The Renewal of the Dreaming

A transcript extracted from the taped discussion between Philip Simpfendorfer and Steven Guth in Canberra on the 24th and 25th of April 2002.

Below is the second section of three parts. All three parts come from Philip's and Steven's taped discussions which centred around Philip Simpfendorfer's book. All three sections are interconnected and are best read together. Philip's book, "Journey to Earth's Dawning" is a good read, easy to follow and more fun than this rather dense interview transcript. It is available as a pdf (500KB) to download from this site.
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The three sections are:

Also relevent to all this material and included in this site are:

Tell me about how you see your place and Gophinath Ji's place in the "Renewal of the Dreaming"... the process through which Australia and its aboriginal inhabitants awakened to the Dreaming - to God and Goddess energies that reside in the landscape.

Using my terminology. It seems to me that Gopinath Ji saw Israel/Palestine is the Holy Land of GOD. Kashmir the land of the GODDESS. And Australia the land of the Holy Spirit - it was even called this by the first explorers.

Because the "Spirit" is the integrating aspect of the divine Male (God) and Female (Goddess) aspects that Australia has a role - through the spirit - of integrating those two aspects.

I think this was why Gopinath Ji had the interest he expressed in Australia. To the point that Mr. Fotedar - who started the Gopinath Ji Ashram and wrote Gopinath Ji's biography (see "Jagadguru Bhagawaan Gopinath Ji - A biographical Study by Shri Shanker Nath Fotedar"- available on said that for a time Bhagawanji the Goddess had left Kashmir and was working in Australia... that is her presence was here in Australia.

Of course Gopinath Ji'si body had been dead for many years before all this happened. When he was alive did he travel, did he visit other countries?

There are stories about him going - out of the body - to Tibet. Also people told me about how he gave daily reports of events at the UN in New York during the Kashmir debate - I mention these stories in my book. But he didn't seem to have an interest in any other country - or interplanetary, or interstellar things for that matter.

So there really was this Australian Link?

Certainly Mr Fotedar thought so. And there was his interest in me and my fellow travelers. That what my book is about.

The story continues with the first renewal of the Dreaming meeting. It wasn't called that then. It was known as the "Bhagawan Ji birthday celebration" It took place in the Blue Mountains in 1979. The celebration was at Murphy's Glen out from Woodford.

Gubboo Ted Thomas came to the second of the Bhagawan Gopinath Ji camps and it was during this time that the message came to start the Renewal of the Dreaming...not by Gopinath Ji but by what we all perceived as an Aboriginal Spirit Man. That's where and when the Renewal of the Dreaming started - in 1979.

The first Renewal of the Dreaming camp happened in 1980 above Wallaga Lake, near central Tilba on Mt. Dromedary. That's the one I describe in my book. I wrote the book after that, in a couple of months during school term and during holidays.

There were two Gopinath Ji birthdays - the 3rd of July was his birthday.

The people who went to the Gopinath Ji birthdays - with a few exceptions like myself - didn't go to the Renewal of the Dreaming camps. Perhaps because they - as middle class, middle aged professionals - didn't feel at ease with the younger hippies who were tending to use drugs and looking for gurus. They became two quite distinct groups of people.

The seeding of the Renewal of the Dreaming came from the Gopinath Ji's birthday - it's not mentioned in the book - Red Mitchell and myself were sitting and meditating in the early morning and this message was coming to me that the Renewal of the Dreaming had to begin and Gubboo walked out of his tent and saw an Aboriginal Spirit man sitting beside us. It was from the Aboriginal Spirit man that we were being told to start the deeper connection - in an aboriginal way - with the land.

It all came out of that. And so the next camp - the first Renewal camp - was organised at Wallaga Lake with Mt. Dromedary as its focus. That's the camp described in the book. It took place some months after the last Gopinath Ji birthday.

Gubboo Ted Thomas became an elder because of two active people who were behind the lands council of Wallaga Lake - Mervyn who was a representative and Max felt, that as an older person, he should be given a title for when he liased with white people. So he was designated as an Elder. At the time he was living at Wallaga Lake - but he lived in various other places.

When we first met Ted he seemed to regard us - Red, Jann and myself tuning in to the land, as just like the generation before him, who sat in the landscape and then expressed insights into the Spirits of Place. He saw that aspect in we saw that connection to the land in him.

However I still feel he was corrupted by a lot of the New Age people who started coming to the activities of the Renewal of the Dreaming activities.

Is there more to tell? What about the second camp?

Another connection or possible connection, between Gopinath Ji and the first Renewal of the Dreaming camp was that Dromedary was considered to be a place where the post deluvian (that is post Flood) energy had a focus. This is a connection between the 7 Rishis and the Aboriginal Dreaming about the rocks on Dromedary. Perhaps that is why the site was chosen - so that's where the new Rishi energy could enter Australia.

There is the feeling, the sense, that the ceremony on Dromedary was a dawning - an earth dawning - which stimulated the energies that were latent within the earth.

My book, "The Journey" ends at Pigeon House Mountain, the next important mountain up the coast towards Sydney. But things went wrong there. I didn't know it at the time, but it was a woman's site and men had no right to do ceremonies there. It was under direct custodianship of aboriginal women who lived at Orient Point, near Nowra.

The tragedy was that Gubboo knew this but I didn't. That was a major desecration. It stopped the energy going northwards. I didn't know why until a few years later. Then to apologise I went to the woman custodian at Orient Point, Nancy Campbell. She was very forgiving because, as she said, white people don't understand, but Gubboo did understand what he was doing. After that her husband - who was largely instrumental in starting the Lands Council of NSW - took me under his wing. His name was Jack, Jack Campbell.

He told me things about the South Coast land energies that I later came to understand were really secret knowledge.

He said what had happened was that Grundy stones had been placed all around Australia. Grundies tunnel into the stones so they know what is happening in any part of Australia's energy field.

Grundy Stones?

Yes. When the Grundies became aware that a desecration was taking place they stopped the flow of energy... and I realised that it was probably true. It was as if they had put up their hand. But the energy had to go somewhere. It went due West. The next place there was a "Renewal of the Dreaming" camp was held was at The Rock Hill and another was held around Canberra - both these places were roughly due West.

So instead of going north the energy went west until it was finally dispersed amongst the inland plains.

The Renewal of the Dreaming was an interesting phenomenon. As it progressed through the white, young, drug taking, hippy culture the aboriginal people were being awakened to THEIR sacred areas and beginning to make their connections.

It - "The Renewal of the Dreaming" seemed to give the energy to the land. There did seem to be an awakening at a very deep level. It all happened so quickly - all over Australia aboriginals started to talk about sacred sites.

At this point it lets talk about Robyn's Journey with the Goddess from Kashmir to Australia

She wrote it up. Its usually titled "Kashmir Journey 1988". Its been published here and there, getting a good response from people. I was with her at the time and felt her report is very accurate. (The article is on this web site)

The following point is of interest to me. In about 1998 a man who used to edit a magazine called "Eagles Wings" visited Katajuta and met this Goddess type energy which he felt was different to Australian type energies. So he asked people about it and eventually was told that "the Robyn Adams brought that energy from Kashmir - its found a home in these mountains." So he contacted Robyn and put the story in his magazine.

With the journey of infinity, which took place in 2000, Robyn was out there with the people and helped to release the Goddess energy to other parts of Australia - so perhaps, as you have suggested to me - it could be within the central area of Parliament House in Canberra.

The "aboriginal travel hole" in the tent embassy area in front of Old Parliament House had a definite female energy and I think relates to the new, developing Folk Soul of the Australian Nation.

Back to Robyn's story and Mr. Fotedar's letter. It appears that Muslim "clever men", holy men or call them what you will seem to send out pressure to influence the psychic, spiritual consciousness before events actually take place. In Mr. Fotedar's letter we see that psychic pressure was put on one or two people making them do things that weakened the protection of the Ashram. One wonders if the same pressure was put into the whole of Kashmir and if so, how?

This is day two of our taped converstaion. Philip can you tell me more about the Renewal of the Dreaming?

At first the aboriginals were not interested in the whole Renewal of the Dreaming. At the beginning the Land Council people at Wallaga Lake told us that they weren't interested in land connections but in practical matters; how to get decent housing, how to get water into their homes.

So at the first renewing there was Gubboo Ted Thomas and a couple of young people, but wirth many white people.

But that was long ago, now things have changed. Aboriginals have become actively involved all over Australia. Also there now is a willingness to talk about Dreaming with white people, its become part of any aboriginal negotiation with white people. It really does seem that the Renewal of the Dreaming did start that cycle.

After our first camp other people took up the idea. After 3 or 4 years there was something like 30 or so major camps held over Eastern Australia. An extraordinary flowering. The camps were usually organised by white people, perhaps with one or two aboriginals involved. From southern Victoria to Queensland over the next few years camps were held - usually organised by people living in the area.

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