A Technical View of ET Possibilities

with reference to Out Of Body Experiences (OBE)

David Beale 2012

Serches for extraterrestrial messages have hoped to receive radio signals from stars light-years away. They’ll pick up our radio signals eventually…in how many thousands of years?

Countless planets like our Earth may be presumed to have the same Hydrogen, water, elements… with lifeforms who may interact with us. The speed light is not the limit for messages, for future discoveries. People have the keys to developing new methods and spiritual-birthright abilities, to communicate directly.

Considering instantaneous communications, between anywhere in Creation; the signals could combine into overwhelming noise! Life on Earth would not function if it had to contend with stimulation, spam and messages from everywhere all at the same time! The quantity of transmission, if based on energy, would fill our little solar system with more than a solid distribution of hydrogen bombs all going off together. Let’s instead presume that communications are established both ways, by choice – like phone connections with other planets; like dialing the telephone-numbers of friends. When regarded by specific individuals and groups, as we consider them, we may happily and politely occasionally communicate.

The speed of light makes electro-magnetic (radio) impractical for interstellar communications. Infinite speed of information exchange is essential for a multi-dimensional holographic reality, for anything to have individuality, and for Creation to exist. In between, consider a longitudinal information exchange that likely precedes on the paths of the transverse effects of photons moving at the speed of light: such waves would be analogous to surface waves – at the surface interfacing oceans to the air above – being preceded by information travelling at the speed of sound through water.

A mountain sliding into the ocean sends a sound wave through the water at about 1500 metres-per-second (about four times faster than the speed of sound in air). That is not much faster than the speed of a big tsunami (about 1,000 m/s) travelling on the surface. Drop a pebble into a lake; the ripples on the surface travel slowly; the sound travels at the speed of sound in water. The belief is strong, that light is preceded by information travelling on the same path of the light that arrives later. This longitudinal information of light is likely to travel at many times the speed of light; so we have the first of many faster-than-light technologies to be used in future.

We don’t yet use light-related faster-than-light longitudinal information signals although these are most likely observed, stimulated and described routinely as “particle” effects. For now we can use technologies built into us physically, but rarely used; and we can develop engineering methods to exploit phenomena we may not understand until the distant future. We have technology, built into our bodies, for our perceptions to enjoy real-time communications over any distances instantaneously.

Allow that modern science is only scraping the surface of available knowledge. Energy based on static and magnetic fields presently is the only energy and matter in the canon of science. We can presume many types of energy accompanying, parallel to and relatively independent from matter and energy presently presumed to be purely electro-magnetic. The shapes within the bodies, of all living beings, act as antenna tuned to various types of energy.

Some multi-dimensional energies travel instantly throughout everywhere. These are tuned into selectively for information. Other multi-dimensional energies travel less than instantly, as fuel energy. Each fact, of each bit of energy moving, travels instantly throughout Creation. Local events are like tiny parts of a huge hologram being stimulated to reproduce only part of the whole hologram, depending on the type of stimulation.

We have suggestions for new technology for listening for extraterrestrial life. The methods are simple, reliable, cheap and hypo-powered. They’re based on new theories.  We’re going to try them out ourselves.

Too many phenomena have been observed by too many people to be glibly written off as “imagination” or any other insults to intelligence. Crop circles defy being explained in terms acceptable to any known modern dogma. Too many crop circles have been impossible to associate with any known human technology. Routinely, intelligences have communicated with humans, threatening the thin ego membranes of human scientists who do not want to listen. Obviously some technology, more advanced than human, can communicate using methods, of plants bending over yet perfectly alive, that can’t be replicated by humans. We propose using trees to first confirm that we have established channels, then to use the same instruments to communicate directly, without trees.

Astral Travel –  Out-Of-Body experiences (OBE) – can be completely real except for the inevitable astonishing delights of flying like a bird, like in a helicopter, or faster than a space-ship… and going places one can’t go any other way like under water, sitting on the Moon… For one who’s learned how to do it, when the body is in one place and the consciousness is elsewhere, it’s understood and ok. Somebody having an OBE spontaneously might not know until they sink through the floorboards or come back and see their body where they left it.

OBEs happen while asleep; super-real dreams are often OBE. The functions vary. The most conventional descriptions of “Astral Travel” imply having a full set of senses, as if having a duplicate body that suits the new environment.  Actually, OBEs happen in a continuum from projecting to another place in one’s imagination like just thinking of another place, to physically instantaneously being totally (including the body) at the other place. “OBE” can be describing a wide range of “Astral Travel”. Some places may be described as “other dimensions” where, beyond sensory perception, such places are real but (same as in our ordinary bodies) our imagination has to construct a reality using whatever visualizations suit the individual person; and in such places, abstract concepts can be presented as real scenarios.

If an extraterrestrial happened to belong to a society that nurtures the skills of astral projection – OBE at will – its citizens could project to distant stars bodily. A group could travel together, with or without a spaceship additional to their bodies. They could just as easily create a body-type and mobile home suitable for our Earth environment. Such travel would be instantaneous, or as a pleasant holiday without the taxis that don’t turn up or the anti-terrorist checking queues…and with better food whatever they agree to do.

Some people who astral travel, having been tutored, examined and qualified, would not – virtually can not – intrude on the dream-time nor the waking reality of another person without the conscious knowledge and consent of that person. An exception would be allowed such as a dream-time visit to a relative in hospital –  like visiting a sister who’s just had a baby, lives too far away for a full-body visit, and would like the energy; but who needs neither to be conscious of nor disturbed by the visit.  ETs can be credited with at least the same ethics as the best we can manage to follow; so how can they contact us? OBEs, dreams, contact during various types of Astral Travel… We may allow, invite and be open without fear to contact with ETs; for whatever reason they may have for contacting us.

If ETs are still as primitive as humans, at the best they’d have nuclear powered dust-fueled spaceships stuck with the quasi-religious hobbles relative to the speed of light. What could motivate such people to venture so far away from home as to know their home would most likely no longer be there when they get back? They’d take so long to get here they’d be dead or of no use on their return.

If we can think of a reasonable excuse for ET life-forms to visit us…It’s unlikely to be as basic as invaders looking for gold and slaves. Roman–style Empire defense and corporate profit motives destroy life, for money. An ET civilization, if based on same cultural baggage as ours, would have collapsed and reformed repeatedly over millions of years as ours probably has. Eventually it would have chosen non-destructive technology based on cooperation with all living beings in human form and otherwise. “Physical” and “spiritual” are terms to describe what can be imagined and has reality multi-dimensionally; there's no 2D plus-or-minus line.

ETs who can get here would have jumped the threshold and developed ethical technology. Their motives would be such as just for fun, to help us…whatever ... Nice reasons! Any other motives would involve inadequate ego-driven human-limited technology that only works for short-term gains and is impractical for interstellar travel. Astral Travel (OBE) technology will become ordinary engineering as real as radio, aeroplanes…We may already at least allow others to help us bridge the gap between our stone age and the greater whole of spiritual-physical Creation.

People who produce complex thought-forms – to do things more appropriately than can be attempted personally or bodily – know how the tangible and emotional results work both ways. Anything unethical gets support from only a limited minority, whereas altruistic behavior is in harmony with help from the whole of Creation. Bad effects, caused by any contract between instigator and victim, get only limited help so can be countered by loving intentions. What goes out comes back, affecting the instigator as much as the recipient. Thought-forms can’t be destroyed per se. They may dissolve as they become redundant; but until they’ve fulfilled their purpose they can be countered but not destroyed. Some thought-forms permanently link the sender and the receiver; others are independent; but all affect the sender. ETs would most likely use only ethical thought-forms, if only for other types being a waste of effort.

Presently our technology engineers only what our senses can measure. When we more fully interface our imaginations to our external environment, we’ll know –  as real as designing computers and bridges – how to engineer devices using living metals, chemicals, minerals, plastics, everything; involving life-forms that, to cooperate with us, demand harmony with a wider reality than that addressed by present technology. Present technology is fractally related to explosive destructions and to the egos of individual corporations, countries, groups and people; it is unsuitable for relating to civilizations elsewhere from our planet.

 "Astral Travel" has recently been denigrated because of discoveries about brain-chemistry changes that assist a range of OEBs to seem real. All spiritual experiences happen according to what people are ready for. If someone wants to astral travel, they can imagine it and it will happen; but it only happens according to what is best and safe (unless people force it with drugs, for example). "Scientific" tests, by people who have no personal knowledge of OBE, on people who only do low-level OBE, are somewhat invalid regarding passing opinions as to whether OBEs happen in reality, or not.

We have built-in ability to astral travel at all levels from vague imaginings to being elsewhere bodily, instantly. Evidence of changes, in people's electrical and radiation responses, re OBE debunkers, supports the fact that out of body experiences happen.

Some people, including fully trained scientists, are incapable of allowing themselves to believe in anything say "spiritual" as reality, despite evidence stronger and more scientifically valid than any of their negative opinions. For example, debunkers of OBE can't cope with the fact that information can be returned accurately from OBE experiences (but not from pseudo OEB experiences; and debunkers can't tell the difference).

The latest experiments, such as brain-related observations, are supporting the fact that humans can OBE. OBE is built in; a residual skill somewhat analogous to being able to wiggle one's ears that, if our culture demanded as a communications tool, could be done by humans as adroitly as kangaroos and dogs can.  Some people can't learn to whistle because their teeth are especially unsuited, compare to the teeth-layout of other people. Some people learn to produce beautiful resonant sounds with didgeridoos, over a continuous range of notes; others think didgeridoos produce sounds like Western pipe-organ pipes, so they only produce one note according to their didgeridoo's length.

OBE discussions, with scientists, could be like trying to get a person to understand how crows, without long pipes projecting from their beaks, produce continuous cadences of tenor-baritone frequencies and resonances with their surroundings. A scientist, of the type who can not deny that crows make deep sounds without long pipes, would know that didgeridoos are pipes...so the analogy falls over. The analogy I'm referring to, though, regards the presumption that resonances demand fixed-length pipes. Such explanations of resonance are plausible, glib nonsensical over-simplifications. An observer of a fixed-length didgeridoo is likely to conclude that the sounds are not relative to resonance; yet the sounds are more economical of breath and effort, than for producing one-note didgeridoo resonances.

A valid analogy relates denial being rare, regarding a crow's ability to produce low frequencies, compared with denial being very likely regarding producing loud continuously-variable frequencies from a didgeridoo (rather than relatively fixed frequencies).  Scientific experiments would be unlikely to disprove evidence for variable-frequency deep sounds, from crows (without them having variable-length pipes); but almost no didgeridoo players get continuously variable pitch resonances from their didgeridoos; so science could succeed wonderfully for discrediting claims regarding didgeridoos.

Science is supposed to doubt; but scientific method can not prove something does not exist because it has not yet been observed scientifically, officially. When rare phenomena are observed, tested, proven...science shows too often as being a set of belief systems, with denial and belief determined by personal training, preferences and fears.

The level of OBE, that one may reasonably expect to do, should be regulated by one's Guardian Angel Concept. The whole of Creation cares about each part of self as an equal, because each numbered percentage of infinity is equal to and loved by infinity as an equal.

One's Gardian Angel protects one from going to places that are inappropriate. Scientific experiments, about OBE, should only achieve what the experimenters need to happen, for them to get from where they are, to whatever understanding is safe for them. Scientific experiments are supposed to include doubt; but spirituality, chi — aChieving the impossible — happens by understanding with zero doubt; so just do it!  If one sincerely wishes to experiment with OBE, the cliché applies: "When the student is ready, the master will come". Without the master, one can OEB into undesirable situations; or one can waste time doing things too much in the imagination, without purpose. Wishful thinking can self-convince one of anything — and purposeless OBE may be less joyous than more tangible living.

OEB covers a wide range of experiences. Consider that, eventually, technology will allow OEB to produce instant physical transportation, regardless of distance; so we may allow that Extraterrestrials, somewhere, are doing this, and regardless of "Why" they would want to visit us or how/if they may chose to appear to us. When people OBE, they don't go naked! They take their clothes; and they may take anything they wish or need. Whether technology is used, or personal abilities, the formats and conventions are the same.

David Beale   2011-2012



Comments for "A Technical Viewpoint of ET Possibilities (with reference to OBE)"

Email David Beale (new page)

Name: David Beale
E-mail: Private
Date posted: February 10, 2012 - 04:00 am
Message: Thanks for your kind comment, Lynn.

I read two of Robert Monroe's books and I'm grateful to him for his work and for writing the books.

I know nothing about Monroe's technique --- no memories of reading it. A Google search "monroe obe robert" found as the first of about 610,000, a website near-death.com. It's quoted as "...Robert Monroe describes a complicated-sounding technique for inducing OBEs. ..." OBE could have as many teaching techniques as people claiming to teach it. I believe Monroe did exactly, honestly and accurately as in his books.

OBE can produce fascinating analyses of say "science vs spirituality". OBE studies typify differences between observers who can talk about a subject but can't do it, or who think they can or have done it but didn't...compared with those who did it but don't know how or why...contrasted with those who do it like going for a swim or a walk down the street. A person born with a handicap, who can't walk, can know far more about walking than a scientist studying something while on one hand being a certified authority and on the other hand being completely ignorant of the subject.

OBE as a subject of study reminds me of naturally gifted councellors who augment their abilities with dedicated professional studies, as compared to authorities who studied clinical psychology to "get to know about people" because they felt they didn't know...and often never really do.

I'm writing about lots of subjects, now, somewhat because of the obligation to keep adding to and complementing the work of people who make life nicer for sharing their experiences with people who, otherwise, would be isolated and even stop trying in their own quests.

Name: Lynn
E-mail: g.lietrokrean@mail.ca
Date posted: February 08, 2012 - 09:29 pm
Message: Thank you for that epxianatlon, artnaim! I read Monroe’;s trilogy and what you’;ve said is very clarifying to me!

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