Extraterrestrial Communications — Do They Care?

This is a serious site, with in-depth material, at the cutting edge between hard science and the newer developing spiritual insights. Don't expect to find moving images of extraterrestrials… YET… (Steven Guth)

I have wondered if the consciousness on other planets out there in the huge reality of space has any interest in saving us earthlings from the huge mess we seem to be approaching.

The definitive answer I've come up with is, "maybe, a little."

But is it enough to make a difference?

Maybe if enough humans can tune into the right possibilities…Which is why the Chisync project is running. This is an attempt to get us to come out of our encased ideas and see the cosmos in all its size and beauty.

Like a butterfly coming into the world of air and light and flowers and scents and sex and possibilities and death.

The remarkable thing about the planet earth in the community of interconnected exoplanets is its complexity of life. On Earth the "experiment" of sexual reproduction has allowed for amazing intermeshing of species and life forms.

I sense that most planets are not like this. Some, many, are in earlier stages of earth like evolution - with funguses and mosses, primitive cactus like trees and very few species that move. Few planets ever get beyond this. The earth has been lucky to have the right combination of possibilities for complex, intermeshing life.

I sense that some planets are being insect dominated - with huge complex insect like intelligences. These seem to have direct links with the earth.

But most planets seems to be pretty dead - with rock Devas and similar the main forms of consciousness.

But what else is out there in the Cosmos, what other forms of planet and planetary life? Anyone have suggestions?

We 'earthlings' need to remember that the earth has only had this complexity and profusion of life for a a tiny percentage of its total life. There has been a long slow change from rock to watery swamp and now to separated dry and wet.

I suspect that we now are at the high point of our planetary complexity with its great beauty. Eventually we will end up like Mars - spent. The good time, the complexity period is brief on any planet.

Indeed other planets have growth and death processes like earth running over billions of years. Earth is in its brief spark of amazing life complexity - and that is what makes it such an attractive place for inter-exo-planet investigation.

Are we getting help to continue this complexity, this beauty on earth? To extend the period of the 'good time' on earth?

As said in the beginning of this rave , "Yes, maybe, a little."

Now surely it is up to us to help.

One tries



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Name: Ron
E-mail: chris@totem-technology.com
Date posted: February 08, 2012 - 06:26 pm
Message: Humans solhud be hundreds of years more advanced then what we are today. I believe the Free Market System has held us back to a certain extent. Yes, we have accomplished so much with it but look at all the failures as well. War, crime, poverty, hunger is the direct and indirect result of the monetary system. The supression of technologies is also relevant because big business rather make a profit then to help society. Money is holding back our advancement as a species. Oil is the biggest reason why we goto war nowadays. Renewable energies have been surpressed for to long now, time break the chains of big oil, big business, the monetary system in general. Time for a world of cooperation not competition.wwww.thevenusproject.com Only then we can reach the stars.

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