Yin Feng Shui for Burial Sites — an Antenna to the Unseen?

Originally Feng Shui was better known in China under the “Yin Feng Shui”. Masters were called to define and choose the auspicious sites for the burial of the departed ones. Honouring the ancestors is essential in the Chinese culture. Minding their elderly relatives as well as caring for their ultimate rest place is believed to project good luck onto their descendants.


While travelling in Europe, I came across an interesting Mausoleum in the locality of Court St Etienne near Brussels in Belgium. Built by an erudite and visionary that travelled the world, the noble Eugene Gobelet d’Alviella that passed away in 1925, his tomb is filled with esoteric symbols.




Its height of about 12 metres is sitting on a heavy stone square base of 5 metres. The cupola is held by well-proportioned columns that he calculated in great awareness of the sacred proportions. The ornaments on the monument are of symbols from many different cultures and religions, their engraving are decorated of precious golden leaves.




Gobelet’s aim with his mausoleum was to create an antenna that would spread essential human values, thoughts, awareness, serenity, religious and occult open mindedness, and much more... into the unseen.




His interest in various religions and believes were to him the universal seek for harmony, love and respect to all people. The way Gobelet erected it in sacred proportions, with precise building materials on a Feng Shui area on top of an underground water vein was showing his wisdom of geomancy and communication with the Unseen.


The synergy of the symbols such as the Hebraic YHWH, the Celtic Hammer, the Swastika, the Alfa and Omega (only to name a few) combined with some of the quotes of Buddha, the Apostle Marc, Confucius were spreading through his mausoleum-antennae around the region and around the planet.


Unfortunately… over the years, his mausoleum was abandoned until recently when the authorities decided to renovate it.




I was lucky to visit the cemetery where the Mausoleum is located while a patient tradesman was cleaning its blue stoned roof. He shared with me the whole story of the renovation explaining that the fragile blue stone empty boxed roof had been filled with 3,000 litres of concrete and that it was leaking water ever since. That same morning he had met on site the architect in charge of the renovation project who was now talking of adding some lead to stop the water leak.


Hearing those very words, I felt the essences of Gobelet communicating with me and sharing his insight. They were destroying his work! They were annihilating the resonance of Serenity!

Gobelet’s initial aim of antennae was destroyed by filling the on purpose empty ‘resonating speakers’ felt like an outrage to his spirit. I was there to share this with Francis Lesire, the obedient tradesman who was humbly following instructions. There is no coincidence. I dare even say that the architect’s interference with a sacred purpose could well become a serious threat and danger for him. This sort of impact is not taught in Architect University curriculum unfortunately!


What will happen with this mausoleum is in the hands of Gobelet’s Spirit and future will tell.


In Europe, with its crossed cultures, languages and religions, the heavy migration has changed the continent. The laxness of many, the ignorance of customs and the selfishness of each nationality have disturbed the harmony of most countries. A very unpleasant egregore is hovering over there. It is growing stronger and stronger since the opening of the European borders added to the recent addition of the new coming countries. People speak different languages and therefore think differently. Due to those constant differences, Europeans have been living with a lack of tolerance for centuries, I feel it is even getting worse today unfortunately.


These days we read and often apply the Yang Feng Shui, with this I mean the ‘active’ Feng Shui for the living. Here we bring harmony in people’s lives applying correct Chi flow within homes, gardens and environment.


The profile of the land has an impact, the energy of the site has an influence, the shapes of buildings also have an effect on humans and on how things are received all over the planet.




Applying Feng Shui is so much more than placing knowing your auspicious direction; it is about interacting with the Unseen and creating a harmonious planet using portals opening into different realms.


Now that I got your attention, keep an eye open for more Feng Shui articles.


Roseline Deleu www.fengshuisteps.com


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Roseline Deleu www.fengshuisteps.com

Name: Narumi
E-mail: jogcsaki@uni-miskolc.hu
Date posted: February 09, 2012 - 02:20 am
Message: Pay no aeitntton to what the critics say…; Remember, a statue has never been set up in honor of a critic!

Name: Amparo
E-mail: 20pinoytimes@hotmail.com
Date posted: February 07, 2012 - 04:23 am
Message: That video was allsouteby awesome. Great blog!

Name: David Beale
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Date posted: January 15, 2012 - 11:31 pm
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