriad astral bodies of humans, animals, devas, plants, etc are all like cells of atoms within this gigantic Angel.

The situation with all animals is similar so we can take an example. Suppose we study the aura

4.7 Some points on the Astral Body

It holds all of our emotions, shown as hues or shapes. People and devas have astral bodies like an auric egg around the physical body.

It corresponds to the water element, in the cosmic sense. That is, water is the sixth sub-plane of the physical, and the astral is the sixth subplane of the cosmic.

The types of matter in the astral body are from any of the seven astral sub-planes.

The astral body is made of living elemental essence.  In other words, all matter is aggregations of living creatures who build all of the appearances there.

The astral body is four dimensional[12].  That is, the seer can take any point in astral space, and see it first as we do in the physical world, then journey “into” the point and experience further aspects of that point.

The synthesis of the astral body tells us much of where a human will end up after physical life.  The  astral earth planet is an astral body; to us the astral  plane..

5       Humans and Angels in the Lower Mental World

The lower mental plane is a place where rational thought and mental processes are everything. Another word used often in the literature for the lower mental plane (see Leadbeater [32] and Sinnett [42]) is Devachan pronounced “deeva-karn”.  All things here are the stuff of thoughts. They are in a constant state of impression from creative impulses by people, devas, and other entities using thought matter. Therefore the lower mental plane, or lower mental world, as it is often called, has locations in it that match up to all kinds of thinking constructs and “trains of thought”.

Devas are capable of free-flowing rational thinking, so are present here on the mental plane as agents of the fires of the mind.  It is said that mental matter is by nature fiery, and that the elemental essence that makes up the mental plane is, in its planetary sumtotal, a being called Agni in esoteric schools.

The person’s human vehicle on the lower mental plane, is called the lower mental body. As with the etheric and astral, there are many correspondences between the human lower mental body and the lower mental world as such. The lower mental world may be considered as the lower mental body of the planet.  Also, there are physical etheric devas with an active and highly developed mental body.  However, the astral devas without physical etheric bodies find it more difficult to acquire a mental body consciousness, and hence to function on the mental plane.

After the physical body is left behind at death, the average person enters the astral worlds and lives out and exhausts their desires. This they do until the astral body itself decays and ascends to the mental level. The underlying sense on the lower mental plane is a blissful joy.  People who are still in physical states of sleeping can very occasionally dream in a lower mental capacity so that upon awakening they feel this joyful bliss.  Many devas experience this bliss all the time, even if they have a physical etheric body.  Their consciousness is sizeably focussed on the mental realm, with a view to bring forth a Plan from higher to lower worlds.

The levels of awareness on the lower mental plane are quite profound compared to those of the astral or physical. Some yogis and meditators can lift their consciousness to observe the lower mental plane. Once arriving there, the person normally needs some time to acclimatise to their new awareness. Many inhabitants are preoccupied with their “grand projects” most of which they desired to achieve whilst incarnating. Such people on the lower mental plane realise their often far-fetched dreams of service to humanity or of philanthropy or some other intellectual feat.  Devic beings often support and enliven the thinking of the human inhabitants of devachan.  They are in constant touch with the Minds of the Guides of the Earth’s evolution and they strive to Serve as selflessly as they can.

The more advanced soul arriving on the lower mental devachanic experience quickly tires of these mental constructs which are in reality an illusion.  However, being on the lower mental means that the Initiates and Masters of the Planet are more easily accessible than ever they were in any lower worlds.  Hence, the discarnate spirit can obtain valuable learning from elevated beings not found in the astral or physical lifetimes. When these people reincarnate after their devachanic experience, they bring with them the innocence and purity acquired from their acclimatising to the lower mental plane. This can condition and enrich the person’s new incarnation on the physical world.  Many devas on the mental plane are so far removed from physical and astral consciousness they have absolutely no comprehension of the depth of trials beset humans who incarnate.  Blissfully, these devas work at thought constructs and at maintaining or destroying thought forms as required.  They interact with one another on a wordless, encyclopedic set of flashed thought impulses.  Time has another meaning[13], and suffering and disharmony are totally foreign concepts inconceivable to such beings.

There are a host of lower mental guides and Angels awaiting us on the lower mental levels. It is therefore a wonderful, blissful and fulfilling place to spend some healing time after a strenuous physical life.[14] However, there are devas and Angels from the physical etheric and the astral planes, who have a lower mental body and can function consciously on that plane as well as on the physical etheric and astral. There is a divine optimism about life, about other people and about what occupies their awareness.

Since the lower mental plane is made of more refined matter than even the astral matter, there are endless possibilities for people with mental capabilities to enjoy themselves and to create whole landscapes and entire worlds in their mind’s eye. For example, it is easy for one with lower mental vision and a well controlled mind to create a town full of images of people who enact a certain scheme or plan according to the creating person’s ideas and complex notions. It would hold itself together as long as the creator wills it, after which it will dissipate back into miscellaneous lower mental substance. The devas and elementals are vital to the success of these thought constructs, but the person often creates this in total dissociation from the presence of Angels.  Hence, the lower mental plane needs to be understood as a place where concrete thought is the matter and the ability to think clearly and rationally holds sway on that matter, but illusion is still present.

The person who is able to surpass their need to rehearse or replay their intellectual plans to “do good” may “rise above” the lower mental plane and glimpse the soul’s Causal Body on the higher mental levels, which relate to abstract mind.  When the so-called reincarnating Jiva (person) sees themselves as they truly are, as a soul, they most often are keen to return to physical incarnation as soon as possible to fulfil their higher destiny.  This they do full knowing it may take yet many more lifetimes to achieve the higher goal.

The set of planes which make up devachan constitute the lower mental worlds. These planes are made up entirely of mental substance, and the human vehicle there is the mental body.



Table 2. The Mental Plane




1st subplane

The three


2nd subplane



3rd subplane

mental levels.

(Egoic Lotus)

4th subplane

The four


5th subplane

concrete mind


6th subplane

lower mental


7th subplane





5.1   Some points on the Lower Mental Body

n  It holds all of our rational mental processes, shown as hues or  shapes.  People and devas have lower mental bodies like an auric egg around the physical body.

n  It corresponds to the air element, in the cosmic  sense.  That is, air is the fifth sub-plane of the  physical, and the lower mental is the fifth subplane of  the cosmic.  This is as pictured above.

n  The types of matter in the lower mental body are  from any of the four lower mental sub-planes.  Each one of these planes is like a world of its own.

n  The lower mental body is made of living elemental  essence.  The consciousness of this substance is very dim, but can be sensed by the seer whose third eye is open.

n  The lower mental body is five dimensional[15].  This means the propensity for travel is of a kind not easily known to folks still here on the physical plane.

n  The synthesis of the lower mental body tells us much of where a human will end up after physical life.  The lower mental earth planet is an lower mental body; to us the lower mental plane.


Angels in Canberra, Australia

In this book we describe many of the larger Angels actively at work in Australia’s capital city of Canberra.  The map of Canberra city is as follows and gives an indication of the relative positions of the Angel and deva activities described.

Australia’s capital city began as open fields in a valley in 1912.   The planning of Canberra as the nation’s capital was deliberate, and the result of a winning entry of a competition.  The winner was Walter Burley-Griffin, who may have at the time been a theosophist, but was certainly a follower of Rudolf Steiner several years later.  He had some concealed or secret ideas as to how such a city should feature in the scheme of a spiritual energy grid.  The Chinese have always understood the importance of placing public buildings in the right places. Likewise, many of the mystery schools of the past have chosen to work from the best vantage points where energies could best flow to maintain good health (physically or spiritually) among the local populace.

In Canberra, the nation’s capital was deliberately planned and set forth for future generations of Australians.  It was designed to contain buildings and landscapes on a grand scale to permit the unfolding of the country as a whole as well as to aid in forming a National Psyche or “Folk Soul”, as Rudolf Steiner puts it.  The physical environs reflect the inner environs.  The inner world above Canberra is a focus for energies in centuries yet to come, and continues to unfold by a combination of human and devic efforts even if the humans don’t see the devas.  By 1927, the opening of the “Old” Parliament House took place, starting a new era in Australia’s history.  On the inner planes a large number of Plans and energy structures were in process of being formed, some of which culminated as the current New Parliament House. Also, the presence of the National Defence Headquarters and the High Court of Australia; the Australian National University and many other National icons were positioned by careful human and devic design and execution of plans.

Canberra has a relatively high altitude for an Australian city.  Its about 3000 feet above sea level.  The air and the sky are generally clear and the daylight has an intense glare.  The bird life is unusually coloured and bright parrots flit swiftly in excited chatter between the trees. Each of these features has an esoteric significance for Australia as a whole, and is no accident of fate. Although most of these esoteric nuances shouldn’t concern us directly, it is of some interest to examine the Angels and devas of Canberra, as it can show us how the work of Angels can impact on our lives.

Map of Canberra and the Parliamentary Triangle


Angels and Devas of Parliament House


6                    Angels and Devas of Parliament House

One of the first things that can be said of the Australian Parliament House devic personnel is that they mostly belong to a distinct Angelic Hierarchy. That is, they are not from among the Angels and devas of the hilltops and local landscape of Canberra.  The Angels and devas at work in the Parliament building are also astute, swift moving and ruthless in a way that belies their beauty, grace and magnificent colour-plays.

The picture given in this book shows the many different Angels, many above average large and some immense, who inhabit or toil in the precincts of the Parliament House building.  Seen on the left of the picture is the main Angel of the House of Representatives, with its golden shimmers and green with blue auric wings reaching upward above the building. On the right side of the top of the building is an Angel of similar stature and type governing activities of Angels and devas in the Senate chamber. The red and pink displays are more frequent there than in the House of Representatives Angel’s aura.  At the front entrance to the building can be seen a golden braided winged Angel practising guardianship at the main door. Behind and just above this is a violet ceremonial deva similar to the ones seen on occasions at cathedrals in the capital cities. This regal deva is the overseer of affairs in the Great Hall. It also busies itself with other activities of guardian angels in the adjacent hallways and on the stairs at the front marble foyer inside the main entrance to the building. There are violet and cream coloured concentric twists of flame draped around and extending from the Angel’s heart and throat centres.

Above the Parliament House as a whole, are seen two very great Angels. One of them has pale lavender wings emanating from a golden/orange heart centre several metres above the mast of the flagpole. This Angel looks almost the same every time we visit, and it appears to be a “recording Angel” or “Silent Watcher” of some kind. I have no evidence of this but it probably also links to the official Parliamentary records or “Hansard” records as they are called. The other Angel is immense and over-arching the Parliament and all of its activities. This Angel is depicted with gold and blue fiery flames shooting out and upward. There is a noticeable “head” with facial features blended together but vague hints of eyes and a fuzzy extended crown-like emanation again of blue, gold but with some reds and green.  The colours of this Angel change from moment to moment, and can appear quite different on days when Parliament is in session compared with days when it is not. At various times different Angels of the Ministers, the Prime Minister, the Cabinet Room, etc flare up and dominate the auric effect across the building. This all makes for a scintillating display of thought energies covering a wide range of governing activities.

The new parliament in Canberra is interesting as a converse energy focus to the War Memorial at the other end of Anzac Parade.  The War Memorial symbolises the past.  It looks back into the world’s major conflicts during the 20th century, and links are formed with these times and places.  In the case of the New Parliament House the focus is on a structured future of Australia and its place in the world.  There are groups of devas actively working at the foundation for the future.  There are other groups of devas working in the natural Divisions[16] of the Senate and the House of Representatives.  There is a presiding deva over the current activities; the Operational Manager Deva working through and overseeing all daily operations of the Parliament.  High above New Parliament House there is an Angel of supreme magnificence whose work is deeply meditative and contemplative, yet balanced in its focus between the high planes and the physical plane.

The devas and elementals of the Parliament can be described under the following types:-

a)      Deva at the main entrance

b)      Devas inside the various halls and rooms

c)      Devas in the House of Representatives and the Senate

d)      Presiding Angel in the New Parliament House

e)      The Angel High above the Parliament

f)       The elementals inside the Parliament

g)      The elementals of earth in the surrounding sub-terrains

6.1         Deva at the main entrance

The deva at the main entrance to the parliament is a very regal and official looking being.  It is derived from the sylph kingdom, but so long ago that it has a radiation that is very different from any sylph that would be seen in the skies or in nature environs.  It is part of the group of “golden Angels” at work for the cause of political endeavours.  These class of Angels are found in all of the parliaments around the world.  This particular deva is regaled in gold braid in its etheric body, tessellated and robed across its winged body that stretches some 15 metres along the width of the canopied entrance.

6.2         Devas inside the various halls and rooms

Inside the New Parliament House are many devas whose work links indirectly to the Australian people as a whole.  Each elected representative of the people; each Minister in the Senate and House of Representatives, is overseen by a particular delegated deva.  This deva holds a unique place in the larger picture of the Political Will couched in the framework of the political philosophy of the government and its formal opposing parties.  The cooperation between the myriad guardian devas in the parliament is complex in its detail, but simple in its dominant themes.  This is consistent with the political first ray energy, or Shiva force, as it is termed in the Eastern Religions.

The guardian devas are variations on gold, orange and white in colour, with occasional admixtures of strong red and electric blue.  Some of these colours are mentioned in Alice Bailey [6, page 505] as pertaining to those Angels at work along the political ray.  We now consider some of the devic beings within the New Parliament House building.

6.3         The Cabinet Room Angel

The Cabinet Room is the meeting place for the Prime Minister and his inner group of Ministers.  Together they decide upon future directions for Australia and make decisions that can have immediate and far-reaching impact on the nation.  Therefore, it is not surprising that the group of devas at work here are of an extraordinary and unusual diligence and capacity in the political power-wielding sense.

Aside from the fascinating devic aspects of this theatre of politics, there is the group of astral and mental guides from discarnate humans.  These officials are equipped with inside knowledge of the political undercurrents which they manipulate via the politicians available and best suited to their tasks.

The class of Angels who work through the Prime Minister and Cabinet are without fear nor favour, and the most stern and resolute of Angels.  They operate through an energy focus in the Room which permits the so-called Shiva or Shamballa force to enter the minds of those in the Room.  The guardian devas of the Ministers work constantly to vivify certain aspects of the human brain.  They also, in particular, concentrate on the third eye, throat and alta-major[17] centres to awaken an intuition enabling a higher perception.  This intuition may give the politician some special insights into possible ways to direct new policies or to set in train new changes to the structure of Australian society.

Upon a person’s arrival in the Cabinet Room, the presiding deva recognises the “inner person” and deals with each as the “sum-total” of their lifetimes.  Hence, if a person was King of Persia 2,500 years ago they are recognised as that by the devas, even if they have endured many lifetimes since then of poverty or hardships.  The “peak experiences” serve as a good aspect in the politician’s aura upon which to base, strengthen and guide them into the present governing processes.

There is a similarity between the actions of the Cabinet Room Angel and (say) a main Cathedral Angel which opens and closes the door to the Sacred Place of the Christ.  In the political sense the door opens to the energy of the “inner government of the planet” and its energy is that of Divine Will.  This energy is very challenging for humans to wield and there is a great skill involved in the perfecting of this force.  The devas coming into the Cabinet Room through this opened “vent” are typically white and have a decisive cutting effect on thoughtforms.  They can sever links to thoughts and construct new forms of durable and highly refined mental substance.  However, as with most Angels of this kind, they are transient visitors who can at best “suggest” the course of action to take.  It is up to the politicians themselves to grasp the significance of the intended impressions; to take the powers given them, and create new or destroy old forms as they see fit in the framework of government[18].

6.4         The Prime Minister’s Office Guardian Angel

The Prime Minister’s office is just near the Cabinet Room, and as such the impressions received by the guardian deva there are a repository of the events in the Cabinet Room.  Also, the deva acts as a reference point for the Prime Minister’s own guardian which holds the immediate and long to medium term Plans[19] for the nation.  Essentially, the Prime Minister’s word is final on decisions, and so the guardian Angel of his precincts in the Parliamentary offices must hold the thoughts intended for the Prime Minister to consider by impression on his mind, and on the minds of his advisers.  Not much more needs be said here, as the context of the work of this Angel is clear from other descriptions in this chapter.

6.5         A typical Ministerial Office Guardian Angel

The offices occupied by the Ministers in the New Parliament House are the focus of activity channelled into a government department.  Essentially this focus receives the part of the Plan for governing Australia relevant to the creation and maintenance of policies that will impact on the Australian population.  Therefore, the main deva of a Ministers’ office is linked to the Prime Minister’s office Angel and in turn to the group of guardian devas overseeing the departmental work in other buildings.  The Angel of the Ministerial office is sub-ordinate to the Prime Minister office deva but directs the many activities of the department’s divisions and teams of public servants.

6.6         Visiting Angels and their place

The classes of visiting devas include mainly those of the air and earth elements.  Devas are brought into the precincts of the public access places and the Members’ offices, but seldom are permitted into the Chambers of the Senate or House of Representatives, these places being well fortified from potential intrusion.

Beneath the Parliament are teams of elementals controlled by guardian devas.  The work of these elementals involves both protection and radiation.  The types of forces they wield can be described elsewhere.

The air devas who visit do so for specific reasons.  From above the Parliament, the etheric levels literally buzz with visitations; of comings and goings in and out of the place.  Also, entry to a Member of Parliament’s office affords psychic access to the main Angels of the electorate, be it in a nearby town or two thousand kilometres away.  Landscape Angels and major Angels alike can either make their presence felt in a minister’s office or if sufficiently elevated, present astrally or mentally as a link or thought image in the aura of the main Angel of the Parliament as a whole.

Aside from devas of physical place locations there are devas whose work is international, such as those linked to the work of the United Nations, or to the Embassies.  Other types of devas who may visit non-physically are those who preside over large companies or enterprises.  The work done during these visits is on a subtle non-verbal level using impressions of group thoughts.  These “ideas” with all their multiplicities, eventually materialise as co-ordinated group efforts towards some specific end.

6.7         Devas in the House of Representatives and the Senate

We can deal with the two Chambers together, as there are great similarities between the actions of the devas there.  Above the chair of the Leader of the House (the Speaker, or the President) is an Angel.  Flying with and around each politician is a guardian deva whose mission is to work at impressing certain thoughts and words on the mind of their charge.  Over years spent in politics there is an ever greater rapport between the Ministers and their Angel.

The Angels themselves cooperate very closely along the required lines of philosophy brought into the political arena.  The opposing arguments serve an important purpose in keeping the governing philosophies in check.  However, as everyone knows, if the governing party has a mandate, the effects of their policies are all-important.

The devas during sessions of parliament look intently into their person, and respond to thoughts of the other persons.  They often are busy hovering above and through their Member of Parliament, then flitting quickly over to another person, then back again.  The whole deva presence is like an orchestra being conducted by the main Angel of the Chamber.

The main Angel can directly “push” guardian devas here and there in the room, at the same time as impressing thoughts on the Leader of the Chamber.  The activity is deliberate, spontaneous, yet under the higher impression yet again from the “presiding Angel of New Parliament House”.  This ensures that the contact with the inner governing forces enables an unbroken channel of Divine Will or Shiva energy entering the Chambers.

This is a very tough environment for people and devas alike to maintain and work through.  The Divine Will is loving and life-giving, but merciless in its approach to creating a new and better world.  So it is for the Angels who work with this ray, but it is how the Plan for Australia and the Planet must unfold.

6.8         Presiding Angel in the New Parliament House

The Angel is the Operations Manager for the activities within the entire New Parliament House.  Its responsibilities cover both Chambers of the House, and activities such as Senate and House Committees.

Also, this Angel oversees the devas posted at doorways and in corridors and the movement of elementals under the building.  The activities within Parliament House can be classified into the following:-

a)      Official duties of sittings of parliament

b)      Official government committees

c)      Informal meetings between politicians

d)      Parties and social gatherings with a few hundred people from parliament, government agencies, etc.

e)      Members of the visiting public traversing the grounds outside and the public places and galleries inside

f)       Various specifically devic activities mainly in the air and earth elements

g)      The formal distribution of government decisions and laws into the government departments that also have presiding devas, linked to the Ministers and Department Heads.

The Operations Managing Angel is primarily focussed into these activities and deals with the local guardian devas involved in the myriad activities. It has an intuitive perception of the totality of the activities, and a grasp of the immediate directions and priorities for the Plan of governing Australia.

The deva is totally impersonal and has a level of concentration of extraordinary stamina and yet detailed assimilation of facts and events.

The Angel is located in the open forum midway between the House of Representatives and the Senate.  There’s a landing looking downward to the small indoor water pond where upwards is the open chamber leading through the roof to the pyramidal flagpole.  From that railing you can reach out and touch the Main Angel of the Operations in the Parliament. On one day we were there it faced Sydney, as if calmly but powerfully sensing all that was going on there via the agency of a myriad messenger devas and Angels.  On days when Parliament is sitting, the Angel’s focus is greatly and intensely within the Chambers of activity of the Parliament.

The Angel is a Golden hue with swirls of vines and leaves in its aura as well as tenuous links into the auras of all people in the building.  It is a fiery mix of vibrations and energies constantly moving and shifting focus as it seeks to inform and impress the minds of those people who run Australia. Exactly how it does this is by a mixture of innate power, sensibilities to emotional and mental circumstances, and a spiritual intuition that follows its ingenuity.

Now we describe a method of perception that can best be compared to a 3-D image presentation within the mind.  The deva’s mind is able to focus periodically on a variety of different Angels; those who guide large companies and organisations.

On the inner levels of the Parliament building there are constantly representations being made from the different “interest group” Angels.  There are never words exchanged in any human sense, but conversations, even debates, occur in 3-D or higher “picture forms” of thought impressions.  Here is an example:-

The Operations Deva receives an impulse that there is a concern from an environmental group, a group of farmers, a group of miners, and a State Parliament all pressing to influence a decision leading to a possible new building development.  The Operations Deva meantime is focussed on a range of local office activities, so it arranges to “meet” later at an agreed time.  Using astral and mental projection it is possible to be at several places at once.  The images and thoughts are gathered, processed and fed into the appropriate devas of the House in order to expedite the chosen course of action.  The inner levels devas also work in with this agreed position.  The Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers are intuitively fed the required “ideas” and the rest takes shape in the formalities of government.


6.9         The Angel High above the Parliament

The main Angel going up to the top if the spire and flagpole at Parliament House stands very tall.  Its body is immense and extends down to beneath the ground level in the central chamber directly below the flag-tower.  When standing beside the Angel inside the Parliament the seer’s astral and mental body is drawn up into the deva.  The deva itself is constantly focussed into the higher planes and yet its consciousness is acutely aware of the goings-on of the people inside the building.

We approach the Parliament House along Commonwealth Avenue. Already it is clear the Angel knows, embraces and welcomes us.  It sends a stream of fiery loving bright red energy from a chakra near the top of the flagpole.

The focus of the deva on non-sitting days (for the parliament) is mainly external, whereas on sitting days the deva goes more into the chambers of the House and Senate.  The activities of the deva are intuitive.  That is, it grasps huge chunks of the goings-on, and the planned goings-on for the parliament.  These intuitions are fed into the minds of the politicians and/or relevant department heads or delegates visiting the House.  It is then the work of the fleet of subordinate Angels to work hard at continuing to impress the right thoughts on the right minds to get the job done.

This Angel is immense, and has fiery twists of gold, red, turquoise and many subtle changes of hue between these.  It is a Divine entity whose sensibility is vast. It embraces a worldly intuition that links to the Guides of the planet as a whole.  The degree of blazing light is quite extraordinary.  Just one glimpse of it shows that some God-like force was responsible for it being there.  Such powerful and beautiful Angels cannot be there by chance.  Nor can the Power that put it there be anything other than immense, and benevolent to humanity and to the well-being of our planet.  This tells us many things about the place of humanity in the world’s Celestial Plan.  It tells us about the possibilities in consciousness beyond the seemingly feeble human limitations.

6.10     The elemental “red men” in the surrounding subterrains

The class of elementals under the Parliament hillside are small red to brown creatures. I hesitated for awhile at the thought of describing these little beings.  They are bipedal, but have a distinctly insect-like appearance.  They are not your typical gnomes nor trolls, but perform a kind of protective watchdog function for the Parliament. They, as underground spirits, are collectively trained to drive out unauthorized intruders from the etheric and astral underworlds.  The overall effect of these several thousand earth elementals is to insulate the Parliament from possible attack by unsavoury or evil elementary spirits.

These beings look a bit like red ants in their body and facial features.  They tend to remain in the soils under the foundations of the Parliament down to about a kilometre.  They stay in the soils under the Parliament offices but never come up into the building nor even to the lawns on the hill which Parliament is built in.  Their means of repelling intrusive gnomes or trolls is to excrete a red etheric/astral cloud to throw them into disarray.  They also can present a threatening barricade and actually swarm as they attack the perceived threats.  They are kept in check by the forces wielded from above the Parliamentary floors inside the building. This seems to be an occasional task of the guardian Angels inside the corridors and foyers of the building.

Angel of the High Court of Australia

7                    The High Court of Australia

The building known as the High Court of Australia is the most legally elevated court of law in Australia. The panel of High Court Judges are the most dignified and esteemed of legal minds, and they preside over many of the most important national rulings based in Constitutional Law. So it should come as no surprise that the Angel above the High Court is suitably dignified and elevated in its consciousness.

We can list some of the features of the Angel as follows:-

The Angel displays a mental aura of yellow in its head. The upward extended radiations there are clearly representative of the higher mental faculties used to interpret high level Law. These golds, yellows and oranges depict firstly linkage to the Divine Laws; then secondly linkage to the long term Purpose of the legal implications of each High Court ruling.

There is a robe draped throughout the Angel of violet and gold. It rises to two lyre-like peaks, whose radiant shine has its main nimbus extending down and around the High Court itself.

The periphery of the Angel’s aura, particularly in the lower and ground levels, has bright threads of many changing colours linking to thoughtform images of books. If the seer visualises themselves projecting into these book-forms the Law becomes “living” in a curious way. That is, each apparently sterile collection of words comprising the legal texts has its own inner life of images and events attached to it on the astral and mental levels. It would be a fascinating task to study these “books” as they provide reasons for being what they are.  I suspect that many of these “reasons” are human thoughts built in by association with the books and other documents.

Whilst it is presumptuous to say the Angel actually controls all High Court Activities, it is more accurate to say that it provides an energy grid available to the minds of the High Court Judges and their personnel.

The Angel of the High Court is clearly a member of an Angelic Hierarchy distinct from the Parliamentary Hierarchy and the quite distinct hierarchy of local landscape Angels. When the seer “travels” into the High Court Angel, several features confront the inner eye. First of all, the consciousness shifts to a blazing bright and buzzing level, which takes several minutes to acclimatise to, then needs to be exited from after several minutes. As the fiery intensity starts to impart its effects, my head feels like it may explode from the energies. Upon acclimatising to the new level briefly, we sense a Community of Angels able to swap thoughts of encyclopedic proportions from moment to moment. These Beings clearly possess Plans that are so profound that they “work out” as many nuances and subtleties in the physical world laws of humans. However, the subtleties of law then have far-reaching effects deep in the psyche of the Australian nation and even impact or are impacted upon by laws from other nations.

Each member of this Angel Community on the Higher Planes has a physical worldly presence somewhere on the earth’s surface and related to human law.  However, distance on the physical plane is seen as negligible and irrelevant from this higher plane of perception. The Angels here are in constant rapport and telepathically exchange at this profound encyclopedic level all day every day.

The High Court of Australia Angel has gradually appeared above and through the High Court building over time as the functionality of the place has evolved. As such it therefore “incarnates” here on the physical plane’s etheric levels, and will consciously withdraw itself and “die” at the conclusion of the era of business of the Court be it in a hundred or few thousand years from now.

American Eagle Obelisk at Defence Headquarters


8                    American Eagle Obelisk (Russell Defence Headquarters)

The American Eagle Obelisk is located on a point of the so-called Parliamentary Triangle. It is a symbol of Australia’s defence force partnership with the USA.  The deva above and through the obelisk is a focal point of energy, but is backed by two much larger devas standing behind it through the adjacent buildings. These buildings are part of the national headquarters for the Australian Defence Forces, and the devas represent this energy as such.  I have tried to sketch the devas and found that photographs of the location are a useful aid in seeing them.  Surrounding these three devas is a halo of yellow.  Especially it rays outward into the Parliamentary Triangle.  There is clearly an esoteric aspect to these three devas, as they govern covert operations associated with the Army, Navy and Airforce. They also link this work into the national activities in the Parliament.


Angel of the National War Memorial

9                    Angel of the National War Memorial

Daytime and night time vigilant; this Angel fiercely protects the sanctity of its domain, and uses energies to dissuade as much as attract certain types of people to the War Memorial.  Groups of Angels and human astral guides “support” the work of this Angel.  Also there are “inner” links to foreign lands where the battles involving Australian troops took place.  The Angel is strong and forceful/resilient in demeanour yet open-hearted and giving of its all in the next moment.

It reaches into the hearts and minds of people who visit the Memorial.  It gives of itself an endless outpouring of compassion to those visitors who bear the scars of the sufferings of war.

Near and in the War Memorial is an incessant “inner crescendo” of the sounds of battle, the sounds of crying and screams, and the dull murmur of prayer.  All this immersed in the hymns of remembrance.

The Angel of the National War Memorial has many features :-
  a) Golden heart centre spinning just above the mid-point height of the building.
  b) Bright red, yellow and lime green auric wings extending above the building.
  c) Energies linking to the displays inside the building
  d) Vortex of “spiral” kundalini force going down into the earth below the building
  e) Links to smaller devas in the grounds and lawns nearby.  eg Lone Pine Memorial in grounds nearby and across the street to Attaturk and Greek Memorials, up Anzac Parade to Army Memorial and Navy Memorial.

There are also strong links to:-
  a) deva of Mt Ainslie
  b) deva of Anzac Parade
  c) Angels of old and new Parliament Houses.

We shall now consider some of the above points in relation to this Angel.

a) The Angel’s golden heart centre.

The heart centre of the Angel is a whorl of forces spinning at least three dimensionally.  As a spinning ball of several metres in diameter it on occasions has the capacity to absorb all kinds of fear and negative influences.  For example, when a person enters the War Memorial they may be subconsciously reminded of a time (often another lifetime) when they endured the horrors of mortal combat.  This results in them sending out fears which take the form of living elemental creatures such as depicted here.

b) Its red, yellow and lime-green auric wings.

These auric wings extend out to the side and upward above the height of the building.  They fan energies along the direction of Anzac Avenue, but also to a certain extent, radiate into and magnetise the surrounding lawns of the building.  Waves of energy of red, yellow and lime-green emanate outward on the astral levels to “balance” and stabilise the auras of those people affected by war.  Just sitting in the cafe about 70 metres to one side of the memorial building, one receives a sense of flickering bombardments of light which the sensitive seer can feel gently stroking their aura with cleansing rays.

c) Energies linked to displays inside the building.

A main purpose behind there actually being a War Memorial is to form a focus for healing forces to travel to the battlefields and the scenes of numerous battles in the history of humankind.  The sanctuary of the War Memorial Shrine is the source of a powerful healing force sent through time and space to the souls of all who partook of these battles.  Therefore, the many displays and artefacts in the museum part of the War Memorial are talismans with presiding elementals and devas who represent and link (as outposts of a consciousness) to the old war scenes.

Groups of people so inclined can easily meditate into[20] these talismans and war relics, even at times invoking scenes from the actual battle appearing in the precincts of the War Memorial astrally or mentally.  The many guardian Angels here are quite protective of this feature of the place, and as such may even be hostile to people leaving the body projecting into the “sacred” battle experiences.

As we walk along the pavements beside the World Wars I and II honour rolls engraved on the walls it is possible to elevate the consciousness to receive an image of every person listed there.  Each image is quite important as it represents a soul still here on earth possibly in another body and carrying the subconscious scars of those traumatic times.

d) The spiral kundalini force of the Angel.

This line of spiralling force goes down into the soil and granites beneath the foundations of the building.  Beneath the earth it rays out and diffuses into the soil, being absorbed by devas and elementals of the earth element.  The War Memorial attracts certain elementals of the earth who are nourished by the devic activities in the display areas of the museum part of the building.  The problem with this is that such elementals cannot discriminate between the types of forces generated by the battle monuments, and so they take in combinations of fear and healing forces.  They come at ceremonial times in very great numbers, much in the way humans also gather in large numbers at the designated dates of commemoration.  At these times the energy activities are heightened, and elementals act as vessels of force distributed by them as etheric vitality going down into the earth and the surrounding precincts at ground level.  The devic kundalini itself provides for the linkages of the physical places symbolic to all of the relevant wars that Australia has fought in.  This it does by using the chakras in its own body to send out forces.

National Angel Lord of War


10              National Angel Lord of War

Since the months leading up to war in the Persian Gulf, and then its onset, a curious angel became apparent in the so-called Parliamentary Triangle of Canberra. People who have daily been meditating in attunement to the various angelic personnel of Canberra have said that this being appears at intervals at:-

1.      The Australian War Memorial, above the building;

2.      The New Parliament House, above and within the main Angel there;

3.      Above the Russell Military Headquarters.

These three locations are within the Parliamentary Triangle as shown here.

The notable omitted point of the Triangle is that nearest the Canberra Civic centre. Evidently, the War strategies or the foci of the Australian intent with regard to the part played by the Australian War effort, has a spiritual basis in these three places.

Deva of Mt Ainslie

Deva of Mt Ainslie (exaggerated body size) viewed from Lake Burley-Griffin



11              Deva of Mt Ainslie

In my recent meditations, I’ve had many “flying” visions of devas.  On one occasion I found myself in the astral body flying. I was about 50 metres above and 100 metres to the city side of the top of Mt Ainslie.  The deva on top of the hill tower was smiling its gaze down and along Anzac Avenue. This is a famous view of Canberra, looking past the War Memorial along to the Old Parliament House with the New Parliament towering above and behind it.

The deva was about two metres tall in its central human-like formed body with several easy-to-see chakras. It was radiating canary yellow and white energies all around, but it had two wings like blown sails. These moved in supple ways like cupped hands, and were several metres in height, slowly waving and flapping.  The body itself was as if perched but hung in the air just above the trig tower atop the hill.  The colour of the wings were vertically contoured lines of lime green, white and pale blue.  Below the base of spine chakra was twin swirling ribbons of light going down and merging into the shape of the hillside.  I could see the intense focus of the deva upon situations down the hill.  It seemed to participate in affairs of devas and humans several kilometres away, but had a broad sense of awareness of a large area below.

It is difficult to describe the complexity of the work of this deva.  It provides a range of links and support into both the human and nature kingdoms.  It is a central devic presence in the overall scheme of the energies that control the motion, travel, and subtle-level thinking of people and devas in the Canberra valley.

There are several features of the deva’s work that are worthy of attention:-
a) the devic activities along the line adjoining the Parliament Houses with the National War Memorial
b) the energy lines linking to Black Mountain, Mt Majura, Red Hill and Peace Hill
c) the relationship to the main Angel of Canberra high above the centre of the valley
d) the energy links to the various air
and earth devas
e) the Higher contemplative introspection of the deva.

This deva was drawn directly from the inner levels in its manner of conception and birth.  It was born of the fires of earth combined with the winds, and so it has evolved as a point of joining[21] from the two elementary kingdoms.  The kind of intelligence it exhibits is not at all resembling human, yet it is able to align with human group-consciousness.  ie. It is able to ascertain and control actions which affect groups of people.  It sends out beacon-lights of astral and mental colours whose purpose is deliberate.  Generally it has radial bands of pulsing light and thought-images sent out into the auras of those it wishes to influence.  There are many different types of human forces and tricks of attention utilised.  The persons travelling between suburbs by car or on foot are important as vehicles of force movements in the etheric grid of the city.  The deva is able to link to people “as group members” of common thought types and “invest energy” in them to achieve certain esoteric goals.

The Mt Ainslie deva has many different “favourite” or “habitual” places it prefers to link to for the impregnation of thoughts and ideas.  Among these are the obvious ones like the National War Memorial just below and near, or the Parliament Houses.  However, the deva is a keen Observer of activities within the central business district streets of Canberra City.  It “fans” deliberate colours, inner sounds and “wind” in the form of groups of sylphs into the area.  These “winds” imbue the main devas of various buildings with messages and fine-tuning to devic vibrations as per the current energy trends[22].

12              Deva of Anzac Avenue

I often sensed in my meditations at home that when I travelled above Anzac Avenue there was something important in the deva realm there.  Anzac Avenue is a grand promenade with many War Monuments to specific wars or to countries where Australian armed forces were involved.   Whenever I drove my car along here I found myself almost drawn out of the body into the Angel above.  But, when I decided to sit in Anzac Avenue about half way along in order to view and attune to the National War Memorial at the top of the street, I realised the deva was a powerhouse of forces.

Above the centre of Anzac Parade is a deva whose demeanour is very electrical yet flowing in its radiance.  Streams of blue, green, gold and orange extend in almost cardiac shape several metres across. There are chakras in the hands at the end of the arms, which are freely moveable on the body of the deva.  There is a root chakra and a heart centre with several smaller chakras in between.  The smaller chakras act as assimilators of pranic forces, and the heart centre radiates astral and mental vibrations able to lift the heart chakra consciousness in people.  The root chakra is a very strong “grounding” influence, linked to a conduit of force that runs along Anzac Avenue.  This line of force is heavily fortified by devas and it starts inside the National War Memorial, running all the way through the Old Parliament House and on through to the New Parliament House.  At the New Parliament building it goes through the Great Hall, and ends at the office of the Prime Minister.

The crown chakra of the deva is open and flows with reddish tinged light.  The eyes also flash with this same red. There are images in the aura of the different smaller cenotaphs such as the Greek, the Turkish (Attaturk) and the Vietnam War Monuments.  All of these smaller sites are arranged along Anzac Avenue.  An interesting feature of the deva’s mental aura is its vision of the Plan for the Avenue. This involves landscaping of gardens and the creation of new energy structures.

Door Guardian – Old Parliament House

 Old Parliament House

13              Devas of Old Parliament House

The Old Parliament House functioned as the Australian Federal Parliament between 1927 and 1989.  Then the governing powers were moved from there to further up the hill to the new multi-billion dollar Parliament House.  So the elemental forces inherent to the old building are still there as a remnant of the power focus, but most have shifted up the hill to the new site.  The fleet of devas who presided and guided the thinking of politics during the sixty years of activity of the Old House have not all moved to the new House.

One of the remaining devas hovers above the front steps of the main entrance.  It is of a similar kind to the one out front of the New House of Parliament.  It is a relic of the sylph kingdom but long since moved on to the higher work of assisting the so-called “Inner Government of the Planet” that presides over political work around the world.  The deva is golden and robed.  Its wings are regaled in gold braids that are like a regal devic uniform.  Its disposition is firm and stern, showing just how seriously it regards its duty.  It looks upon the Aboriginal Tent Embassy – a makeshift dwelling with flags and a rough fire out front of the lawns near the Old Parliament building.  Its attitude is defensive and fearless as it wards off any intrusion of energies from devas associated with any cause it might perceive as alien or hostile.

Inside the Old Parliament are some golden devas in the old Senate and House of Representatives foci.  Also, there are gold and white devas around many of the political portraits in the hall between the two ex-“Chambers of Government”.

In particular, the statue of King George V of England has devas which:-
a) protect the statue and try to ensure its safety by linking to passers-by
b) project images of the life of the king; many involving affair
s of the Royal Court and of interactions with other sovereignties
c) are capable of carrying peoples’ astral/mental bodies into the periphery of the “inner temple” wherein lies the “power of government” of the planet.

This particular focus, that of the King of England, is the main centre of attention. It holds the entry to the centre of ancestral power for the Old Parliament House.

In the National Portrait Gallery, which is now also inside the Old Parliament building, there is a fleet of rose and blue devas associated with the arts.  These have been recent arrivals since the parliamentary function of the building has moved to the New Parliament House.


Deva of Nerang Pool – Commonwealth Gardens

14              Deva of Nerang Pool, Commonwealth Park

The deva is above the small lake in the part of Commonwealth Park where the Floriade (Floral Festival) is held annually in the springtime. It spends its time linking tenuously to the bird life and waterlife of the pool.  However, it is pre-occupied with the Floriade all year. This spring festival comes at a crucial time for its work to hasten via the added human attendance in the parklands. It “thinks Floriade” all through the summer, autumn and winter as well as during the spring Festival.

The deva is very attentive and loving toward the trees and knows each tree-spirit very well.  Part of the benefit for this deva of the crowds who go to Floriade is that the human energies are useful additives to the tree consciousness.  Human energies are often impure or even quite sickly compared with the nature spirits.  But in the spring when large crowds come, the energies of their speech and thoughts enrich the tree spirits’ development.  This is because humans are still the power brokers in Nature.  People can provide the impetus and decisions to change the world in a wholesale manner.  The devas are still the messengers and the facilitators.

The deva has a body of red and brown with violet striations.  It has purple, red, gold and green flashing through its winged aura.  The body of the deva is about five feet tall, but the wingspan is several metres going diagonally upward like giant leaves.

A friend of mine said the Narong Pool presiding spirit was a “Billabong deva”.  In other words, attunement to the deva led to impressions and linkages to the group of similar classes of devas across Australia who work at assisting the plant and animal growth in and around small ponds (Billabongs).

When I stand on the opposite side of the lake from this deva, half close my eyes and focus on its work, I find it slowly hovers across the water to me.  It sends light, which embraces my aura and covers me in radiance of golden pranic energies.  Also it seems to just accept that I see it, in a matter-of-fact kind of way.

Telstra Tower – Black Mountain

15              Devas of Black Mountain and Telstra Tower

Black Mountain is a clearly visible landmark above the city of Canberra.  The city centre is cradled in a valley between Black Mountain and Mount Ainslie.  The top of the mount has the Telstra Tower with its spire pointing skyward.  Black Mountain and the Tower can be considered separately but in our case we will consider them together.  Partly the reason is that to human perception the two are inseparable.  The Tower can be seen long before other parts of Canberra from a distance on all sides of it, and this enables the traveller by road or sky to zero in on Canberra; to get an intuitive bearing on where they are in relation to Canberra itself.

The esoteric reason for the Telstra Tower is also very practical.  It is a beacon of light and an antenna for etheric energies to flow from the sky into the earth.  We can therefore classify the devas we now talk about into the following groups:-

a)    The main deva of Black Mountain

b)   The main deva of the Telstra Tower

c)    The electrical devas

d)   The earth elementals beneath the hillside.

e)    The Main deva of the National Botanic Gardens

15.1     The main deva of Black Mountain

This is a deva of a kind not known in other places in the immediate countryside.  It is primarily manifested from the inner levels and has incarnated by a gradual means out of the earth and fire elements.  It therefore has less of an interest in the devas of the air who visit the mountaintop from time to time.

The Black Mountain deva is a sort of kundalini fire deva who has evolved an adaptation to the earth’s surface.  It has gone from being primarily red and yellow in colour to become a green deva with violet hues.  It lives half submerged in the mountain but extends itself above ground branching up and outward above the carpark for the Telstra Tower.  Its tentacles and fronds extend out from deep in the hillside and emerge at certain points in the temperate rainforest draped over the mountain.  A notable case is the extension into the National Botanic Gardens on the hill going down to the Australian National University on the fringes of Canberra’s central business district.

As such, there is an overwhelming sense that the mountain itself is alive.

15.2     The main Angel of the Telstra Tower

The Telstra Tower has an Angel whose work is crucial to the modern day energy networks around Canberra.  The fact that the tower is visible from nearly every place in the City and from most places in the suburbs means it is never far from peoples’ conscious awareness.

Like an esoteric beacon it transmits Light and various qualities into Canberra City. This includes a profound contribution of energies into the so-called Parliamentary Triangle.  The Angel of the tower is related to a class of electrical fire devas, but it is also linked from its own history to the sylphs of the clouds.  This means it can effectively direct the work of air devas and set up networks of energy distribution around Canberra.

The Telstra Tower Angel is a consecrated Angel; much like Angels placed in church spires by an act of ceremony.  This has something to do with the monument to the Spiritual Teacher Sri Chinmoy at the lower foyer entrance to the building. The colours of the Angel are red, blue, yellow with white all of these in phosphorescent interchanges of glowing.  The outline of the body is humanesque and centres atop the spire, but its aura and radiation extend down into Black Mountain, and of course beams of light are sent out over the suburbs of Canberra City.  There are many frequent and favourite places the Angel send its Light, among them being the New Parliament House and the Angels of Mt Ainslie and the main deva above Canberra’s central business district.  The work of the Telstra Tower Angel is also linked to the energies and signals sent to the TV, radio and mobile phone receivers in the vicinity.  This means there is an esoteric aspect to these vibrations of communication and conscious action of the Angel at a subtle level.

15.2.1         The electrical devas

Glowing, appearing and fading on and off around the Telstra Tower are electrical devas. These are a variety of the fire spirits present wherever there are electrical activities built up, whether in wiring or in the atmosphere.  They are especially active around and in electrical powerhouses. They are a distinct kind of deva and the smaller elementals share many features in common with the greater electrical Angels.  Their consciousness is fairly simple and direct, following a line of least resistance like an emotional reflex.  They are a disruptive force to many of the other life energies such as to the etheric pranic forces in trees, animals and people.  Where there are high voltage power lines traversing the countryside, the electrical devas extend their influence some 100 or so metres from the actual wires.

The appearance of the etheric electrical devas is similar to the fluctuating simmering effects seen in solar flares on the sun.

In the case of the Telstra Tower of Black Mountain, the electrical devas swarm around the antennae and aerials aimed into Canberra.  Just as one needs a TV set to pick-up the transmitted waves from the TV stations sent out from the Tower, the etheric vision is needed to perceive the sent out information to the devic realms.  Inside any electrical power station the electrical devas swarm and radiate their consuming fires.

The kinship electric devas have with the fire element is what allows electrical faults to cause fires.  However, the fact that electrical conductors exist means that the devas of fire and electricity are resident in different parts of the etheric physical plane.  For example, whilst water (water devas) can extinguish most normal flames, it does not always work on electrical fires.

15.2.2         The earth elementals beneath the hillside.

The Black Mountain hillside is interesting as it houses classes of troll-like creatures.  They are about a metre high and have small orange Pan-like horns.  They look like children in their bodily features, but are coloured brown and grey, with occasional ones having some red and green especially in the limbs.  They have dark, mud-like swirls of hair.  They climb out of the ground and are often in colonies near ferneries and shaded nooks in the thickest parts of the forested hillside.  They tend to sneer upon people when near them, and they are most active during periods of rain and fog.  They seem to prefer the winter months, and in summer they seldom venture out from below the earth surface.  The tree spirits regard them as part of the furniture, and there is no animosity toward them. The little creatures appear as if carved from mud, but they walk and run and crawl about in quite an active way.

The purpose of these little bands of earth dwellers is to act as an outpost of the consciousness of a larger Pan-like being that resides deep inside Black Mountain.  This being could be called a Gnome, or an Earth Spirit responsible for the well-being of life underground for a kilometre or so radius.  When I attune to the small elementals this Gnome takes an interest in me, and approaches from beneath the hillside.  It is a wily and intelligent being, and it seeks to influence people in ways that are not always positive.

Deva of the National Botanic Gardens


16              The Main Angel of the National Botanic Gardens

The National Botanic Gardens in Canberra are located on the hillside of Black Mountain. The land was already cleared and used as a dairy farm in the mid 1930s. However, the first trees for the new era were planted in 1949, so the Gardens are relatively new as a public place.  The main Angel of the gardens, although wonderful, is still not fully incarnated.  The key to study of this Angel can be considered from the perspectives:-

a)  The scientific and learning parts of the Gardens.
b)  The aesthetic and Feng Shui or energy aspects.
c)  The future growth and Celestial Plan
, as yet not ready, for the Gardens.

These features of the Gardens are at uneven phases of growth, and these affect the outward show and work of the Angel.  The Angel itself is located in the sky above the lawn near the Amphitheatre.  This is the geographical centre of the Gardens.  From this spot the Angel is best placed to oversee the future growth of the Gardens.  This Main Angel is a great being of Light that will come to its own in the next few decades.

The Angel has fluctuating hues of red, green, violet and yellow.  Its body is long and thin like a tree spirit hovering in the air.  Its head is rounded and with eyes that seem to penetrate you as it routinely focuses this way. There are no wings, just streamerlike veils flowing around and swirling off the body. It also is, for now, parochial and loving of its own small patch of a few 100 square metres.  It especially delights in throwing small jewel-like blue shapes out into the trees.  Upon closer scrutiny, it is linking to the small but bright metallic blue devas of the wrens.  These wrens are subtle bits of colour hopping in the trees and gullies nearby.  The Angel also sends out near-static descending forms of plant leaf and floral blue-prints.  When these forms finally touch the trees and shrubs, they vitalise and align the growth patterns sent out from the plant itself.  They assist the growth of foliage as it follows the unique vibration of the parent plant.

There is much more to add about the Angel’s sensibility for the future of the Gardens.  It is interested in the scientific and educational work currently being done.  However, there are still gaps in the perception of the future, and problems.  These troubles are not due to the Angel, but to circumstances.

There are many devic influences in the Gardens beyond the current control of the Main Angel.  I personally believe there will be a grand future for the Gardens and for its Main Angel.

17              Deva of Peace Hill

The deva of Peace Hill is an intermediate level focal point for the city of Canberra. Peace Hill is a minor hill where once was planned the construction of a non-denominational church.  It is now covered with a mixture of rough foreign and native bushes and weeds.

The deva is constantly subject to the greater will of devas of Mt Ainslie, the War Memorial, and the Defence Force headquarters in Russell a few kilometres away.  The deva was placed there, having come from millions of years as a carefree sylph of the air element. Its wings are mainly blue in colour.  They are etheric extensions capable of butterfly type fanning motions, but the wing textures are feathered similar to cockatoos.  Having said this, the consciousness of the Angel is definitely above the normal intelligence of a sky sylph.

The deva has taken to learning about the sensibilities of the devic currents flowing along Anzac Avenue from the War Memorial.  Also, it takes some of the dross energies from the War Memorial deva and dissolves them with its own heart centre.  It does this on a casual basis rather than as a principal assistant.

The Peace Hill Angel at times gathers in and assimilates energies sent out from Mt Ainslie or from Russell Defence Headquarters.  Its work seems to vary day by day, but there seems a finite set of tasks it has to perform.  When not looking to the larger devas this Angel focuses on the activities in the plants, soils and nearby houses in the locale. The attitude of the deva is one of patience and eagerness to participate in its own way of service to the city.  It occasionally gets very excited by visits from sylphs associated with blustery winds or storms, but it remains affixed on the hilltop.  This deva will benefit as Canberra develops in the next few hundred years.  If the originally planned church is ever built there the deva will receive huge impetus and increase in its powers.

18              Deva of Red Hill

Red Hill is just behind and above the New Parliament House.  From Red Hill we get the famous vista looking over the New and Old Parliaments along to the National War Memorial with Mt Ainslie behind in the distance. Here is an account of a visit to Red Hill by a group from the Canberra Lodge of the Theosophical Society in March 2000.

As we approached the base of Red Hill, the deva was already looking into our auras before we started the ascent up the road.  Then when we arrived at the top, I saw the face of the deva very clearly, and it was angry, just as one of our group had said of it earlier.

As the group of us stood in our circle around the little Parliament monument there, I found myself drawn out of the body and up to stand face to face with the deva on the inner planes (actually the higher subplanes of the astral).  I found that just being there with it was a calming effect for it.

The deva was angry and confused as it didn’t fully understand its role in the landscape was heavily influenced by its being so near to the inner life of the New Parliament House.  I sent it explanations that it was a very important deva, and that its role was possibly unique in the deva kingdom here in Australia.  I said in my thoughts that the role has now become more important; that the deva can be pleased to have a station looking down upon the hive of devic activity of the parliament.

As time goes on, the deva has the opportunity to learn things via concentration upon and support for the parliament, that such an opportunity is not available to most other devas of its kind.  I basically performed a pastoral counselling on the deva, helping it to see that things were not as confronting as might have seemed, and that the apparent loss of status was a prelude to one day involvement in bigger and better and more closeness to the God-head!

Devas communicate by thought and colour, but they have very little natural affinity with, nor conception of, human society and human government in particular, unless someone explains it to them.  This might seem odd and remedial that I explain such things but this deva worked for many years (human lifespans) at what it does best, that is landscape deva-ing!  It quickens the nature forces and the plant life energies, communing with other Angels, whether transients or those affixed to other hills and/or to public places.  Obviously, I was the first human to ever interact with this deva in such a way, and to explain to it what exactly was happening in the big house on the hill of the valley below.  I came away feeling there had been a change in the deva’s attitude, even though I had no doubt it would revert a little to its old ways.

This story might seem fanciful to the reader, but for me it was as real as if I were talking to another person face-to-face.

Certainly, the deva can be multilevel.  I also believe it has a desire for power, and that some of the parliamentary energies have affected it without its necessarily being aware of why.  The deva on Red Hill is (I think) destined for greatness in its manner of participation in the Canberra national grid of forces.  That includes a future expansion in consciousness which will only come from an enhanced understanding of humans.

The embassy belt (I think) is there because of the plan which the deva of Red Hill is being moulded into.  It is “early days” yet, and we need to look to the next 150 years for the big transformation.  Devas do not receive initiations, but grow slowly by constant attentiveness and radiation magnetizing to the surrounds.  The Red Hill deva will grow rapidly by deva standards; as if it is not yet fully incarnated.  The higher aspect of this deva is already merged as part of the deva-group of the parliament house deva, which has itself not fully incarnated down from its regal place in the Heavens.  As human souls we can commune with the devas, but we know they have chosen a different mode of achieving Oneness with Deity.

The Red Hill deva is a masculine energy, and it has attained a measure of self-identity, and sees itself as someone special.  Although individualized as are humans beyond the animal stage, it cannot easily be compared with a human for many reasons.  As such it has trouble with the fact that there are classes of devas down there at the House who have no time nor interest in it personally, nor in the landscape, nor (apparently) in nature.

I have found that devas when under stress are prone to anger and mostly they are helpless to impact on the heaviness of the human aura.  Also, the human astral guides more often hold sway on human activities.  However, the devas can sustain a thought for so long, that simply by persistence they eventually have it their way.  At Red Hill though, it can’t “out-persist” the parliamentary fleets of devas, and there is bound to be confusion when attempting to understand the far-reaching international impact of the work done there.

Also, we humans have an advantage in knowing via our media outlets what is going on in the world.  The devas have only their own wits and abilities to attune to one-anothers’ activities, so the “big picture” is too profound for most of the “hilltop” devas to grasp.  Basically, they are on a learning curve as are humans, but they evolve by expansive feeling generalized from the astral to a mental/causal level.  They have forever to do it (in human terms) so the method of working is hard to appreciate for us folks.

19              The Future Challenge

Looking back over this book, I ask myself again what was my motive?  Over many years I have always wanted to share my visions with others.  But this now seems to me a bit simplistic and selfish.  Much more important is the shared life of ourselves and the Angels.  There are many people who should know, not only that we are spirit, but that we are part of a vast spirit community.  Sure, there are Angels, and life beyond our mortal years.  When our spiritual eyes are opened these facts are plain as daylight.

The Angels and nature spirits are important as messengers and helpers.  They are entrusted with the care of our planet.  But so are we as humans the controllers of our group destiny.  The light of understanding can be perceived in all things; the seer finding life at every focussed gaze.

We shouldn’t worry, as there is so much devic acceptance of who we truly are.  The Angels at the higher levels are privy to our secrets.  They are accepting of our pitfalls, yet joyous at every forward step we take.  We should have no fear about anything that seems wrong in our life; the tests and trials of human life are what we want for our innermost self.  OK, so it’s a challenge, its true!  There is the challenge of finding our true self, but there is also the challenge to learn about and cooperate with the Angels.  Of course, we mustn’t worship them.  After all, the Angels are on a Path to higher life as are we.  We can work with them, and we do anyway as they are always nearby.  They can learn a lot from us, which is a surprise for some folks to realise.  Likewise, we can learn from them.  The human body is a dense box to house the human spirit, so that the tests and trials of life demand the greatest depths of wisdom and love.  The Angels are not clothed in the same kind of illusion, and have become very adept at using the energies of their natural world.

Now that we can draw nearer to the Angelic realm, there is the real possibility for an exchange.  Humans can teach Angels the depth of understanding that comes from the final conquest of the deepest illusions.  Angels can teach us how to heal people and our world by applying the science of the life forces.  We live in our human world that seems too often cruel and unforgiving.  The Angels can help us to avoid living so much at the expense of our spiritual self-knowing.  And yet, through all this we can be inspired and overjoyed by the insights offered us by the Angels.  In closing, I quote the passage received by Geoffrey Hodson (see [23 page 6]) from the Holy Archangel Queen of Motherhood. In the 21st century it seems sexist and dated, but it in a curious way delineates the reverence that the devas, especially of the skies, associate with the sacred feminine and masculine roles:

“Uplift the women of your race till all are seen as queens, and to such queens let every man be as a king, that each may honour each, seeing the other’s royalty.  Let every home, however small, become a court, every son a knight, every child a page.  Let all treat all with chivalry, honouring in each their royal parentage, their kingly birth; for there is royal blood in every man; all are the children of the KING.”

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[1] I practised healing, meditation, energy channelling, communicating with angels, etc. which all contribute to maintaining an higher vibration.

[2] See the chapters on chakras, or the books by Leadbeater [31], Avalon [2] or Motoyama [36].

[3] In books by Steiner [43-44] and others like Pogacnik [37], whose basis is Anthroposophy, the gnome can be a “greater deva”.

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[5] A case for cremation is that the etheric and solid physical bodies are not totally severed from the higher aspects at death.  If the body is buried, the slow decay is often unpleasant for the departed person, and they can be still weakly linked to it for a long time. So, cremation is a liberating process for the soul.

[6] Kirlian photography is a kind of photographic imaging of energy fields around life forms. Studies of leaves, fingertips, and many other living objects have been depicted.  The method was first developed in Russia in the 1960s and 1970s, but there is still a lot of interest in the topic.

[7] The etheric body may be called four dimensional as it is part of the physical plane, having time as a fourth dimension.  The theory of relativity has implications for our concept of space and time, and this probably carries through to the physical etheric levels.

[8] The concept of the “living planet” is embraced in the idea of Gaia.  This says that the planet is a sentient Being evolving via the many activities happening on it.  This idea is consistent with the views of the present book.

[9] In the 1880s best seller “Esoteric Buddhism” by A P Sinnet [42] the idea of the astral plane, astral body and Kama-Loka was described for the first time in theosophical literature. It was probably first explained to him by Blavatsky. The idea took off, and was mentioned over and again in nearly every theosophical book since including notably the Secret Doctrine [11].

[10] By disciple is meant a person who has advanced some way along the road to spiritual liberation over their long sequence of incarnations.  Disciples are among all racial types, all religions and all manner of living circumstances.  There are many books explaining this such as Leadbeater’s “The Masters and the Path” [33], or Bailey’s “Initiation, Human and Solar” [7].

[11] This aspect of conscious action on both physical and astral planes is called continuity of consciousness. Accounts of this are given in for example Powell [38] or Leadbeater [30]. Some disciples have also acquired this capability.

[12] Astral matter is probably best described as five dimensional if we add time to the space dimensions.  This is of course unproven, but it would seem that the Theory of Relativity generalises to the astral levels.

[13] We know, due to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, that space and time are inseparable on the physical level, and that to talk of “now” becomes ambiguous.  On the astral and mental levels the time-space idea becomes further flexible.  It would be interesting to have an Einstein-like theory to explain this.

[14] For want of better words for the illusion of time!

[15] Six dimensional if the time aspect is included for a time-space continuum.

[16] I say natural, as the passage of the law passes always through both of these two Chambers, the Upper and Lower Houses of government.

[17] Alta Major chakra is at back of the head just above the neck.  It is by tradition said to enhance the remembrance of dreams, for physical plane application of knowledge received in them.

[18] There are spiritual risks for the politicians as any misuse of the bestowed powers can have far-reaching effects for the person extending into future lifetimes.  The motive is all-important on the group population level for intended actions.

[19] The so-called “Celestial Plan” is intuited by the minds of the greater Devas and then once again by the politicians who receive “ideas” in line with new policy frameworks.

[20] Meditation or guided imagery can be used to visualise that you “go inside” these talismans.  On the astral and mental levels they are tied to the events and places, and the seer can access these associated features.

[21] Here is an example of a deva that is neither and yet both of fire and air. It also has strong links with the earth gnomes and elementals. Hence the classification into one of the four elements is artificial in this case.

[22] By current energy trends is meant the “zeitgeist” which is German for “spirit of the times”.  The devas are responsive to these topical currents or flavours of energy.