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"Climate Change ? The Missing Truth  — Steven Guth



... “Look, my concern is that we have made no preparations — not even intellectual preparations for the inevitable Volcanic Climatic Collapse. The world food supply is so overstressed and so dependent on transport that even a little simple event like in 1815 will result in massive economic and political ramifications. In a few words, people will starve in the world’s cities, the peasants will survive and — dare I use the words — a new world order will be created.”

“You mean America will go under and China and India will emerge as the new world powers?”

“Yes, that’s what’s likely to happen. It’s the same dilemma that’s been preventing nuclear war. The more successful and complex a civilisation is, the more easily it falls apart.”

“So that’s the terrifying truth about climate change … It’s not CO2 that will bring down humanity, just Mother Nature doing what she has always done.”


"Volcanic Winter is a certainty and devastating."

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