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Heard of the Mole Antonelli?


No, it’s not a pet that lives under the ground.

It’s a large square building in Turin with a 167 metre spire that rivals that of any cathedral. Building started in the 1860’s when Turin was the Capital of Italy. It was commissioned  by the local Jewish community and intended as a synagogue. Cost rose, and when the Italian Capital moved to Florence the community relinquished the building. The local government took it over.

It now hosts a gigantic Movie museum a celebration of the technology, art and complexity of movie making. About a hundred movies are celebrated with awesome sets and clips; an emotional and effervescent collection of human cultural history.


The huge building hollowed out building, reinforced with sky scraper technology, contains a gigantic atrium with a central lift that ascends through the space to carry visitors to the base of the central spire – awesome.

Perhaps in 1860 the Jewish community saw the building as a social and political statement that served as a link between themselves and Adonai, their god. Much as the Catholic cathedral was an instrument designed to connect heaven and earth through chanting and ritual.   But only perhaps.

Antonio Antonelli, the architect, may have had anything in mind. Ignoring the ‘perhaps’ I turn to my sensing what is there … I see a space needle, a sacred site for transmitting human emotional reality to interstellar cosmic consciousness.  The Mote twinkles with all manner of strange extraterrestrial shapes and forms. Intelligence which absorb human reactions.

None of the above is obvious, but the central atrium – watched over by a paper mashie Egyptian movie set creation, a mixture of Cyclops, set and a grasshopper.

Museo Nz del Cinema - a scary enough prop from an Italian sci fi flick I forget ...










This is Turin, and nearby in the same sub Alpine energy stream is Damanhur.

Background on Damanhur


Turin and Damanhur both sit south, on the warm side of the Alps. Damanhur is built on the eroded stumps of Alpine folds. Large amounts of energy spires up out of the ground along the wide and massive undulations.  It’s a soft and defuse energy field, somewhat unstable but easy to focus within structures, the massive Mole in Turin is an example.  But smaller structures, spirals, jewellery and even thoughts all can act as focusing agents.

In Australia energy lines tend to be sharp and intense, and maintain a natural stability.

Into their energy field the Damanhurians have placed all sorts of things. Copper based electrical radionic circuits ranging from large (there is reputed to be nine tons of copper wire cabling hidden behind the walls of the temple caves) to small jewellery pieces made for individual attunement. There also many other things, columns, altars, ceremonial areas, crystals, sculptures, rock spirals along which to walk - which are designed to help with personal development.

The underground temple caves are truly impressive. Passage ways with secret doors, sculptures, and all manner of artistic expressions on the walls floors and ceilings - the story of mankind, intricate mosaics, back lit Tiffany glass domes and paintings on every surface. Rooms lead one to the other, all in different styles all emoting different themes. In total the effect is a bit like the Turin Mote with its hundred movie themes each screaming for one’s attention.

The purpose of it all? To connect  human activity to extra-terrestrial intelligence . The understanding is that ‘they’ will come and help us transcend or human problems. Damanhur is an interactive social experiment to fulfill this aims.

Indeed the ‘space people’ reputedly come through Damanhurians to give structure and form to the model community so that the world will have the way forward into the uncertain future.


A symbol relating to Damanhhur

The bus, large, sitting on leveling blocks. Is a statement of elegant power. Diesel strength clad with an exoskeleton of solar panels on its slide out expansion boxes. The sort of bus that used by the carnival people at fairs. Behind, in the garage sits an even newer inter-country autobahn camper coach, a statement in power, speed and travel comfort.


For me the solar enfaced coach is a pretense, a show to the unknowing. My guess is the panels (fast aged by vibrations) and side mounted at turn out no more than 1,000 watts over the average day - about a horsepower. The bus would have a 7 litre 400 hp diesel engine capable of running 24 hours a day.

The super mobile home made me reflect on the Damanhur  … image is the important reality.


Extra-terrestrial intelligence.

It features in the middle level of the Damanhurian cultural material.

Middle level? The Damanhurians have created a sub culture with levels of citizenship linked to levels of Initiation, it’s very complicated because it also covers sub levels, obligations and duties. At end of this section I have placed a cut from the Damanhur Inside Out web site. It explains the structure.

But to keep it simple I suggest 3 levels

First level.  This is made freely available to all. It tells of a large scattered creative artistic and research community  which operates within its own new and exciting cultural experiment.  A community of 2,000 people is suggested. I have seen figures of about 1,000 and even 600. Not as significant a number but still impressive.


Second level. This is accessible thorough the literature, books that are freely available from Damanhur, ABE Books (the cheapest alternative) and Amazon. This talks freely of extra terrestrial involvement and how this interacts with damanhurians. “Falco” (to use his in-group name … all Damanhuras get an in-group animal plus plant name) or his legal name - Oberto Airaudi - who is the originator and effective leader of the Damanhurians being a special incarnation, with extra-terrestrial skills. Thus explaining his great healing and psychic abilities. In his autobiographical book “Stories of an Alchemist “ Falco describes, in graphic detail, his extraordinary abilities. If all he writes about himself is true then Falco is indeed a fantastic healer/magician …and maybe he is.

Also at the second level are selfis – balls of intelligence that find their way into the Damanhurian radionics jewellery and influence – always in positive ways) the thoughts and psychics abilities of the people to whom they become attached. See note at end of the section on ‘Selfica’ from the Inside Out web site

Third level, is reserved for the inner group. There is an inner group of non-celebrate monks and nuns who form the circle around Falco who hold the form of the organization in place. People, watching people an Italian village tradition. What is actually believed is a mystery, but working from the idiom. “That actions speak louder than words” it seems that all sorts of strange things are happening, particularly things that are economically satisfying to those at this level. There is much about this on the Inside Out web site, but I’ll spare you the mechanics of the figures.

The Inside out web site tells that the top, third level of the Damanhurian social structure is free in its use of black magic to frighten people who are reconsidering their involvement with the community.  Considering that the Turin area is known for its black magic this is not surprising. Egyptian mythology is also incorporated into the maze of material. The group’s founder and leader ‘Falco’ is portrayed as Horus - one of the major gods in the Egyptian pantheon; within the groups he is considered as carrying into incarnation some of the god’s energy.


More on Danamhurian philosophy

OK I admit, like the Damanhurians, I too believe in extra- terrestrial intelligence. My position is nowhere near as hard edged. I suspect that what we call consciousness is universal in the cosmos and that points of focus embody aspects of it. This can be rocks, trees, underground temples or even Damanhurian Selfic devices. I see humans are antenna systems made from skull, bones and water channels - each of these three systems is tuned to different aspects of consciousness. We process this incoming information and interpret it as being our “I”. Many psychological systems talk of a simple double division of Conscious and Unconscious, Self and Double. The Damanhurians talk about our “I” being made up of multiple personalities, each linked to a different strata of reality.

But let’s leave this bit of confusing astro-theology get back to the Damanhur situation as I assessed it during my paid for 3 day long workshop ramble though the community’s temple, arts, physics and philosophy.

I call the Damanhurian  philosophy ‘Neo Medieval’. Holy relics have become Selfic artifacts. Selfic painting transmits ideas like engolded iconographic painting. Grottos are built and decorated in symbolic story telling ways - rather like the Cathedrals of old.

Another thing, the first level material on Damanhur talks about research activities into the Arts, Music and Physics. Not really, I noted that there was no interest in new ideas. The ‘research’ sections appear to be more ‘contemplation’ departments, where existing doctrines are refined.

And while talking about things I noticed. Another was a total lack of laughter, not heard once in 3 days. Coupled with the closed mouth reactions of people when questioned. This worried me, and it made me wonder if Mediaeval Monasteries were much fun.

But enough of this idle chatter.

Years ago, in the 60’s and 70’s I was drawn to the Findhorn story with its tales of interaction between Devas and humans creating startlingly positive outcomes (eg supersized cabbages). Damanhur has a similar historical base. But the Damanhurians never use the word Deva or talk about mundane things like cabbages or kings (to fall off into a further Alice in Wonderland like reality). Instead the words Selfic and Spheroself are used. I find this confusing. Adding to this, the simple mechanical word ‘intelligence’ is attributed to trees and the landscape. Plants with considerable help from electronic relays are ‘taught’ to create music.

The lack of matching definitions plagues esoteric quasi science but the Damanhurians have taken the problem to new levels with their in group dogma and the discovery of the ‘original’ human language with its 200 + characters. 

I’ve made a study of Devas and their role in human interactions with other systems levels of reality over the years. I’ve found this a very useful and you can find some of my material at Ecognosis and Chisynic.

To summarise the core my ideas on Devas. They are a form of conscious intelligence that in many ways provides the blue print for the growth forces on our planet. Devas are intergalactic travellers can have self-awareness. The smaller ones are attached to flowers and plants, the large ones attach themselves to geographical features making ‘sacred sites’. Once attached Devas find it difficult, and usually, impossible to move. The large ones have gigantic intelligence and are seemingly being able to process a million events at a time. As such one can see the link between the Devas and the concept of landscape ‘Gods’. Many Devas like to work with people in positive ways. Others are indifferent to humans, distrustful or even hostile. In Stone Age times (as with some remaining Australian Aboriginals) interaction between people and Devas was the norm. Large Devas have millennium long life spans and boredom, more than anything, else drives their activity.

I suspect because the Damanhurians, with their European Medieval conceptualisation, wish to appear scientific they have ignored the concept of Devas. I think this is a mistake.

This lack makes them move directly to their idea of ‘intelligence’ and makes it appear their Selfic gadgets embody some strange, indefinable and indescribable ‘intelligent’ forces.

Now I’ve had experience with gadgets - specifically Moody coils - which are similar to Selfic gadgets. Moody coils are copper windings which become ensouled with ‘something or rather’ and can set to work bringing growth to plants, clearing pollution, bringing good luck to a business and so on. The question is what is the ‘ensouling something’. I came to the conclusion that the ‘somethings’ were elemental spirits which normally exists within the energy that streams from the ground. They enjoyed the possibility of participating and playing with the human realm. And the Moody coil - as does the Selfic gadget - gives them an opportunity to become focused and more self-aware. I gave up my interest in Moody coils when I discovered that, driven by boredom, the ensouling entities became evil and enjoyed causing problems and chaos.

It is possible that the Damanhurians have found solutions to the problems that plagued Moody coils, but I doubt it.

Devas and humans share the planet (as do the elementals) but it is foolish magic to try and capture them and use them for one’s advantage. Essentially, I suspect that copper based electrical gadgets attract elementals from around the forces that also accompany electricity. And my experience has taught me that these elementals are dangerous.


Final Note

The Mote Antonelli  is just an example of one of the many energy pillars that convey information from earth into the cosmos. Most are Sacred Sites, natural locations scattered around the planet. Damanhur is a human created sacred site.

Is Damanhur an important site? On the total scale of things ‘no’, but to the people involved ‘yes’.

What is manifesting at Damanhur? Above I said that Elementals from the earth realm and that often attach themselves  to electricity are the primary manifestation. There are other manifestations Damanhur including those that link the site to extra-terrestrial locations. Devas are extra-terrestrial, beings of light linked to the growth forces on the planet - these are hugely missing from the Damanhur location.

But there are others entities that I could sense and even see. The most concerning were the Insectoids. I’ve been told that these grasshopper and praying mantis like beings, clothed in exoskeletons beings have come to the earth because they need it as a hatchery - conditions on their home planet being unsatisfactory. Once adult they return to the home from which they were seeded (don’t ask me how, I haven’t a clue).

I’ve seen this manifestation most clearly in the Bordeaux area of France in swampy ground. I felt they were in some way harmful to nearby humans. In Australia people talk of Bunyips that occupy swampy billabongs and like to trick and drown people. In Damanhur the underground temples were swarming with insectoid hatchlings who were being educated in the earth’s purpose by art and the doings of people.

What worries me is that I’ve received clear impressions of clusters of Insectoids near the Nazi Nuclear reactor project at Haigerloch. I had the impression that they were actively helping humankind usher in the nuclear age with its ability to turn the earth into a human free radioactive planet. Insects can survive in far higher levels of radioactivity than mammals. So by going nuclear the Insectoids and their earthly insect cousins stand a good chance of becoming the dominant species on earth.

So who is using whom at Damanhur? My guess is that it is the people who are being dominated. And the next question for whose benefit? Theirs or ours?  




The Damanhur Inside Out web site


This web site purports to provide information about Damanhur . It is hosted by people who have left the Damanhur experience – some may have axes to grind. It is a complex , messy site but is well worth scanning through. I found some information on the site which confirmed what I had sensed during my 3 day visit.  Below is material I’ve taken from the site.


Damanhur, although it presents itself as an eco-society is in fact an esoteric community based on a strong initiate hierarchy headed by its unquestioned and charismatic leader “Falco”, Oberto Airaudi.

The Constitution of Damanhur was created to establish precise limits and behavioral obligations to which its citizens must abide, including the obligation to program the birth of children and the obligation to conduct arbitration without legal representation in the internal tribunal (The College of Justice). The tribunal, always supervised by Airaudi, has the power to express verdicts without right of appeal.

Damanhur mints its own currency (The Credito) which it manages by means of its own ‘bank’. It declares that it has its own health service, which in reality makes use of Damanhurian general practitioners (paid by the Italian state), a structure (called Free University) that offers – at a cost of many hundreds of euro, its own courses in esotericism and magic that promise to reawaken inner senses, reveal one’s previous reincarnations, help contact alien entities and even be possessed by them etc.


The Levels - The‘Bodies of Damanhur’

Damanhur declares that it is based upon four basic structures defined as ‘bodies’ that are interactive but independent of one another: The School of Meditation, the Social body, The Game of Life and the Tecnarcato. Meditation represents the religious sphere, it is the initiate school on which the truth of Damanhur is derived and founded. Its unquestioned Master and Divine Incarnation of God is Oberto Airaudi, who, through his ‘Vertice’ (heads) of Meditation (one of his female companions) issues his directives which are unquestioned and not open to discussion.

The Social body is represented by the Federation of Communities which should be independent. But in reality the Federation’s managers (called King Guides) are elected inside the School of Meditation according to the indications of Airaudi – who can by virtue of his unquestionable authority – call for elections to be repeated if citizens make mistakes by electing the wrong person and voting contrary to his indications.

The Game of Life is another of Airaudi’s emanations, which by means of another of his female companions* controls the lives of Damanhurian Nucleos (family units). The Game was founded to encourage innovation inside the Community but has transformed itself into an organ of control that supervises every aspect of life in the Nucleo-Communities. One of the emanations of the Game of Life is the ‘Viaggio’ (magic journey). Begun in 1983, it has always carried out the function of training young Damanhurians and bringing new ideas into Damanhur. For many years the Viaggio – which happens on a weekly basis– has been a cover for the fact that Airaudi ’s weekends are spent in luxury motor homes (costing over a million euro each) enjoying the company of young female Damanhurians.

The Tecnarcato/Tecnarcalato was the last structure established to extend control over individual citizens. Damanhurians are obliged to keep a daily diary of their activities (the diary is checked periodically) and write fortnightly/monthly reports describing their financial position, personal relationships, feelings, sexual relationships, level of commitment to Community decisions and any other relevant personal information.



A complex subject but I will try to be as thorough and as clear as possible.

Meditation is linked to the spiritual path of Damanhur, it is the road that everyone must take in order to live in Damanhur. People who want to do ‘Med’ make a  written request and send a personal photograph to the School. As soon as you are accepted you are told that first you will have to do ‘pre-meditation’ and then after a few months you can enter the Meditation School real and proper. This course, according to Damanhur, is a path of power that will save your soul. This is because over the millennia most of the divinities worshiped on the planet have gone out of control and the only divinity that has remained faithful to humanity is that of Horus (incarnated by Airaudi). This is the first of the major psychological inducements that one is led to believe (often out of ignorance in the subject). From there you take the next step or you leave straight away.

The other ‘information’ that is given to you is that Damanhur was born to save the planet and that all the people who have been there for years have given their lives and everything they possess for this great project. And here one does not understand, and later one does not understand either, why everyone has given everything but one person is allowed to keep everything without question or debate.

Initiation TabletThe list of things said on this course, which according to Damanhur lasts the whole of your life, is very long and often includes false esoteric information (unfortunately some things you only discover afterward) and political and social information that relates to those who live in Damanhur.

After 9-12 months there is the Initiation phase with fasting and the rite of the clay tablets and other related rituals and esoteric oaths. From then on you are a first level Initiate (Lanu) and you feel part of a huge family which eagerly welcomes you…

Once you are Lanu, Med tells you that to be part of the brotherhood you have to give 8 hours of free work each month to Damanhur, after a short while it increases to 16 and then if you merit it …24. It is not long before you are doing 24 hours of devotional work (Terrazzatura) for the Community which must not benefit you personally.

Then you are asked, always by Med, if you have not done so already, to enter the ‘People of Damanhur‘ and also one of the Spiritual Ways to which you have to give more hours and more money. And so it goes on…

Med regulates the spiritual life of every initiate and evaluates each person according to rules imposed and dictated by Airaudi. Passages to a higher esoteric grade of the School are decided by Airaudi on the basis of how much you dedicate to Damanhur and how much time you spend there. For women it also depends on other things…

Magic carpetThe Head of the Meditation School is the official partner of Airaudi, a very sensitive person with a good heart (in fact I ask myself how can she continue to stay there…!) but she has sold her life to Airaudi and is the greatest victim of Damanhur after Airaudi himself. At her side are two others (a man and a woman) who are also victims (conscious) of all the mechanisms and continue to play the game (in fact I do not know how they would survive in the outside world). Damanhur is founded on Meditation. It is the machine that moves every element within the Community and works in tandem with the King Guides who are a direct emanation of the School.

The real joy of the Damanhurian spiritual path is that all those who leave Meditation only have one possibility of returning and avoiding THE LOSS OF THEIR SOUL, i.e. being completely annulled.  It is also said that when you leave “it is as if you had never entered Damanhur and everything that you have contributed no longer exists”.

Publicly they tell a different story but Meditation tells you this.

I hope I have been sufficiently clear.


And the Magic? And the Meditation School? And the Temple?

Everything is amazing at the beginning but then one realizes that it is the fruit of the continuous gathering of information from elsewhere. For example the Meditation School: there are always meetings of the instructors, they read other existing texts, copy them and students think it is all Damanhurian.

Esoteric physics for example: information on time seeds can be found in other books. And the magic is strangely never seen. Nobody knows magic like the great magician Oberto Falco and nobody manages to learn it. How come? You need to believe in it and with the strength of that belief your fantasy and imagination play their little games and you end up in an infantile state.

There are many open wounds.

Besides you have to respect those who want to try to live a different social model from the norm but what a pity that Damanhur has failed: its model is primitive and the people inside need to wake up and confront the real world. Its ‘bosses’ need to descend from the stars and wake up to the fact that the power they have been given is just an illusion.

Extract from the Damanhur web site :   http://www.sel-et.com/en/html/ArcMagazineDet.asp?IDArt=3



One of the most interesting fields of research that Damanhur has developed is that linked to ‘Selfica’, a discipline that involves the concentration and direction of vital and intelligent energies. Selfica was widely used in Atlantis and traces of its use can also be found in Egyptian, Etruscan and Celtic cultures. The ancient Arabs used Selfica until the VIII century .

Selfica, introduced into Damanhur through the research of Oberto Airaudi, creates structures based on the spiral and the use of metals, colours, inks and minerals that are able to host intelligent energies. With a simple structure based on metals, particular substances and geometric combinations, Selfica facilitates the superimposition of the complexity of living beings. The particular energies that selfic structures call upon are in fact living life forms, border intelligences that pass from one reality to another acting as intermediaries between planes of existence.

Selfic energies belong to a sector of our universe characterized by ultra-light speed and when they are called inside an object it is as if they undergo a kind of deceleration.
Building a selfic structure is a way of making a body available for the use of the ‘Self ‘.

The intelligence of the Self is in fact the energy that manages the physical part of the structure and which continues to use the laws of its own plane of existence in order to act in ours.

The interaction of a Self with an individual is always based upon mutual advantage: for this reason Selfs can be considered specialist symbionts. The Self attracts useful conditions for physical life or for the development of personal potential, connecting to the aura through the ‘microlines’: the energy lines of the human body.

In exchange the selfic intelligence has the opportunity to gain experience of a different world from that in which it originates. Selfs and human beings do not live all aspects of their existence in reciprocal interaction, only those that bring specific mutual advantage.
The largest selfic structure on the planet is hosted by the Temples of Humankind, a great underground work of art built by the citizens of the Federation of Damanhur.
The selfic installation’s principal function is to correct, balance and modify sound, rhythm and time. The Temples seen in the context of a laboratory create the ideal conditions for interacting with Higher Forces for the evolution of humanity. The use of the selfic structures of the Temples has allowed for the development of new areas of research.



   A bit about Moody coils


the above cut is from page 88 of:

Radiant Healing: The Many Paths to Personal Harmony And Planetary Wholeness

 By Bellamy Isabel, Donald Maclean. At the site:




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