Do We Have The Technology?

Searches for extraterrestrial messages have hoped to receive radio signals from stars light-years away. They’ll pick up our radio signals eventually…in how many thousands of years?

We may, however, consider using biological messages. There’s a belief about living cells communicating with sub-micropower signals using variations of energy fields of types parallel to and probably accompanying static field variations.

These “near field” signals are well within one wavelength; so are either magnetic, static, or a parallel different type of energy field that varies in its strength or polarity. The signals vary at audio frequencies and at ultra-high molecular frequencies. They happen within individual cells and between cells, groups of cells, and beyond logical and physical membranes for synchrony with other living beings. Living cells and life-compatible material concentrate and relay biologically compatible signals.

A analogy useful, for these ideas, refers to how surface waves on an ocean are sometimes results of movements at the bottom of the ocean. Knowledge of movements travels as real energy through the water at the speed of sound in water, hugely faster than the speed of surface waves rippling over the ocean. For every light wave and radio wave – for all electromagnetic energy – there is movement that is longitudinal (normal) to the direction of travel. A particle of light puts out ripples, away from itself, as it travels; so depending on the methods of observation, light beams get described as both particles and as sinusoidal variations to static and magnetic fields.

The author believes that eventually evidence will be found that before light arrives from its source, energy of the light  (information relative to the light) travels away from the source, as another form of energy, at many times the speed of light. Some people refer to 10 raised to the 9th times the speed of light – a thousand million times the speed of light! Now people are a whisker away from having the means of the type of communications, with other planets; only one step away from science fiction being ordinary engineering.

Another belief states that a type of biological information travels instantaneously; allowing individuals to perfectly synchronize the smaller individuals who comprise the larger individual – like cells in our body work together. Synchrony, of the harmonics of the oscillations of the energy of the individual cells in a living body, is unique and infinitely perfect for each individual, within the whole of whatever confines the definition of that individual’s “body” boundaries. We probably will know about this type of energy enough to use it to communicate using technology; but really, why use gadjets?

People have to get away from being frightened by anything spiritual, as though “spiritual” is the domain of priests and “scientists”. We may give ourselves permission to meddle in religion without fear of heads cut off and bonfires lit under us…When humans as a group – enough of us – accept that there is only one reality… eventually most of us will use our thoughts and imaginations to communicate with other life forms, more reliably than with our cell phones.

Electronics have reached the point where we can deal with minute signals. We have already communicated with plants, without actually touching them electrically, using a resonant sensor that responds to any living matter and especially well to life-compatible matter. Http:// describes some experiments with this area of work. The pages photos are about work during three days, by Steven Guth and David Beale. The project is ongoing.

The instrument design, by David Beale, interacts with static field variations often smaller than a few microvolts. Consider that waving one’s arm around can generate about “50Volts” standing static stress, its variations would be up to millions of times the strength of what is believed to be used for cellular communications signals. However, the instrument sets up resonances. Later versions of the same circuits will have a unique new (routinely proven many years ago) system for identifying and tracking variations in resonances (with definition and accuracy for ranges of frequency variations far within the error bandwidth of phase locked loops – the conventional method of tracking resonances).

A few of our instruments, on trees, should show coincidences with more than just sunrise, sunset…as they can very obviously. By using resonance, like detecting minute radio signals, we should be able to actually hear any signals from distant planets, to our trees! This is a Far Out idea; but let’s have a go at it! Perhaps by putting the instruments passive aerial sensors on our own bodies, we can pick up messages? These would travel thought any barriers to radio – and would be instantaneous at best, 10^ 9 times the speed of light, at least…

David Beale             

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