Feng Shui Reflections on Oamaru New Zealand

Towns, cities and places we live in are telling stories... Stories, memories and energies are about the land, people and egregores occupying the infinite dimensions surrounding us all. Yes, there is more than just buildings and people around us, and yes, we exist in more than in this 3-dimentional world we still have so much to discover.

Follow my journey and this brief experience on an energy and vibrational level, where I explore OAMARU, a lovely and interesting place on the South Island of New Zealand...


At the end of the 19th century, Oamaru became quickly a wealthy area, enthusiastic and courageous settlers developed local industries which thrived fast and developed extensively. Many people attracted by the success of this new town, moved in and became successful too. The progress and growth bloomed - as we know the saying “like attracts like” and “the more the merrier”... I mean here that like minded people attract what they all are seeking as they are all feeding the vibrations of the egregore of success & wealth (N.B. To illustrate the concept of egregore I have equally used in this article following words: collective mind group, thought form, consciousness).

All went well in OAMARU until another collective mind group came to life: the consciousness of alcohol. Indeed, with the population expanding, more pubs got erected and wealthy people partied and drank more and more. Local distilleries and breweries were built and contributed to feed this “alcohol-egregore” that ‘cannibalised’ the “wealth & success-egregore”. Even without understanding the concept of thought form and energy, we are all aware that drunken people are useless even the next day with their hangovers; and as a result, OAMARU business slowed down and soon came close to non-existing.


Let’s have a look from a Feng Shui point of view, why did OAMARU flourished so well initially?

The answer is simple, the builders used the local stones to erect buildings, they kept the energy of the land local and rocks (sandstones) were happy to be used and shaped into bricks. The Spirit of the lime stone was reigning; rocks are indeed alive and are inhabited by interesting energy Elementals that we can interact with. 

Then came the extensive use of alcohol that quickly fed the alcohol-thought form. This collective mind set created an energy pattern that encouraged wealthy locals to drink. They were indeed wealthy could easily afford this luxurious distraction. The energy/wavelength of the ”alcohol-egregore” kind of energy is working on another very different than the elementals ‘wavelength’ ruling the lime stone, so they stopped helping people who did not have any respect for themselves.

Today, all tourists are seduced by the welcoming large avenue bordered by the rich sandstone tastefully designed buildings. The town kept the Victorian style and mind set and locals organise a few events per year to keep this Victorian Spirit alive. Shops and bakeries remind us of the good old days. Some staff wear Victorian clothes and everyone is happy in these beautiful surroundings.

The Land

OAMARU is located on what Feng Shui would qualify as a good location. Its bay off the Pacific Ocean is nicely horse shoe curved and embraces good Chi. In the area, mountains made of limestone helped with the erection of the buildings.

 I encourage you to visit OAMARU and enjoy the South island of New Zealand as much as I did; it is a really beautiful place. 

The People

Today, some tourism as well as art and craft seem to have replaced the previous now slow and dormant industries.


The Buildings

Many buildings have been designed using balanced proportion. Their grandiose look fits perfectly with the Victorian Spirit kept alive by the locals.


After reading this article, I encourage you to reflect on what sort of EGREGORES are hovering around where you live and find ways to shift them or transform them into consciousness of growth, health and happiness.




Meditate and connect with the Spirit of the Land where you live to find how to shift the thought form in your surroundings.

For further questions, I am only an email away!

Kind regards,

Roseline Deleu

International Feng Shui Master, Author, Spiritual Counsellor



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Message: I have some silnge I have some silnge friends who put ideal partners photos from magazines and newspapers in frames in their relationship area. Art showing a beautiful person can also do the trick. Upright plants with stalks growing straight and tall also add energy to the areas we'd like to boost a bit. Again, good to experiment and test the results for a week or two, then shift things around and test again. It's all about carefully observing how your living space impacts your life and taking positive action.

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