Inspirations Ideas Info Beliefs and Interdimensional Stuff by Steven David Geoff Roseline Friends

Energy from the Earth, Legends and Inspirations

Biological Antennas & Multi-Dimensional Energy — Human consciousness – a new look


A web-page about wireless-contact communication with plants

Out of Body Experiences (OBE)

Feng Shui (

The Message Stone opens up space and time

Climate Change (comments, stories and arguments)

Devas In Australia; Death and Harmony  
Biodynamics    The Anthroposophical Farmer History, Humans, Inventions & Spiritual Connections Is Gravity Zero at the Centre of Earth?   by David Beale
Dreaming (Dream-time) Angels of Canberra Australia (online eBook by Dr Geo)  
Angels of the Botanic Gardens pdf eBook of Angels of Canberra Australia  (3MB)   Homodynamics, Devas in a Thai Buddhist Village
  A Unified Field Theory ("Theory of Everything")


Damanhur (Extra-terrestrial intelligence beliefs in a European Village)
Discussions about gravity related to how the vectors work relative to the diameter of earth and small bodies rising above Earth.

Earth's Tectonic Plates Formation

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Steven Guth died January 2018

Roseline Deleu

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